Cancer Woman and Virgo Man Compatibility

Famous Cancer -Virgo Couples:  Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh (thanks, AKKU), Lady and the Tr amp.

If you are a Virgo male in a successful relationship with a Cancer female, please contact us and share the scoop because we couldn’t find any famous couples with this combination.

When Virgo and Cancer get together, the stomach and intestines become very important.  These can be triggers to each other’s neurotic fears as the Cancer has an ulcer and the Virgo gets an upset stomach when worried and believe me, one or the other or both of you will always be worried.  Now you do share that in common. No one could understand how neurotic you can be better than someone else who is just as neurotic.  But somehow I think it is wiser to avoid this combination and look for a stronger partner to bring out the best in you.

How to Attract a Cancer Woman as a Virgo Man:  Cancers need a lot of reassurance, so the first thing is don’t approach her unless you are fairly serious about wanting to get to know her better. She’ll start planning the wedding after the first date and will worry her poor little heart sick that she did something wrong if you don’t ever call her again.  Plenty of reassurance along the way and a fatherly demeanor help give her confidence in the sincerity of your feelings for her. If you want to play games, there are 11 other signs to mess with. I personally think it is unfair to mess with a Cancer because of their childlike innocence and the degree to which they can be hurt by game playing.  Granted it is not the most interesting courtship in the world, but you get a high degree of comfort and domestic bliss with a Cancer woman who is feeling secure.

How to Attract a Virgo Man as a Cancer Woman:  You should emphasize your homemaking, cooking and nurturing side. I know it’s out of fashion but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.  He’s discriminating so you have to set yourself aside as Someone Special.  He will appreciate being fussed over and someone who keeps the environment CLEAN and tidy.   Try to enjoy picking flecks of dust off his lap or fluff the pillows on the couch before he sits    down.

Degree of Romance:  There can be a high degree of romance because Cancers are certainly damsels in distress and this can bring you to take out the chivalric code, the one you keep in your pocket at all times.  The more manly you are, the more sweet and demure she becomes until you reach a little bit of heaven thinking, “Ah, this is the way it was always meant to be.  She makes me feel so strong.”  If you really want to win her heart, calm her fears, dry her tears, and reassure her constantly that everything is going to be okay.

Degree of Passion:  Passion is too scary for this pair.

Degree of Friendship:  These two can be fast friends, especially if they are devoted to a pet project, such as selecting a new plant for the garden or a kitchen tool for removing spaghetti from the boiling hot pan.  Each is capable of fixing their attention on the smallest of concerns with the greatest of devotion and they will understand that about each other.

Degree of Marriage:  You will probably be too worried to marry each other because of all the terrible things that could happen, you know?  Be sure to have enough money in the bank and other details taken care of before even considering marriage because otherwise it is too fraught with worry to last very long.

Progression of Relationship:  This relationship will go very slowly with a lot of kissing and making up.  She will think that you don’t mean it and then she will cry and fuss and you will have to take the time to patch it up before moving forward again.  Small tokens of your appreciation are good at these times, something sincere rather than expensive, like a new mouse for her computer or something else that you noticed she needed  but had not gotten around to getting for herself.  You can win her over a lot by this method of progress.

Sex:  Sex can be very comforting with these two signs.  It can become almost an addictive way to release tension.  The Cancer woman is very good for your raw nerves, but she can become motherly.  She will appreciate your sensitivity and gentlemanly approach to this whole touchy area.

When It’s Over:  both of you are clingers and bring it out in each other.  If it’s necessary, do the right thing.  Get it over with like a man and move on.  (Be prepared for an absolute deluge of tears … of course!)

Our Rating:   6/10

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  1. Agreed with comments from Arch recently ended relationship with a Virgo. He seemed like a nice guy in the beginning. I was wrong.

  2. vigro man need neat n tidy things…his wife should be most beautiful on the earth.virgo man’s are egoist person.they hurt others,they criticise others..they dnt care 4 others,even not feelings of others…not matter to them anythings once they are be careful in doing n having relationship with him..

  3. I am a typical cancer female 17.07.1985 did love marriage with virgo male 16.06.1978 last year. I left my family but he did not. He is very calm but I am very angry & moody. I have fear that because of my such nature he may leave me. But I really want him, he takes my care like I am a small baby. Also I fear that his family is trying to pull him towards them & make use of his earnings for their happiness only. what to do?

