Leo Woman and Virgo Man Compatibility

Famous Virgo-Leo Couples:  Guy Ritchie and Madonna; Mark Anthony and Jennifer Lopez; Chris Judd and Jennifer Lopez; Maurice Tempelsman and Jackie Kennedy

This is a surprisingly compatible, hard working and respectable combination.  If you realize that every Leo progresses through Virgo for thirty years of their life, you can see the compatibility.  The emphasis is on “doing one’s duty” which Leos secretly love because it enhances their sense of dignity.  Much can be accomplished and these two are proud producers, be it family, business, or other fields of endeavor.  They very much share a work ethic in common with a high degree of trust.

How to Attract a Virgo Man as a Leo Woman:   Tighten your focus and find out what he’s interested in.  He’s an expert at something!  I’m assuming you’re the kind of Leo that invites others up on the stage.  Otherwise you would never be attracted to such a genuinely modest but outstanding individual.  As you narrow your focus, you’ll be helping him get a bigger picture and inviting him to come out more and participate!  Try to be tolerant as he “details out” the plans for the evening.  I know it robs your time together of some spontaneity but that’s just where you come in.

How to Attract a Leo Woman as a Virgo Man:  You can attract your lioness by giving her some work to do or dangling a project in front of her.  It seems contradictory, I know, but just try it, you’ll see.  Leos have their slave side, and it is all the more exciting to have someone else recognize because they can usually fool people into thinking they are queens and wouldn’t dream of waiting on someone hand and foot.  You should, of course, be very proper and try to use a fresh, creative approach.  If you can’t think of a project in common, get her interested in something you are doing by asking her advice.  Sit back and listen while she purrs and roars in approval.

Degree of Romance:  There is a great deal of romance possible here.  There are three signs that are secretly as romantic as Leos and that is Aries, Virgo or Pisces man.  You can trot out all your pedigrees here.  You, of all signs, have an inside track on chivalry with some absolutely adorable and irresistible tricks up your sleeves.  At last you have found the right audience.  The more knightly and courtly you appear, the more she eats it up, even past the point of good taste.  I mean where some women will blush, she just says, “Bring it on.”  If you remember the basis of courtly love was worshipping an aristocratic lady beyond his reach, you get the drift.  P.S.  Unlike with some other signs she will be forgiving of your excesses and insecurities and will be reassuring to you if she is interested at all.

Degree of Passion:  Love is a performance and Leo likes center stage.  You are good at providing props, for example, having Kleenex handy, keeping the candles from dripping on the bedside table, and making sure the door is locked.  Things that she would overlook in her passion.  In other words, you can set the stage and reap the rewards by being the perfect audience.  Sincere praise drives her to out perform

Degree of Friendship:  Friendship is not particularly of value between these two.  Let’s say reliable companionship instead.

Degree of Marriage:  This has an excellent of developing into a good stable marriage.  Both partners take respect seriously and intend to put their best foot forward at all times.  Whereas normally Leo might find Virgo a little boring, if you hook her into some work projects, that should fill the gap nicely.  Set her to work remodeling your new home.

Progression of Relationship:  Normally Leos are demanding and pushy, but if you are playing your chivalrous cards carefully, she’ll be fascinated and let you lead the way.  No one can out romance a Leo like a Virgo.

Sex:  Sex will be an important part of the relationship in that both partners thrive on a reliable, steady diet and each is willing to provide the same.  I know you pretend to be shy, but Virgos always have an amazing bag of sexual tricks because they have paid attention to details through the years. There isn’t a Leo in the world who doesn’t have something to learn from a Virgo male, something that will thrill and delight.

When It’s Over:  When it’s over this should unwind in a business like manner.  Records have been kept and a high standard of fairness and respect was held during the relationship.  It is not likely it will turn into a friendship, but if you ever need anything years later you can count on her to be right there for you.

Our Rating: 9/10

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97 Responses to Leo Woman and Virgo Man Compatibility

  • Cory says:

    hey whats goin on Lioness’s [Lol] I’m a Virgo Male [19] and i met my Leo[also 19] this past September. it was an amazing instant connection we went out all the time, spent almost every moment with eachother things were just goin beautifully! but she lost her job in January and shes not in school at the moment. i could tell that something was wrong with her but she would never open up to me about what it was. my cars recently broken down and i cant see her as often as i would like to. and on top of that she recently told me she doesnt wanna be in a relationship anymore[ it was like a week ago]. now i’ve been thrown into weird space bcuz she still talks to me and she still would’nt mind hangin out with me. but when we talk on the phone its like sometimes we can hold up a conversation but other times its like she has nothing to say. i would also like to add that she was totally in love with me even up until the last time we saw eachother [she tried on dresses for me =)]. when i get my car fixed i’m thinking about seeing her but i dont kno if she even likes me anymore what should i do.???

  • Robin says:

    I am a Leo female (8/21) and I’m so in love with a wonderful, yet mysterious Virgo man (9/11). We have been “friends” and spending a lot of time with each other since 11/2010. In that short time, I’ve learned more about him than in the 5 years we’ve known each other. I really believe he cares about me more than a friend but he’s taking his time commiting, which is fine with me. I sometimes wonder if he will ever commit, being that I am a little impatient but I have been very patient with him. Recently, I expressed my feelings for him since I could no longer contain them. So far, I haven’t heard from him but it’s only been 24 hours. I hope he’s just trying to absorb what I told him. I’m giving him his time and space so he can sort the info out in his mind. This man is so mysterious but that is one quality that I love about him. He keeps me guessing. LOL. Anyway, I have never in all my years met a man like him. He is and has been a wonderful, caring friend and the more I get to know him, the deeper my feelings are for him. I just don’t want to scare him off because I don’t ever want to lose him. I truly believe he’s my soulmate. We have definitely bonded with each other and he has expressed his feelings in a sutle way. He is such a sweetheart, yet he can be a bit critical at times. I just laugh it off ’cause I know he’s only fussing because he cares. Love my Virgo man. Any comments/suggestions are much appreciated. Thank you.

