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  1. green eye cappie

    i am a cappy and im head over heals for a virgo man. only thing is he lives on the other side of the us. lol ive noticed lots of these comments are long distant. we only been together for 2 months and i never thought i would be caught in a long distance relationship. i’m moving to ATLANTA from CALI soon to be wit him. i cant wait to see if the dynamic relationship we have states apart is jzt as fulfilling in person

  2. Laila

    I am a female capricorn and dated a virgo for 3 years. It was the WORST relationship ever and regret for staying in it so long. I guess I am the type of person that will take initiative to make the relationship work.Initially things went well in the first month of dating since then it went all downhill from there. I considered my ex as a ladies man and that put me off. When it came to loving me he was emotionally distant and condescending. My insecurities led us to break-up. Currently I am in a relationship with a Libra male. How strange that we somehow in sync with each other since there is so much negativity when it comes to the union of those signs. What a fine pair of opposites attracting! Although I love reading about astrology but it cannot declare that relationships between certain signs will fail or succeed. I previously made that error of avoiding to date certain signs. LOL was just being the cautious capricorn I am. Anyway, just accept each other’s differences and make an effort to compromise to be successful.

  3. anita bhatt

    hey Nancy m a capricorn women dating virgo man… ur report has given me alot of confidence.. thanks…

  4. Ty

    I’ve recently reconnected with my first love whom I haven’t seen in about 15 years. To this Virgo male, she is the perfect Capricorn woman – a woman who dwarfs all others I have met.

    Sadly she is coming out of a devastating break up. I am willing to wait for her because I know, deep down, she was always the one for me. But she only sees me as a brother figure.

    My question is, how do I get her out of her negative, self destructive thoughts so that she can see the amazing woman that I’ve seen in her throughout the years?

  5. true cappie

    Thanks for the excellent post. I come back here from time to time to read because I’ve crushed badly on a Virgo guy for 1.5 years now, and on going. We live far apart and I’ve seen him a few times when I happen to visit his city for family and/or business. He always makes time for me, but he just hasn’t visited me yet. He said, eventually. We connect so well, it’s very comforting, easy, secured and fun when we meet up in person. I need some advices on whether I should tell him how I feel when he visits, whether I should tell him I don’t just want to be friends with benefits… I really hope I’d know what’s on his mind with regard to me.

  6. virgoman

    Type your comment here

    cappie gurl :

    I met a virgo man a while ago and we have been talking alot. He has told me that i mean alot to him and he really likes me and wants to be with me. He is everything i want, but unlike the article he seems to be rushing into sex… does that mean he only wants me to have sex or is this because he actually feels a connection? Or could it be that hes a 20 year old guy?

    Hey there…This is my own opinion as a Virgo. I am a very shy person and sometimes I do feel like my shell needs to be broken in order for me to socialize. There is a possibility that sex can be the key to break that shell…perhaps this could be the reason for wanting to have sex with you. That or he just wants you for sex lol. I notice from experience that after I have made out with a girl or finished making love with a girl I notice that I am alot more affectionate and feel comfortable with my partner. For some reason making love seems to release my romantic side and takes me out of my shyness. Not exactly sure if this is a virgo thing.

  7. Capricorn for my Virgo man

    This was a delight to read, and completely true! I’ve been with my Virgo for two years to the day, and we’ve made it through everything. It’s been tough, since we had to spend our relationship so far apart, but as of right now he’s on his way home so we can finally get married and spend the rest of our lives together. I’m so excited to see him and with any luck from the stars (which we have plenty), him and I will be able to live out our dreams together. I couldn’t have found a better friend and lover.

  8. cappi woman falling 4 virgo man

    im falling hard 4 a virgo he is an awsome guy we r taking things slow im not really into this zodiac thing but so far his description fits a viro man so do you really think we may work????

  9. Tess

    Hi JB,

    I am a cappy looking for a virgo. perhaps we can hook up and take it from there. if i can have your email address.:-)

  10. lola

    Oh & I had a babysitting job in highschool. Lololol, I was super busy grown up. Dance classes all that. i still dance. He is actually sitting in on mY class tonight. Ok that’s it. Lol.