  4. cancer woman, I completely agree with you! I have been with a Virgo for almost 5 years, we have a child together. I’m 6/22/91 while he’s 9/12/86….I’m not sure if the age difference is what caused all the drama and constant fighting but even now we butt heads if one of us doesn’t give in…were alike in nature and characteristics but we just dont have the same views….sure enough though after a million and one break-ups we can’t seem to let go of one another, surprisingly enough more him than me? Completely accurate on the laziness and childish characteristics…on top of that though, he has his moon is Capricorn and mine in Scorpio, so I find myself feeling sexually deprived while he is is fine with showing little to no emotions…and yet he wants to stay!! I don’t understand…we can make one another so miserable…

    To make matters a little worse, I was born on the cusp of gemini and cancer…so I find myself being very spontaneous, chatty, flirtatious, and in turn wandering ….feeling kind of held back by his pessimistic outlook on just about everything.

    Does the age difference and cusp explain why we breathe way we are? I find myself being the nagging mothers and him the controlling father CONSTANTLY!

  5. Cancer w/ Aries…It has been a confusing and emotionally draining relationship. He thinks everything is ok b/w us but i don’t feel that he is giving me the compassion and care I have been seeking. I am, however, attracted to his Virgo friend. Over the years he has become my friend as well. I have so much fun with him when we hang out…you know as friends. I always fantisize of what it would be like with a Virgo I always hear great things. He is so much deeper than the Aries. He is getting closer to my heart each day. i would love to work up he courage to ask him if he feels the same way about me but what would that look like. He does flirt with me though, I don’t know if that’s just him or if he does feel that way toward me. me and this Aries are having trouble.

  6. HI thank your for posting 😀 i really enjoyed it.
    Im a cancer too 06271989. i have major mood swings, i fall in love so fast, if the relationship boreds me i automatically break up with the guy. i mean it may seems harsh and like i have no feelings towards that person but i do it the right and good way, and im still friends with my ex. but i have this major issue with a Virgo guy right now. okay! i hope you read and comment me back or please email me but anyways…
    i known him for 6 years. we meet online, we started talking we hit it off great, talk for hours than we meet w/other a few times than our first date we hung out at his place, we didn’t do anything i swear no sex but alot of making out. after he dropped me off home and my guy cousin saw him and mistaken him for one of his enemies. so i was mad and called n told him how stupid my cousin was, after that he got scared and never answer my txt nor want to talk to me (i knew he wasnt the guy my cousin said he was thou) so he just broke my heart. he told me he liked me a lot alot but not yet like a gf but more than a fren. i was heart broken stoped talkin for a year, i moved on dated two guys and the last guy i talked ( he was a aquarious) i told him i used to talk to that virgo guy and found out that the virgo guy i knew used to talk to his sister 2yrs ago (what a coincidence) than i remember 2years back i bumped in to them at a soccer tour event too! (but at the time i didn’t know because when i talked to the virgo guy he had gain alot weight compare to when i first bumped in to him and my current bf’s sister. ) not too long after i dated the aquarius guy me and the virgo guy talked to e/other again. e.time me and the aquar. guy had issues i always run to the virgo guy for help he was always there for me. and made me happy. (he always knows to put a smile on my face) but 4yrs along and the virgo guy never really “dated” we was just great frens that really liked e.others seems like was wanted to ask me out but would never attempt. i thought he was just trying to play me but i meet his mom and his mom told me he really liked me always talked bout me and told his mom our whole relationship we had together. i was shocked he told his mom everything. like how he brk my heart etc. but he wants me back. and another coincedence his parents and my parents are frens! but my main questions is… its now 6 years along the line. 5 ex has passed im still frens with the virgo guy he’s still there when i need someone to talk to but he’s still the same likes me alot but has give “us” a chance. sighh.. what is this coming to? i really do feel like he’s “the one” but he wont just give us a chance.. is he worth waiting for? …im so lost.. it’s like he gives me attention for a while than leaves me than comes back than leaves… btw the other day we talked on the phone.. we talked for 3 hrs.. he told me he love me. and last year he told me he love me too and swears on his mom (his mom passed 2yrs ago) what should i do….
    Thank you.