  • HeatherMarie says:

    Cory :
    hey whats goin on Lioness’s [Lol] I’m a Virgo Male [19] and i met my Leo[also 19] this past September. it was an amazing instant connection we went out all the time, spent almost every moment with eachother things were just goin beautifully! but she lost her job in January and shes not in school at the moment. i could tell that something was wrong with her but she would never open up to me about what it was. my cars recently broken down and i cant see her as often as i would like to. and on top of that she recently told me she doesnt wanna be in a relationship anymore[ it was like a week ago]. now i’ve been thrown into weird space bcuz she still talks to me and she still would’nt mind hangin out with me. but when we talk on the phone its like sometimes we can hold up a conversation but other times its like she has nothing to say. i would also like to add that she was totally in love with me even up until the last time we saw eachother [she tried on dresses for me =)]. when i get my car fixed i’m thinking about seeing her but i dont kno if she even likes me anymore what should i do.???

    Hi there! I’m a leo girl =) Sometimes us leos get so prideful we forget to ask for help. We don’t like the idea that we could be on the level of peasents (sarcastic tone here of course). What I mean is, she might feel so bad about her situation, she is too afraid that it demeans her character in some way. THEN, you lose your car? NOW the relationship has also taken a “down” turn. If you somehow manage to follow through with you car and can encourage her and find practical ways to help her fix her predicament, she’ll not only think you’re a knight, but she’ll love that you are that strong. But word to the wise, don’t be bossy with suggestions. Stories and enthusiasm about possibilities work best at getting a Leo girl’s attention. Remember, she secretly wants to be dominated… she just doesn’t want to be tamed ;) hope that helps! oh, and compliment her genuinely for all the good stuff she still has goin on… it’ll give her a boost!

  • Gabb says:

    Yea, so I’m a Virgo man.. and its been about a month and a half since I’ve met my Lioness… SO far, everything has been perfect.. Like my friend Cory, she’s in a bit of a situation where she’s hurting.. (baby dad drama..money..etc) Anyways, we’ve been going out everyweekend and having a good time. I have to admit, when she’s around me, and i’m lost for words.. It wasn’t til this weekend, where I came out and told her that I was falling in love with her. NOW, her reaction was as I expected, She didn’t say I love you, nor did she reject my words. SHe simply started tearing up, and hugged me tight.. BUT i know about the stuff going on in her life, She has a kid ok,? SO thats like 100 times the pressure, and dealing with the kids dad. SO what I do is I sweet talk her, I make her feel at ease, and stress free.. I’m a HUGE beleiver in CHIVALRY!!! SO yea, I’m pretty much in love with her.. I just have to find ways of expressing myself, while not drowning her.. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I really want to win her heart.. :-) Hmmm

  • Jen-Jen says:

    :) I have 2 guys friends who are both Virgo’s one makes me get butterflies lol But the main one is my best friend but we’re always flirting. We have great communication- I never been able to talk with a guy for so long and never run out of nothing to talk about :] , and im completely comfortable with him .I dont know If I should even consider dating because I would NEVER want to loose him as my best friend :( I LoVE him but im not sure if i love him as a friend or more yet xP

  • Marene says:

    i don’t know what should i do,because of being prideful of my Leo woman…if she wouldn’t change it, i think I’m gonna leave her…

  • Marene says:

    but for me, being a Virgo man too much hiding on what is real makes me feel so bad although it doesn’t mean that it ends up. but the trust that i gave to someone will might be fall.. or it might be even disappear..

  • Marene says:

    what matter most….as long as it matters! virgo man and leo woman must be in the air.

  • Marene says:

    what matter most….as long as it matter! virgo man and leo woman must be in the air.

  • Mitzy says:

    I’m a Leo woman & i have been with a Virgo man… our relationship started w/ so much trials from his family… yet we manage to be together… he left his family for me and they kick him out of school… for month i told him to work even if it had to be far… then last time he told me he’ll be working away from me… what i only ask for him is communication though may not be always cause i know he’ll be busy… but he didn’t promise also he said his not sure to come see me on my birth day this 27… now it’s been 10 days I haven’t heard anything from him & i don’t know if he still cares for me…he only promise to comeback after my studies but that will be on Sept… and don’t know what to do or should i still wait for him… cause this Virgo man of mine always keep things himself & wont share it to me…

    awww… it’s hard to be a Leo woman… cause i want things to be detailed but Virgo man are so damn secretive… keeping all to himself… WTH does he think, I’m a mind reader? LoL

    now I’ m trying to live my life again like I’ve never met him.. but still waiting if he’ll keep his promise… or else all the hard work will be for nothing.

  • ijan says:

    I’m not sure how to bring this message in this lions nest, but I dated a Leo a few months ago and I was stunned by her overwhelming passion towards me. I got scared and ran away. She checked my email, sms, phone calls as it was something normal to do. When I brought this up to her, she replied; you can check and read my stuff as well. Pretty strange isn’t it? I really need my space and privacy, something my Leo apparently doesn’t need at all. Sad but true I do mis her as for everything else she was so nice to me (and still is).