  11. lola

    32 cap female, no children, never been married, been single FOR FREAKN EVER. 36 virgo male (aug.29), 7yr old son, married, now divorced. A meeting that caught me completely off guard! He is AMAZING!

    never wanted to SERIOUSLY date a guy who had been married, had a child, all these rules, he has broken them all. Our chemistry is crazy good!!!! He always say that we are dangerous or he will say, we are the perfect storm. Lol.

    We’ve only been dating a little over a month, but it seems like we were both missing out of each others lives. We both are super busy, but we have been inseparable since day one. We had an immediate connection. Our first date the best date I ever had, no kidding.

    We both are flirts, so when we are out together we both tend to act like we’re single, but for some reason its a complete turn on, but at the same time we know our limits with each other. Neither one of us gets jealous, we tend to let our environment arouse us for each other, its weird but great!

    Conversations are immaculate!! Really. We both are controlling, but we both know when to give in to each other. To be honest, I don’t mind giving in, I’ve been controlling things all my life, sheesh, I’m tired. Lol.

    Like I said its only been a little over a month, so who knows what the universe has in store for us. but I’m excited!!!! Never felt like this before.

    This reading is a good one. I am the oldest daughter, always was responsible, took care of mom (til she passed) & dad (they were still married). Work consumes me, love to make money. But he has been so refreshing. I’ve made room for him.

  12. pickles

    I am Cap and am dating a virgo man for past 2 mnths.
    We see each other once a week because of our busy schedules but when we see each other every second is great.
    He has met all my friends but i havent met a single friend of his, which is unnerving at times. He says he likes me and is excited to see where this all leads but i worry. Is he playing games, He does not even call or check in. Is he not that into me? I like him a lot that being said i am also practical and dont want to waste my time. Should i give him more time or move on…? advice?

  13. JB

    I’m a Virgo man, and you know, this is the one combination I’ve never tried. Do Capricorn women have a tendency to stay home all the time? I never meet them. Aries and Gemini women seem to be everywhere (and I’m not doing either of those again) but the Caps are elusive. Too bad, sounds really great.

  14. noela

    Now i think after reading your report i know myself better and i want to fall in love with Virgo so bad am cappy…..single for so long

  15. Virgo Male

    I found a soul mate a few months ago. I looked into her eyes and the glow and déjà vu were unmistakable. I have been cautious and have not mentioned the spiritual connection, but plan to in a while. I have been very patient. I learned today that she is a Capricorn and having had troubles with other signs, I decided to look up the compatibility and found this blog. What a joy to think that I have spent a lifetime (am 47) thinking I cannot connect in a relationship.

  16. Debra

    I recently began a long distance relationship with a Virgo man (I’m Capricorn) I am 50 years old and feel like I have finally met the love of my life. It is amazing! I sent him a copy of this report. I am looking forward to hearing his reaction. Thanks!

  17. cappie gurl

    I met a virgo man a while ago and we have been talking alot. He has told me that i mean alot to him and he really likes me and wants to be with me. He is everything i want, but unlike the article he seems to be rushing into sex… does that mean he only wants me to have sex or is this because he actually feels a connection? Or could it be that hes a 20 year old guy?

  18. Debbie

    I have just been contacted by my first boyfriend who is a virgo and I of course am a cappy. We live about 2000 miles apart. Is it possible for a romance to start. We are both in our early 50’s !!!!!

  19. Gia.

    I love my boyfriend. He’s a sexy virgo and I’m a sassy capricorn!!! I love you Babyyyyyy 🙂

  20. Monique

    To Hopeless Romantic Cappie

    It all depends on whether you two have the chemistry to make it a fulfilling relationship. Also, both need to have the capacity to trust each other. Communication is key. How far are you from each other? How often will you guys see each other?

  21. Dan

    annonymous. :

    Is it true that virgos born on the 4th of september are likely to have many relationships before settling down? because, then, that would rather suck for me, as we are both quite young and I really like him…

    I think the way to look at the Virgo man’s multiple female friendships is that we will probably never expect our chosen woman to fill every need. We tend to choose the woman who best suits our ideal and who is worthy of our trust; and we want her to have faith in the power of that Choice and above all, confidence in herself and the relationship she has helped create. We are very loyal where loyalty is due, but we are also loyal and close friend to men and women alike. Sometimes our partners read this as indifference, but it isn’t. In the company of friends, we have the essence of a bachelor, even if we are in a committed relationship. We expect our mate to shine out naturally and thereby remind us why we chose her from among all others.