  7. I am a cancer woman and i have dated a virgo man. Our relationship was good for about a year, then he started suspected me and from then on our relationship started crashing down. He took advantage of me and was physically and mentally abusive. He put me down and made me feel like crap, never in my life has anyone hurt me so badly and made me feel that way. He constantly talked about and was very flirty with other girls. He was definately not a romantic guy at all never did anything romantic, never bothered trying, never made an effort to make me smile. He took advantage of me and took me for granted, as i am a typical cancer woman and stood by my lover, giving him way too many second chances. He was very possessive and never let me talk to other men while he on the other hand talked to whom ever he wanted to. He was very critical and harsh with his words leaving me in tears and very broken.

    He was very caring and thoughtful. He was very helpful and comforted me sometimes but positives and negatives do not balance.

  8. I have been with a virgo man for 25 years, we have our ups and our downs. We can read each others minds and we have alot in common. We both can be stubborn and selfish. We love each other and it is so true, we can’t separate.

  9. I am a cancer woman 7-12-80 and my man virgo 09-10-76. We have been together for a year and a half and just like every relationship we have our ups and downs, but what I will say is he is a perfect balance for me he can drive me insane at times but Soulmate yes and I can deal with the sometimes bad cause nobody’s perfect I love you bay my virgo hero and its because of you I love again!

  10. Lala ur soo right!! and i never really got into the zodiac thing until my fiance asked me… hey what zodiac are u!!! is a bit scary cuz i just never loved anyone like my lady and she feels the same bout me… i do know that she trusts me 100 percent. and i do the same. i just hope this are just myths and my future with my best friend and cancer love is as good as has been.

  11. This is one of two negative compatible readings or whatever between Cancer & Virgo that I have read online. A lot of other sites say quite the opposite.

  12. funny, im typing this but yea. virgo man cancer fiance!! lol
    and its very scary cuz, most of the cancer females seem to be older! (mine is by 7 years) also seems that is ltr (mine is also) which is about to end. but overall is been like a dream come true for me, best mate i have ever been with. but again i would like to read more experience that have been true more time like years, marriages, and which ups and downs. also if ur a cancer woman i need to let you, i have been sooo good and fatefull!!! what about yall???

  13. I am a cancer woman who has been with her virgo man for 19 yrs. We have 4 beautiful children and a total of 13 yrs. of it is marriage. We have had MAJOR ups and downs….but in the end it was truly worth it. We finally learned how to talk to each other and let one another know how we truly feel.

  14. I am a female cancer 06271990 and I’ve just met a virgo man 09181990 on labor day weekend and I cant get enough of him. We aren’t in a official relationship but we are fateful to eachother. He rubs my tummy and makes me feel like the most beautiful queen in the world. I can’t wait till he we can make it official. I never met anyone so amazingly similar to my soul. =) Wish us luck

  15. Ok, I am a Cancer and my Man is Virgo. And honestly, I am too sensitive, sometimes untidy at my flat for I sometimes feel lazy to clean up around. But heck, I love my Man’s being meticulous, I love his being so neat. He is very selfish for he want me only all by himself, possessive maybe but I love him that way, because I also want him all by myself too. Partly, I am a damsel in distress and he is my knight! He is my Super-Man 🙂 At the moment we are in LDR and that isn’t a hindrance for we trust each other, beside it’s only for the meantime. And we chat everyday. I drives him crazy and he do the same to me. (^_^)

  16. Virgo guys r pusshy and they want what they want ..and cancer females r the same ..s0metimes i think wtf d0 i want fr0m him ? Why am i still here ..and just seeing him ..and being ar0und him changes everything ..virgo men are really g0od t0 cancerian females ,and we take advantage 0f them n0t even in a pr0per relati0nship with him ,and i’v said s0rry like a billi0n times already ..l0l ..shame ,the po0r guy