  • betty says:

    I’m a leo-woman(8/4) and i’ve met my virgo-man(9/6) a long time ago from clubbing events coz he’s an eventmanager. Anyways, it was just this april at a friends party (and before that we just saw each other at friends’ bday parties and he told me recently that he didnt really knew my name and just knew me from seeing) that we exchanged our phone nr. because of an old woman who wants to treat us free meal from mcdonalds and pointed at me to go on a date with him. Was supposed to be a joke, but after that party, I started to get drunk and a leo-woman, we prone to get flirty at such times ..and he took me with him doing his businesses at clubs for the next events and we went clubhopping. I was soo drunk I guess, that I asked him the whole night to kiss me. But he just had this huge smirk, and i was wondering wth why he wouldnt kiss me.. So nothing happened that night, but he was such a gentleman and brought me home afterwards.

    I apologized the next day and told him I hope i wasnt that pushy and that I was really embarassed and everything and he said it was fine and that he hoped that i didnt find him stressful. So yeah, he started to write if we should meet up and I was the one always cancelling coz it reminded me everytime about that night haha!

    After a couple of sincere sms of him, we finally meet up.. and went out that night again. That night, he didnt let go of my hand, always guiding me coz of my high heels. I guess thats just the Virgo-man style, theyre really gentlemen. And then after a couple of laughing moments at a friends houseparty, we were at the terrace and he was lying on that folding bed, and it was fullmoon and cloudy and we started to guess the form of the clouds and then.. I cant remember who kissed who but it was sooo passionate and so I guess he decided to do it after thinking bout it for a long time haha!

    I always feel he cares for me, .. asks me if i’m hungry, gets me water at midnight if i’m thirsty,.. But there are those days I feel like he just wants somebody near him, and not really because he likes me. Just simply because he doesnt wants to be alone. We’ve been sleeping in the same bed, but most of the time, I sleep first coz he has still lots of work to do, and hugging is sometimes hard, coz he doesnt hug back … or kiss me, forget about cuddling..

    He has though other ways of showing he cares. Though two months ago, we talked and we didnt really want to be in a relationship coz he just broke up with his gf this april and i just broke up with my bf last december. But that was two months ago… We see each other everyday but I still dont know if we are in a relationship. I want to ask him, but i’m scared that i’ll get an answer thatll hurt me.

    Today is my birthday. And he asked me yesterday what are my plans for today, and since i had to work at 3pm, he suggested we should eat lunch before i go to work. And that I can choose any restaurant I want to go.. I guess his style of showing he cares goes on through material things. Buying me shoes, dinner, and such stuffs. But we do love that Lionesses.. right? ;) Still, we want to be hugged and kissed and loved most of the times….

    I do like him.. or should i say, i’m literally falling in love with him…and thats why when i’m with him, i’m patient, soo generous, and always calm. Good thing right? But I want a real relationship where I could say hes my boyfriend and that I’m his girlfriend.. But I guess it’ll take time before I get to start a conversation like that with him..

    we’ll see what will happen in a couple of months…

  • yasmin says:

    PLSSSS update i wanna know what happens

    sadly i hv no virgo experience so i cant advice but i certainly can relate to the feeling

    it was with a gemini “eye rolling”

    just becarful cause i think we sometimes want things that doesnt want us more than anything else

  • betty says:

    i’m in heaven.

    I was supposed to meet my girlfriend after my work, but she didnt show up. hardcore. Waited for her for 2hours!! on my birthday!! But it figured out that she left her cellphone at home. Anyways, my virgo guy called me at 22:10 asking what I am doing. Told him what happend and that I’m alone for two hours already. Sooooo sweet of him asking me to go out with him, and that he has some errands to do so.. (as an event manager i supposed scattering some flyers or something)..

    So we went out.. as a virgo guy, theyre not really party people.. thats what i noticed the past few times that we went out, he couldnt really stay at one place, always walking upfront and behind… thats what told me after the 2nd club around.So the first club we went to, 15mins..went to the next club.. then the nxt.. then the next… as for me, leoness, i was loving it!!! clubhopping is the best!!! fastforward,.. after the 4rth club, I told him .. “hey you dont have to do this bec. its my bday” and he was like “oh really? you shouldve told me before!” ..telling the taxi driver to bring us home.

    I didnt really wanted to go home yet, so i told him to go somewhere else. 5th club. So we saw a club, playing some good rock music and that always amazes me that he knows basically everybody!! hi hello there, those guys starting to tease me like asking him …” is she your woman?” and was amazed when he told them ” yeah she’s my woman” (goosebumps but still on poise LOL) then went inside.. So they asked me “is that true?is he your man?” and i was like.. “hmm… YEAH!” hahaha!

    we went inside… asked me what i wanted to drink.. i said caipirinha. got it. wanted to have water. got it. Almost everything that i wanted to do this day, he just did everything what i wanted! I was in heaven. And falling in love more and more and more….. And then he left, went outside. And i just danced all by myself, no big deal, i liked the music anyway… He came back,.. me still dancing..then he just came up to me like.. ” hey look what i got here!” …and I was shocked (but of course subtley) looked at him and then I told him.. “whats these?” (smirk on the face).. I just got 3 red roses!!!!!! to be continued….(I’m sooo tired people.. am gonna sleep now..)