    As far as power struggles, the Virgo does not respond to push strokes, but pull strokes. Physical closeness and dream sharing are more compelling than any well-constructed argument. We are easily motivated by our partner giving us beautiful ingredients that we can assemble into a wonderful whole.

  22. Dan

    This exactly describes my 23-year marriage, except that we seldom clicked as lovers. We had a story-book life with our small kids and invented a successful business together. Solid friends forever.

  23. Classy Cappy Chick

    Wow….dealing with a Virgo born Sept. 4th…..so I would also like to know the answer to the question above….

    Also with my virgo guy, I seem to notice somewhat of a power struggle between us (like Brian mentioned above)….I’m used to being in control in relationships….but with my virgo, I feel like the only way to keep the peace is to let him call the shots (which I’ve been doing because I trust him)…..but will this blow up in my face later?…since I’m denying a natural instinct of mine

    Yeah Capricorns and Virgos have a lot in common….but Virgos can be SO hard to deal with sometimes…..urgh

  24. annonymous.

    Is it true that virgos born on the 4th of september are likely to have many relationships before settling down? because, then, that would rather suck for me, as we are both quite young and I really like him…

  25. Brian

    …more on different wavelength…

    let’s talk about masculinity/femininity, virgo sign is feminine (e.g. shyness) while capricorn sign is masculine (e.g. dominance)…

    guess what when both meet…? feminine male virgo and masculine female capri….. capri will try to dominate virgo but….. the man inside virgo will fight back… and then KABOOM~

  26. Brian

    i read plenty of these compatibility article…. how perfect combination etc etc… yet i still dont get it…. what is so beautiful about this relationship? it makes me sick to think about it… why would the cappy end the relationship saying we are the worst couple..? is that she aint getting enough authority? or im taking too much time out of her? i only see both signs are totally in different wavelength…..

  27. Sandy

    Cap here, I wish I find myself a Virgo man. 🙂 I love reading this, it makes me want to fall in love again. Thank you!

  28. Romina

    Hi there nancy. Gosh, I have a problem. There is a virgo man that i like for two years already(i am a cappy). Thing is,neither one of us wants to make the first move. But we certainly do have a connection. As a virgo,he organizes casual activities just to have a private time being with me. But here comes my friend, a scorpio, looks like she is becoming more and more my rival everyday. I don’t know what to do.

  29. CompleteCompliment

    What happens when you meet someone who is already taken but you feel that connection. It’s painful to forget such a connection that was never meant to be.

  30. AMBER

    My good friend introduced me to a virgo male and although we’ve spoken a couple of times because of our busy schedules the conversation has been great each time making me feel like we knew each other for a long time_ I’m really interested in him and reading this article has given me courage to go for it (happy belated b_day to all of my cappies)

  31. Shank

    This seems really gre8 …just found a capri girl…and we got into each others in just 10 min…hope this goes on…really seeing a long and best realtion….

  32. Anonymous

    This is a really good reading and very inspiring! Great job! I just hope I do find the right Virgo man someday!

  33. virgo male

    I’m praying this is close to accurate as the virgo part seems very accurate. The reading is so sweet…I really like this Capricorn girl for 3 years now.

  34. toulou

    Thanks Nancy for sharing your precise compatibility reports to others. Could you give more infor. scopior female-capricorn male what to do after their relationship
    over, though they don’t want ended.
    Scopior wants Capricorn back.

    thanks again

  35. Capricorn lady

    This is really a wonderful & sensible virgo-capricorn compatibilty report that i have read from a large set of reports!! Its just Precise and perfect.
    Thanks Nancy

  36. Capricorn Woman

    This has been one of the best compatibility reports I’ve read for this combination, and one of the most poignant portrayals of myself I’ve read, and I’ve been reading astrology since I was a teenager. Thank you!

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