  17. Ok, I broke up with me virgo friend after 7 months of dating, it was too emotionally, and mentally draining for me. He told me he didn’t want a relationship, but wanted to dated exclusively(WTF) right, (STRIAGHT GAME), I want to be with someone that wantsd to be with me…..Im a 40 y/o cancer woman, and hes a 60 y/o leo with A-LOT of virgo striats, how can you NOT know what you want at 60yr old unless there was somebody else already in the picture the whole entire time. I feel used and decieved, hes was lying to me from day one…. Basically, this man LIED, CHEATED, and PLAYED games with my heart and emotions, its been a week since I called it quits with him, all he said was “maybe your’re right we’ll just be friends since you’re not getting what you want”…WHAT, like no defense, apology, explanation as to what happen, what went wrong, why I even want to end it.,,,,,He striaght played me, all he wanted was sex, but KNEW what he had to do and say to get it……I’ve always felt that there was someone else in the picture the whole time…So he’s a perfect example how age aint nothing but a number,….I still care about him, but I love myself way too much to settle for an old buzzard that still want to play games like he’s 21yrs old, like at 60yrs old do you really have that kind-of time to spare playing games….I do believe when he approach me (PRETENDING) to be interested, he was rebounding from a previous relationship, and basically USED me to get her back…..GAMEs at his age OMG!!!!! I live and die by the saying (WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND)… this how you really want to be remembered???? I ended up being more man than he was by ending the relationship he NEVER wanted……(moving on)

  18. Nancy,
    im actually in a relationship wuth a virgo right now and things aere reallly great between us that we cant get enough of each other. Im not a very possesive girl for a cancer, but i am very emitional and my virgo guy always gives the perfect hug n kiss to msake me go back to my happy mood. Me and my man have been dating for a month now. We do have the occasional fight and make up but he has the affection and passion that is perfect for what i want. Thanks
    alex(: <3

  19. Hi I’m a 16 y/o cancer dating a 17y/o foreign exchange student who just so happens to be a Virgo. So far EVERYTHING is true!! He thinks that almost everything I say is sweet and demure, and it’s just like electricity when we’re around each other. Even my friends say it’s hard not to feel the energy when we’re in the same room. The only thing that. Hate is that in about a year he’ll have to go back to his home country:(

  20. I am a Cancer Female (7/15/61) and I have been commited to a Virgo male (9/21/67) for almost 16 months now. I have never been with anybody more compatible with me. I love him deeply and he loves me deeply. We are both extremely loyal, we are both extremely respectful of each other, we are both silly, and like the same things in every way. In our differences, we fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. Where I tend to be a bit disorganized, he is very organized and we work together well as a team. We both do tend to worry but both of us are each other’s best encouragement too! It still amazes me how intuitive he is to my feelings and needs. It’s almost as though he can read my mind at times. We always seem to say exactly what the other is thinking! Because of his intuitiveness he almost has a keen ability to read my moods before I even recognize they are there (mine more due to pre-menopause) and he reminds me to take St. Johns wort which works for me as a natural mood enhancer!) Our sex life is marvelously compatible and it couldn’t be hotter!!! As far as jealousy or possessiveness…neither one of us are jealous or possessive, but would defend and protect each other to death if need be!!! I do believe that marriage would be forthcoming if either of our circumstances permitted it! Both of us are extremely content with the other and neither one of us want anyone else and we definitely anticipate a long term relationship. He’s my best friend!!!

  21. Ok, I think it’s important to mention that usually these are based on idealized versions of the signs; hopefully we transform the negative traits associated with our sign over the course of our days (yes, astrology is useful for more than getting a date). Your whiny Virgos are whiny because they’re still kids, not because they were born in the late summer. We are all the entirety of our charts.

  22. I’m a Virgo male with a Cancer female . . . happily married two years, dated for five plus years before that, lived together before we were married, typical modern relationship. We’re not famous or anything, but we have managed to negotiate the neurotic and jealousy problems that other commentors have noted. I don’t know. We’re pretty spectacular together when things are good, and we work things out when they’re not. We have a lot in common to begin with, but we’re both curious and open to new things.
    Just one person’s experience. I find interesting that no other Virgo males have managed to comment on their relationships with Cancer females, but I guess we’re too busy cleaning our houses to surf the internet 🙂

  23. I am a cancer female. I don’t know too mucha bout love even though I am in my 30s. The first guy I had a huge crush on was another cancer but that lasted for 10 years. Then this Virgo came along. And I found myself draawn to him. He is the male version of me!! I smile when I receive a message from him. I don’t see him, as he lives another state away. BUt just receiving a word from him brightens up my day. My brothers (Scorpio and an Aries) told me that I was losing weight during the 3 month get-to-know one another stage with my Virgo… but I was sooo angry that he never made the first move (as in visiting me)… that I held back.. and ignored him. I just stopped talking to him and started to isolate myself. It wasn’t the right approach, but I was lonely and wanted to end this short spark. The Virgo would say things, but I always knew they’d amount to nothing. I don’t know. I just think that Virgos are wonderful people,a nd Cancers are emotional meanies. I still don’t know if I ever was in love with the Virgo though. I liked him tho. I really did. But I was in LOVE with another cancer for 10+ years… more like an idealized crush with another CANCER.. so maybe that’s why I cna’t open up.