  • lis42 says:

    Happy Happy Joy Joy,

    I am a leo woman 8/15, i met my virgo man 9/14 over the internet jan 2011. We IM for the first few months with light and courtious conversation. Always sweet and polite. Some days we IM more than others. Finally I gave him my num about 3 mos in. The only time we would talk would be if he called me or he would call me from his place of work. I could not comprehend this but I liked his vibe so began to meet for dinner, bowling, etc. Very cheviours, handsome, positive and smart mouthed (lol), like the saying ” a lil salt and sugar”. Notheless i was impressed with how committed he was to his work and how he really made time to visit wit me. But I couldn’t understand why he had my num but didn’t want to give me his. After me giving him my num twice and he asked for it again I said no! I must not have been important enough for him to keep up wit it and demmed him too busy for me and decided to stop talking to him. Then around the first of March i contacted him, since i was n his city which is about 30 min form me, and tried to get him to come to a party. He didn’t come, but to my surprise he expressed he was glad i contacted him and that he would try harder at getting to know this “true lioness” and finally gave me hisss num in May 2011. We spent more time, he met some family and friends, including my dad and everthing seemed to flow great and he began to let his guard down. Then first of july we went to the beach, first time really spending some quality time together, but he made me hurt myself badly by being “chevorious”. 5 inch scar on the back of my leg. He felt so bad, i could see it on his face but i thought it was endearing and just keep the day positive wit blood running down my leg. I believe that accident overwhelmed him and he RAN, said he wasn’t ready for a commitment and he was sorry…I was stunned and outdone. A week went by he contacted me but i ingnored him. A week after i contacted him explaining i just need some time and i don’t hold grudges. From that he expressed how he feel for me the first day we met, how he didn’t want to lose me, how he cared and wanted to do things for and wit me, that he found what he been looking for his whole life but he got in his own way as usual. Now we’re into Aug, he just came to visit at my home for the first time, met one of my 2 daughters and other fam. Yet still, i havn’t met anyone n his circle, we’ve never been together past 7pm, we may c eachother once a week, IM more than we talk on the phone, i’ve never been to his spot, i wake up wanting to talk to him but i don’t get any communication until later in the evening. Everthing seems genuin, but moving at a slow pace, but I’m being patient. He said he’s just taking his time and does’t think he doing the things he should for him to be “my man”. I just don’t want my time to be wasted and my heart broke, but he could make me fall in love wit him once i feel he’s gotten out his own way. But at times i think he my b married or something, playing me….

    what u all think?

  • lis42 says:

    @BETTY hope u have a great birthday. i see ur experiencing the same thing. Only thing that keeps me patient is that he truly may b worth the waite…We have time under our belt for seeing eachother for the last 7 mos. We still have a ways to go far as quality time and amounts of time. Bn n his world, spending the night together, eating at each others home, going to a movie. It seems he work soo much and i think he should be thinking about me during the day and communicate that but, i just WAITE.

  • betty says:

    (cont.) Thursday passed and I had to work on friday, it was kinda weird of him so suddenly showing me the cold shoulder after my work. I just couldnt understand. But I didnt say anything… Saturday I celebrated my birthday with friends at home but he couldnt come coz he was preparing for the event that night as well where he suggested me to come after and that all of my friends will get in for free, vip table and vodka. So sweet! Afterparty didnt turned out well, speaker at the party swas damaged and everyone were bored and i was soo embarassed so we went to another club and nobody were dancing and one by one, they decided to leave. I was so sad and had a lot of shots that night. And then suddenly at 5am, he just came and picked me up. Although I knew he’s gonna be so busy because of his event, so still showed up when everyone left. So guess he cares for me? :) so sweet.

    Sunday, hangover..He took a shot of me sleepin on couch and made it his wallpaper :D Anyways, aftera while, he told me hes gonna meet up a girl friend, (i havent seen her yet,) to ride the bicycle.. so I supposed he had a plan, then I called a girlfriend for us to meet up. Was that okay? I didnt think so coz when I dressed up to leave already, he asked me if I wanted to eat outside, being worried that i’ll go out all by myself.. but because I was a bout to meet my girlfriend, I told him that. And he was like “oh okay, i didnt know you had a plan already, then i’ll meet up with friends too”. I left and texted him after a couple of hours he should come and meet us adn that it was a misunderstanding coz I thought he had a plan already and thats why I planned somthing too. I was out for 7hours and called him i’m coming to his place. Then i lost my cellphone :( After hearing that, he just went out to go to the police station. you know, he always surprises me.. I feel he cares, but I have to guess evrytime. I really like him… I think i’m falling for him already.. But as everyone is saying about Virgos, he’s such one.. And I’m scared I wont able to cope with that..

    As of now, Monday, i’m in bed and he went out to meet his friends.. I kissed him on the cheeks, embraced him, smiled and told him to enjoy.. then that smirk of his again.. he likes it i guess when I kiss him, but he always hesitate kissing me.. I cant remember the last time he was the one who kissed me.. How can I bring him to kiss me? I havent been with a virgo before, but everyday with him is like an adventure already and i really like it… :D

    i’m so sorry this is sounding like a diary of my relationship with a virgo guy but I really wanna burse this out and I hope you can help me make it better ’cause i want this to work out..

    :) betty

  • peacefull serephina says:

    Im a leo girl and ive been with my virgo man for 3 years. I am very much in love with him but he is always suspicious of how much i love him, or more like how i always compliment and thank and verbally express gratitude for what he does. he is kinda insecure and it depresses me. we started fast in our relationship knowing eachother for no more than a week before dating, 6 months before moving in, and i loved getting to know him while also knowing he was mine and only mine :) and in the long run i can sense our relationship will last forever. he was parentless @ 20 (when we met) and totally had this “the world shit on me so (F) the world i do what i want” bad boy attitude but he was depressed yet we had so many amazing adventures together. Though I fear that he was the “project” i was attracted to. We are far from organized, and live a very hecktic lifestyle, living paycheck to paycheck. which i think bothers him more than me. He is amazing and always makes me feel like a queen, always compliments me telling me how smart and beautiful i am, but when i try to return the favor suspision arouses in him and instantly were having a conversation on just how much do i really love him, and could i really be with him forever and then an mmm hhmm :/ after i just had to convince him he really is woth my time. he doesnt believe it, we always misunderstand eachother and it always turns into an argument and the only reason it esciladed so far is because he’s just trying to make me happy and he’s a piece of cras unworthy of me and im too irritable with him. which lately i really have been irritable with him because we have an argument like that at least 3 or 4 times a week and now i tell him to drope it before it gets worse… which in turn makes it worse. the last 6 months iv been depressed, have anxiety attacks, and developed acid reflux. I have always been 100% faithfull to him and i know he’s been to me too but lately i find myself being unfaithfull in my thinking and wanting to leave him but i dont want to hurt him and we have so much started with eachother, he wants to marry me and is always telling me this…. but i dont want to marry depression. but at the same time i feel like if i can just stick it through we could have an amazing life together. I dont know what to do or how to help him or how to show him i love him any more than i already do… im going crazy and could use some advice

  • Ybm says:

    Im confused. I think my leo friend loves me. But she she wint admit it. how do I know that a leo girl likes me if they wont say it. How wiuld I see it especialy agyer being friends. Big question. I have known this girl for over 7 years we have been friendz ever since. Im really chivarous and she used to like me but keeps saying she doesntnow. We went to undergrad together .we act like a couple to a lot of ppl and every one who knows us think we date. But she is so secretive. She us from abother country and has pretty much dated others but always says tgat im different. She is comfortable with me. Boblem is she recently moved to my home town to go school but she w

  • Ybm says:

    Sorry im texting this but to continue … I haved noticed that that she has moved to my home town yo go school foe no “for no reason in particular”. I find it odd that someonewho is from europe cpming to a small toen that she only heard of after I told her it was hometown. So how would I get her , can I get her or are we jusyt friends? She says she would just tell me somethong but her actions say something do different. What do I do?

  • dela says:

    @21 @22 – Take some spelling lessons or a decent type course. Find the right part of the website because I can’t believe you are a Virgo man. I don’t mean to be rude but try to be honest with you, so you can be honest to yourself.

  • ybm says:

    sorry to have dissappointed you dela but you dont read very well do you? i wrote ” sorry im texting this… “and i thought that was the right section to ask for advice. sorry to have wasted your time but perhaps a class on class would have helped you as well.

  • Meana says:

    Ok. I am a Leo (7/25) and I am married to a Virgo, who is 8 years older than I am. We have known each other for almost 2 years, been together for about 1 1/2 years, and we just got married about a month ago. At the beginning, he was incredibly affectionate, always telling me how beautiful my eyes are, how funny I was, how smart I was, etc. I went through a rough patch but he was there to pick me up again, and assure me that I wasnt a failure. He helped me put myself back together. Then he joined the military, and since then, he has been really distant. When we were apart, he got depressed and didnt answer his phone, didnt call when he said he would, etc. So, I picked up and moved over 2,000 miles to be with him (that is why he decided to marry me, because he knew I would stand beside him no matter what). He has gotten quite a bit better, still a bit distant. He doesn’t really compliment me any more (he does on occasion, when he thinks he has made me angry). And he has started critizing a lot more. (Even over little things like, me speeding while driving.) The other day, I tried digging for a little compliment by saying “baby, Your wifey is gettin a little pudgy” usually, when I say something along those lines, he will look at me, roll his eyes and say “no you aren’t! your beautiful!” but instead what he said was “well, you know what to do. Go running.” (i know he was kidding because of the look and little chuckle he gave me afterwards). I just miss the compliments. I love the hell out of him, and I know he loves me, bcz, he took the chance to marry me (he had been married before, and it ended very badly), I just get insecure when he doesn’t compliment/romance me very much… I have mentioned that to him before, but he responded that if he complimented/romanced me more then he felt like it would lose it’s meaning. So, how do I handle this situation? Do I just suck it up, grow a thicker skin and deal with it? Or is there something I could do differently, to encourage his affection?

  • Meana says:

    And the other question I have is, How do i get him to open up to me more again? When we first started dating, we would talk all of the time, for hours on end, about everything from how our days were to our hopes and dreams for the future… Now, we still tend to talk about our future, but I have a hard time getting him to open up about how his day was, and what is happening on a regular basis at work. Is this something that I need to just accept?

  • The Virgonian says:

    Progression of Relationship: Normally Leos are demanding and pushy, but if you are playing your chivalrous cards carefully, she’ll be fascinated and let you lead the way. No one can out romance a Leo like a Virgo.

    Just call me the lion tamer. I love dating Leos, and they really appear to love dating me. The relationships I’ve had have been good while they lasted.

    Pretty true about when it’s over neither side has much to do with the other.

  • Honey says:

    I met my first Virgo man recently and I was blown away. He was so impressive, articulate, sexy, etc. Ive always dated other fire signs(aries are the worst bfs), which now I try to stay away from theyre so annoying to me.I feel like Virgos and Capricorns can be our biggest fans which us Leos need. We had an amazing connection but I got turned off w his personal baggage so it has ended sadly. I always wonder what would of became and hope to meet another Virgo soon.