  24. I had a similar issue with a virgo guy where he met me or rather was eager to meet me only when there was a chance of getting a little physical.. made me feel like he was interested in only tht but then again seemed like he needed to be close to me.. very mixed messages and confusing type. I tolerated his nature for a long time!! and i finally got fed up and gave up!
    I don’t know if this is the best advice.. but if u say he’s been tru a rough past, u may wanna give him sometime to be open with u.. But if u think it’s getting too much for you to handle, walk away while you can still emotionally handle it. You know what I mean?! COz he is freaking 60 YEARS OLD. You should know how to handle emotions, express yourself etc etc. How long does it take!!! He’s acting like my 23 yr old ex!!!! (me too 23 yrs old) he should learn to cope with life, move on and make best use or treat best the people he has with him nw. past aint going to come back.
    I hope it helps. Remember it looks like its gonna take time. You need to know if u can be patient enuf to wait. Seems like 40yrs is a time to settle for a lady.. but he is 60 yrs, probably does not wanna get too serious coz hes got bout may be another 20 to 3o yrs left! I dunno! thinkin bout it pratically.
    I hope this gave u a different perspective to it?!

  25. Im a cancer and i have been dating a Virgo for over a year now! i have to say that most of the above is true, ON his good days!

    I aslo have to agree with winter when she said that her virgo is lazy, a whiner, emotional, and childish. I have never been in such an emotionally draining relationship. LOL!

    This is also true!

    i find my virgo to be manipulative insecure! but loving and i trust him 100 percent!

    The relationship between the two is a massive roller coster! virgo doesnt like to be told what to do! well im more of a dominant cancer and when i want something i want it forceful or not you do it!

    i find very to be very selfish! but saying so i am very selfish myself!

    virgo is a male version of me! and its hell!
    But i cant leave! because there is just this magnetic attraction i LOVE HIM~!! why why why? he drives me crazy

  26. I wonder do age make a difference in the cancer woman virgo man relationship. I’m 40y/o and he’s 60y/o, but he doesn’t look or act 60 y/o…I’m crazy about him, and I get no response whe I tell him I want to be with him. We work at the same hospital, same department, same hours but we work in different areas of the hospital. We only see each other in the lunch room during our lunch break, but really hardly talk because no one knows we are (friends) outside of work. So he talk with other co-worker and so do I, we both glance at each other from time to time but try not to be to obvious. But Im so emotionally and mentally drain trying to figure out what he wants from me, he came to me and told me he was interested in getting to know me, he gave me his number and told me to call him. We’ve been talking outside of work for almost 6 months now, we’ve had sex, after a few dates, we still kiss and hug when we do see each other outside of work. But he says we see each other enough at work. (30 min. not really talking to each other) . The only time we may see each other outside of work is if we are going to a movie or he decided to cook dinner, then he’ll invite me over, we stay 3 minuted from each other. He knows how I feel about him is it his age? I know hes had some bad past relationship, and was married before (divorced over 20years), I’ve never been married, but I still have 2 teenages boys (17 & 18) living with me. I think I may even love him but I refuse to tell him, but how can you be in love with someone you dont really spend time with? Can somebody please shed some light on this issue. Thanks!