  • mr nice guy says:

    i recently started dating a Leo woman,and i must say she,s nothing short of amazing. As a Virgo man i usually have my guard up when it comes down to feelings, but she some how brought feelings out of me that i never knew i had. I was never one to belive in love at first sight, but it happened.We met on a on-line dating site in September . She is the girl of my dreams i never thought i would find such a girl. i conversation i happened to slip a told her i was falling in love w her. i was a little disappointed when she did not quite respond with the same. As days went on she slowly has opened up and has ensured me of her genuine feelings for me. we have only known each other for a month or so but i hope to keep her forever! just trying to win her heart . As we Virgo’s tend to be impatient, i will patiently wait till she’s ready to take the journey of life and all it has to offer with the man who will love and cherish her forever. If she does not i will continue on in search of another Leo .

  • Tory says:

    alright, so i’m a leo but i like this guy who’s a virgo. when i first met him, it started off as a strictly friendly situation. he’s very quiet, the type of person that you would have to seek out and approach first; which i didn’t mind doing at all. i love shy people! but anyways, as i got to know him more, i realized just how cool and laid back and smart he was! and he is incredibly funny :) as my feelings grow for him, i try not to let them show so i won’t risk scaring him off. our relationship is progressing, albeit very slowly. but i guess i should’t “try anything” just to have it backfire on me. i want his number and i wanna hang out with him some time cause he’s just so chill! too bad i’m really awkward and have zero game.. pleeease help me out! i need some advice ASAP.

    by the way, my rising sign is aquarius, my sun sign is leo, and my moon sign is libra. so i’m a little shy/distant. thanks!

  • Scott says:

    For Betty, or any other Leo woman, I am a Virgo (with Leo Moon, Leo Ascendant, Retrograde Mercury in Virgo, Venus in Virgo and a Mars in Sag) born 8/26 and just met a Leo girl (8/1) about a month ago. I’ve found that telling any girl that I like how I feel is the worst nightmare. Maybe its my Leo moon. I’m not sure. The Virgo mind is a very professional one. Everything must be in order. I think once feelings start being mixed around, things become “Okay, I will kiss her now, then hold her…” instead of winging it. Virgos are not passionate. Me, being a mix of the two (especially born near the cusp) has got me all in a whack – which sends a lot of mixed signals to my Leo friend. She’s great, she’s a princess (even a tattoo of a crown on her back …rolls eyes…) but denies she thinks she is one. Good luck to all with their significant others.

  • deanna e says:

    @Tory ima Leo Aquarius rising Virgo moon I’m shy n distance and shy quit mystery men are a huge turn on but making me laugh is priceless I’m guessing your b day Aug 10? Minds Aug 10 1991….but any way I’m in the same situation I thought me n Virgos don’t click but what attracted me to him he was so sly n quite and out of everyone in the room he was the 1 that caught my eye but he took the lead gahhhhhh I can’t explain LOL I’m scared to fall for this Guy now that we talk we text mostly he can be such a tool n a freak and dominant at times sighhhhh I love it…

  • deanna e says:

    And his such a great communicater :) ))) we talk about everything

  • ToPShoTTaMik3 says:

    hey…im a virgo man and i just met the woman of my dreams (i think lol but i hope so) which is a leo woman…she is soooooooooooo different from the other girls and is sumthin about her pride dat turns me on…she is so elegant beautiful straight foward generous (she gave her ex bf a tablet for christmas smh) and smart etc…she is secretive also and i really wanna know how she feels and want her to communicate more (so leo women help me out on dat plzzz)…i really like her and i told her this like 2 weeks ago 20th of December and i record a love song i made for her on a cd and gave it to her on new years day 12:10 am and she told me she love it and gave me a hug ;) ))) btw she had a new yrs party and i broke it with her and i dance with her and stuff which was fun and spontaneous of me at the same time another thing i gotta say is i must admit im getting a little impaitient cause she works when i get out of school at 2 and when she gets off its late at night (we communicate through texin everyday and tal on the phone in the night) and we wud talk from 12am-4 or 5am and i got school for 7am lol…what saddens me the most is that times going rough with her and she talks about moving back to the st. croix v.i (where she is from) i dnt even know why?? but she said “i want to move back home so i could be unknown” so im thinkin that someone upset her and obviously she is not tellin me…the good side is that she says i make her blush smile laugh etc (u kno us virgos ;) and that makes me happy and i jus wanna kno also if thats a start of sumthin and would it go further cuz if its a yes, your virgo right here is goin to be a commited married man to her (she’s the only girl i talk to for right now and i want to be on the serious level with her) so dats some my details but plz let me kno wats up

  • Darcy says:

    i can’t say i just met him, but in a way i did. i’ve known him since i was little. but i never really talked to him since a couple of days ago. we’re teens. we’re young and hormonal. i’m not sure if he likes me or not. but the fact that he sat in front of me when he didn’t have to and started asking me questions non-stop got me wondering. is he just being nice or what? he asked me questions about the school i attend, asked if i liked anyone, and even asked about what i wanted to do with my future. never have i had someone so interested in what i had to say. it was pleasant and natural. and he listened to it all. he had appropriate responses to my comments. i absorbed all of his questions and was delighted with the attention i received. but i’m a bit of an attention lover so i didn’t realize the special treatment until i went home and actually thought about it. i’ve been told he hangs out with a variety of people at school. he’s quite charismatic for a virgo. so now i’m confused. does he treat everyone like this? does he do this with a lot of girls? or does he actually like me? i’m so lost.