  27. I wonder do age make a difference in the cancer woman virgo man relationship. I’m 40y/o and he’s 60y/o, but he doesnt look or act 60 y/o…I’m crazy about him, and I get no response whe I tell him I want to be with him. We work at the same hospital, same department, same hours but we work in different areas of the hospital. We only see each other in the lunch room during our lunch break, but really hardly talk because no one knows we are (friends) outside of work. So he talk with other co-worker and so do I, we both glance at each other from time to time but try not to be to obvious. But Im so emotionally and mentally drain trying to figure out what he wants from me, he came to me and told me he was interested in getting to know me, he gave me his number and told me to call him. We’ve been talking outside of work for almost 6 months now, we’ve had sex, after a few dates, we still kiss and hug when we do see each other outside of work. But he says we see each other enough at work. (30 min. not really talking to each other) . The only time we may see each other outside of work is if we are going to a movie or he decided to cook dinner, then he’ll invite me over, we stay 3 minuted from each other. He knows how I feel about him is it his age? I know hes had some bad past relationship, and was married before (divorced over 20years), I’ve never been married, but I still have 2 teenages boys (17 & 18) living with me. I think I may even love him but I refuse to tell him, but how can you be in love with someone you dont really spend time with? Can somebody please shed some light on this issue. Thank!

  28. Oh yeah forgot to mention he shows a lot of affectio

    n when I’m with &school, but I think he shows 2 much sometimes like when I don’t feel like kissing him in public he brings me closer & tells me who cares if anyone is looking ” just kiss me. To me it’s cocky!…but sexy. he’s words & expression is so confusing to me, like he tells me he cares for me me but shows me how much he misses me…. what do ya’ll think? ????.

  29. Okkkkky…..I get it. Cancer+Virgos=LOVE????….OKAY I’VE BEEN WITH THIS VIRGO MAN FOR ABOUT 6month but I’ve broke up with him like 4times in a roll. Because I was not ready & was too scared to fall in love, yes I know what your “thinking a typical cancer ” right”? …(confusion )…will I know that I made a mistake & I knew that this is the man for me & but I couldn’t make. Up my mind & now I’m the one falling on regrets & I’ve did everything to get him back, told him how I was feeling…& now I’m on a mission of becoming sooooo….patient &…I forgot to mention we go to the same school I see him every mon-thursday it sort of hard to ignore him so I set my self standards & I realize that I love my self more n never tried chasing him….I see it like this if he is for me than he will some how find me but if he not, than God has someone made just for me. So I don’t call him or text him I still love him & want him….but I’ve also been reading a lot on Virgo man. ..even tho I don’t text him or call him anymore it seem as are relationship gets a little stronger each day. & I know it a lot to do with God. I know that oneday that this Virgo/ my man will soon find us but for now patients in love/God will find you & that true love…WILLLL..

  30. I Love Virgos… I have been with a virgo for a year and a half now. I have to admit it is an emotionaly draining relationship and we are 2 very different individuals but at the same time we can’t stay away from eachother. No matter what we seem to coming running back to eachother. We have been through so much in such a small period of time. We moved very fast in our relationship and its hard to slow down. At the end of they day… we love eachother and we probably always will…
    I’m a typical Cancer woman.. sensative.. emotional.. caring.. nuturing.. and very possessive and protective.. I do whatever it takes to make sure my loved ones know I love them… the problem is sometimes I’m so busy trying to please every1 else that I forget that my happiness even matters. My boyfriend and I make a great pair becuz he always makes an effort to make sure I’m happy and I don’t go without anything I need.. so like I said.. I Love Virgos! Lol

  31. I am a Cancer woman 07061984 I am in a relationship with a Virgo man 09121986 and the description of us is completely false.. He is lazy, a whiner, emotional, and childish. I have never been in such an emotionally draining relationship. I am not as described either, my ascendent sign is that of a Taurus in which I behave like one most of the time and my Mars is in Scorpio. I am very sexually charged but recently with him I have become somewhat of a prude he turns me completely off at times. This virgo man is not a the conventional one and I am not the conventional cancer and I believe that I am just plain ole tired of this one lol…. I love leo’s…

  32. most articles say that pieces is a cancer’s perfect match but I would have to disagree. Im a typical female cancer ((6.27.90)). I have the mood swings i fall in love within like a week any and everything hurts my feelings. I just got out relationship with a pieces and i can honestly say I never knew my heart could could feel so much pain.
    But now I met this virgo and he’s almost perfect in my eyes. We just met like a month ago. (we was childhood friends at least thats what our mothers say but neither one of us remember). Any way he’s everything I ever wanted n a dude. Easy to talk to, funny, sweet talks me when he hurts my feelings always spending time with me and so much more. Only propylene is we just friends 🙁 I like him but i dont know if he feeling me but besides that were perfect.

  33. I’m currently in a relationship with a virgo and it has been the most rewarding experience. we complement each other in every way, virgo being an earth sign helps my water sign be ground and have that stable feeling. i also help my serious virgo to loosen up and go with the flow of life. i think that if you have the right mental and physical connection along with a lot of empathy for each other this pairing can be ideal.

  34. Im a cancer girl. 072090. I don’t find myself to be too emotional, clingy, nor jealous at all. In fact I’m kinda distant and don’t really fall in love quick. I have a really hard time talking about my emotions which I hate doing. But I’m more concerned about other peoples feelings and making sure they’re happy. I guess it’s a wall I put up to protect myself from getting hurt. But I’m extremely happy with who l am inside.

    I met a Virgo guy. 090384. Same birthday as my father. Kinda trippy. We hit it off pretty well. I never realized how much we have in common it’s insane! Same taste in music, style, name it. Part of me told me to get to know him better I don’t know why it was just a gut feeling I had. So we did. We talked almost every night for hours among hours. But it’s weird though, how the more I talked to him the more I felt so many different emotions I’ve never experienced about life and all that garbage. He’s made me realize a lot about myself. Which is great.

    We’ve been dating for almost a month. We talk everyday and it’s a daily thing where he brings a huge smile on my face. He’s unbelievably sweet and a total gentleman. A fun goofy guy to be around with. We have so much fun together! and totally considerate of my feelings.. Something I’ve never been able to experience with the opposite sex. It’s almost overwhelming how nice he is. He’s a breath a freah air. I know I can open up to him and tell him my secrets without being criticized. he may be 6 hours away from me and t makes him really nervous how I’m not close to him but I always reassure him that everythings gonna be alright. I have so much faith in him and no matter what I’m more than confident that we’ll be fine together. He makes me see the brighter side of life and makes me feel amazingly special and I know in his eyes I’m special to him as well. Something I’ve never felt before… He’s a true keeper.

  35. Cancers have to be so careful not to get hurt!! You have a nice chart and should be proud of it! Good luck learning more astrology.

  36. Thanks Nancy! Actually I kinda had a thing for my sagi bestfriend right now, but he likes someone else. The problem with us cancers is we fall in love too fast. LOL!

    If it means anything, here’s my data: 30 June 1987, 8.29am, 101e42, 3n10. I’m quite new to astrology, been finding things out here and there, but so far I’m rather proud of mine, so I don’t mind sharing. 🙂

  37. I agree with the “soul mate” feeling of this pair. My first love was also Virgo and it was such a deep connection i couldnt stand it…I’ve never trusted any one more than him and to this day, even though I’ve been married 4 years, we are still quite close. The ties were so deep he could “feel” when i cheated , and I couldnt bare to lie to him. To this day he is the ONLY person that knows all my deepest darkest secrets. I thought it would run him away , but we still have an unshakeable love …

  38. wow, this is the most accurate zodiac compatibility i’ve ever read!

    i had a virgo ex, and i’m a very typical cancer, posessive and all. we met thru the internet, and it was like a whirlwind romance! we were couples in 2 weeks, and before we met each other in person or even saw each others’ pictures. we were both very young back then (i was 19 and he 22). he was my first serious boyfriend. it was a LDR since we were both still studying and my college was about 10 hours drive from his.

    the relationship only lasted for about a year, but it was very intense! We seldom met, so everytime we go on dates, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. he doesn’t mind me being clingy at all, which i like, and i absolutely love the cute, sensitive side of him. in some ways, we’re almost soulmates. i would know whenever he got sick before he even told me (i would get sick for no reason myself), and sometimes we shared the same dreams. it’s rather strange.

    we never fought, but once we did, the relationship is over. it was something very trivial, but i never really knew what actually happened. my friends said perhaps there’s another girl, but i trusted him too much to believe them. i tried to get him back, but nothing worked.

    then 2 years later, he came back. of course i accepted him. i loved him too much. then a few weeks later he left me on my birthday. how could anyone be so mean? =(

    everywhere i read, they said virgos and cancers are ‘supposedly’ a perfect match. but in my experience, it was rather heavy and draining and it really hurts. the relationship wasn’t problematic at all, but no matter what we did, it’s just never enough. honestly, i’m a much happier person after i got over him. perhaps it was just us.

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