  • ImSomebodyToo says:

    Im a leo woman, just met a Virgo man & we went to the movies & dinner for the first time. After the date was done, I felt, like…i have met my husband. Instant connection. I want this to work forever. I broke up with my ex of 9 years about 6 months ago, he too was a virgo. I actually like the new virgo better because he is focused. I pray we get married.

  • Jocey says:

    I am a leo woman 8/17, I met a virgo man 6 months ago, 9/6,.and I was so attracted to this man,..he was reserved ans so hamdsome,. I approached him,.i got his number,.we would text each other, this man gave me butterflies,..which no man has ever given me,.our first date, he came over to my house,. We talked, he kissed me, and I was in heaven..hee hee,..
    we went on a couple dates after that,but I screwed up, cause after about the fourth date, I.told him I was falling for him,.. I guess that scared him off cause he barely responded to any of my text messages..then he dissapeared altogether..i am in love with him, and I texed him a couple times telling him that I love him, and that I will wait for him,.but honestly if he doesnt come back soon,.he is going to have a major problem,..because once I get tired of waiting,.im not going to care anymore..and he will lose me,..cause I am running out of patience..

  • ReeRee says:

    I am a leo woman (8/9) and i have a virgo male thats my friend i like him a lot and i have tokd him before, but because of my personality i think at the beginning i came on a little too strong. I dont know if he likes me back, but I’m scared of rejection . We text and talk someimes but when i get around him al i can do is blush and smile. Can you help? Any Advice? ?….

  • leott says:

    I dated 3 virgo men so far. As a leo, I’m very attracted to virgo for some reason..the communication, their career (powerful), mystery at the same time, their lok is above average. First one didn’t work out because when he said he love me. I didn’t repair for his statement so I just replied: really? Since we talked by email for a year and spent time with him for a month then I went back my hometown oversea for a year, we still kept in touch then I came ba had someone else..I cried for 3 months. I realized I never missed active like that!!!. I had a big lost, the real love of my life. My second one, he never know what he wanted, communication was suck, short dated. we still keep in touch after 13 yrs and he still is a single guy! The third one now are a little famous that all The women adored him, I can’t stand his popular with women as a leo, seem to me he is flirty virgo like the second one..don’t know what he wants..he said has many broken relationships in the past so he is taking time..when the virgo said that he means it, but since we communicate everyday by txt and chat ..see each other 2 times in 8 months..sex is super good. Lately, we have been fighting almost everyday because he has taken pics with all the girls that is driving me insane. he told that part of his job so if I can’t handle it then I should stop. He can’t live and work like this. The communication between us still going on after the fights,he is telling his schedule and we don’t talk each day..we miss it..I wonder, he is really into me or just keep reach other company by just texting..when I asked him when I asked him about relationship, he said don’t push him let it comes natural..his last one hurted him so he needs time..God knows what he wants..but I’m running out of patient, now I’m going to play his game like mysterious..not talking much or txt to see what his react..if he doesn’t get it then he is not into commitment type like the second..I will update then..

  • afellowlioness says:

    Yeah, I’m a lioness (7/29) and I was previously in a relationship with a Virgo. He was such a sweetie too! Butnwhen things broke off, he gae me a vague, cliche reason (“I’m not ready for a relationship.”) I’m still deeply in love with him and I don’t want to let go just yet, and I want to get the real reason out of him! When he told me this, it didn’t even sound like his speech patterns! I love him so much and I wish he would have told me what troubled him or why he was so sad but he didn’t trust me and that really makes me so sad. My love, if you’re reading this (which I doubt you are), always know you can trust me.

  • Vannia says:

    @betty how is it going???? Please update us!!

  • aysha says:

    I would say call your man and get back together. Its hard to find true love and when you find it hold on to it especially if it is worth holding on to.
    Leo woman(man)+Virgo man(woman)=balance
    Leo girl(boy)+Virgo man(woman)= chaos
    Leo woman(man)+Virgo boy(girl)=chaos
    Leo girl+Virgo boy=what the hell were we thinking
    Leo woman(man)+Virgo woman(man)=balance
    Leo girl + Virgo girl= highs/lows
    Leo boy+Virgo boy=fire/ice

    Online Dating

  • Tammy says:

    Well I’m a Leo woman, I met my Virgo man tonight for the first time. I met him on an online dating site through text and talk Dec.2013. I met someone else at the same time a Taurus and began dating him. Only to find out he was still married, although his wife an he lived apart in two different cites 3 hours away from each other. Off and on I’ve tried to walk away and would break up, each time I would text and talk with my Virgo friend. Well its the end of August and I finally decided to accept a date with Mr. Virgo. Such a gentleman. I could really see myself getting attached to him. I’m really scared my Taurus man won’t let go, I don’t want to hurt him, but I felt like his cupcake and just hate the feeling of feeling like I’m in a limbo state all the time. He has already told his wife he wants a divorce about 2 months ago, but he still has to talk to her constantly, I’ve tried to tell him to go back to her, but he swears he’s madly in love with me. I’m a true Leo I can’t believe I’ve stayed in this relationship so long. Would love some advice…

  • leo v says:

    Hi, I’m a leo woman 8/13 and I’m in love with a virgo man 9/4 , we have been together almost 4 months , we met online, he was on vacation. He is in the navy, he is leaving in 3weeks overseas for about 7months ..we are absolutely mad about eachother , as a leo I’m very prideful n independent. Yet extremely romantic and passionate. He is sensitive, and not afraid to express his feelings for me which I love, we feed off eachothers energy. I’ve learn to submit myself to him as my man. Which is unlike me lol ..I hate to even say this but before him, I was a natura born maneater , meaning I’m well aware of my lioness suduction with the men , I’m overly confident which he loves, the fact that I’m ok with being own , which works since he’s in the military . he has been expressing if we make it through this deployment he wants to get married n start a family. I know 4months not very long but some how he makes me want to turn a house into a home…

  • juiceb0x says:

    So, I decided to add my own situation. I am a virgo guy ( 9 / 18 ) and I have a crush on a leo girl ( 8 / 15 ). We originally met as penpals back in April. Well, just until a few weeks ago we really started talking more and I’ve been starting to like her. I never really had a girlfriend before but if I were to pick anyone I would easily say I would pick her. She is kind, humble, dedicated, smart, and also caring and sensitive. We still hardly know each other but we have so much in common. On her birthday I sent her a photo of a stick and said it is a magic wand and told her that she has 1 wish and I will try my best to make it come true. I wanted to make her smile and she sent me a photo of herself to prove she smiled. (This was the first/only photo she sent me). I always over analyze things and I am not sure what her intentions are. We never met and we have such a big distance between us that it makes me mad that I think about it so much. Originally i am from the same country she is from and I wanted to move there for some time. She told me once that she doesn’t understand the rush of getting married/having a relationship (this was before her birthday and I feel we got closer after). I don’t want to get myself hurt nor do I want her to get hurt but I really think she is amazing and I hope I can be the guy who can always make her smile and be happy and won’t take her for granted. Any ideas would be great.

  • nandydrew says:

    Isn’t it scary to read all the similar stories…? Me Leo woman been in love with my virgo man for 5 yrs…he has three children from three different women (he didn’t know about one for 10 yrs…) we were both in relationships during the time we have seen each other…he moved away & I was so happy so I could get rid of the madness of my love for him & he also moved with his youngest son’s mother; proof of to me of where he wanted to be right…?? Well he has returned & asked me to be with him & has started to ask me to give more attention (call more, etc…), but I’m not sure if I can believe or trust him with my heart…we also are both still living with our significant others, but i am moving out soon…my plan is to start with moving out to provide a true space for the love to blossom & show him i truly love him…he criticizes my driving too, but i just ignore it & smoke Marijuana when he is far far away. ..;)

  • Victoria says:

    Born on July 29. Leo woman. He, September 6. My man is a Virgo. We’ve been in a relationship for 6 months… I’ve been in love with a Saggitarius before and that son of a bitch broke my heart after being in love for only 2 months. Yeah I know. Before Saggitarius I dated a Capricorn guy. Sweetest and most perfect relationship but I fucked up shit… I regret it. Oh! Did I mention we were together for 8 months. He really was perfect. Amazing sense of humor, studied, kind, ahhhh I can go on. But I just fell out of love due to ummm Saggitarius boy. Back to my Virgo man, I alwa noticed him at school… Somehow I was attracted to him like crazy. However didn’t really pay much attention because he was part of the popular kids… Eh. I was just careless about them, thought they were all the same ol preppy dumbasses wannabe. Till this year on prom night, Mr Virgo here made a bet that he’d get laid! Haha! Man.. Am I not stupid. Thank god for intuition. Oh I forgot, just weeks before prom he would sometimes sit next to me (surprisingly) and he’d talk and talk and I’d just listen. So we kinda started getting to know each other before. Anyways, long story short; we hooked up after prom. I got tipsy he got high. Aww! Told him he wasn’t going to speak to me because he was a “player ” but really all he did was just flirt. He told me no that was a lie… That he did want to continue talking to me. Blah blah. Days after it was just continuously talking! I was beginning to get drawn to him even more. I was surprised he would always come to me! Always. We took it slow… I mean extra sloooowwwwww. First date, sweet,relaxed, no kissing a bit shy here and there. I still am. Until graduation day! Boom!! “Will you be my girlfriend?” He asked, FINALLY. “Uh. No” hahah kidding “of course!” Never in my life have I been happier. I had my doubts about him… Regarding his flirty personality before and nights of reading about Virgo men how they take things slow, picky as hell… The negative shit basically scared me. So where I’m trying to get at is that it took my lots and lots of confusing days and patients to maintain in order for us to work out.. Because he had been hurt before and so have I. But it’ll tell you what, it was worth the wait because on the night we first made love (roughly 4-5) months after, he told me he loved me. Ever since that I’ve been madly and deeply fucking in love with him. And I believe he is the man of my life! He’s soon to become a professional soccer player… He’ll have to move but I’ll stand by his side no matter what. Makes me laugh unstoppably. I make him laugh, apparently I’m the funniest girl ever lol point is, we’re doing perfect. Always in the back of my mind though will I have my doubts though but like they say, time will heal. Hoping to last a very long time with him! Everlasting if possible too. For Christmas he got me Chanel! Ok that’s just WHAT?! Ah *sigh* hey i got him the newest Call Of Duty ;) good luck to y’all!! (I think earth and Fire signs are better off being together)

  • Victoria says:

    Sorry, just realized I made some grammar mistakes hehe love y’all!!

  • Jayden says:

    Really when someone doesn’t be aware of then its up to other viewers
    that they will help, so here it takes place.

    web site (Jayden)

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