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  1. Debby

    Well, I have always read Virgo Man and Libra Woman is not a compatible twosome..but to my surprise, I have been dating a Virgo Man since the last 20 months and we are soon getting married, and I would say I am the happiest with him than I have ever been with anyone..!! I agree that all our married and single friends envy us..we are in love in the same way as we were right from the start..We argue but soon patch up, we love peace..we don’t drag our arguments, saying sorry is the fastest thing we do..whoever finds it hard to fight any further πŸ˜› We both are loyal..I always wondered that everywhere it said virgo and libra dont go well..but to my surprise, we were always otherwise..first time I read something which said otherwise, and atleast in my case its 100% true..!!
    Sometimes I wonder the zodiac compatibility depends a lot on two people’s bringing up and their life’s experiences!!

  2. yo.ya

    i have given him everything love affection his space. the problematic was the arguments.. i would just push it aside and comfort us but he made it a big deal, once he is mad he never turns back never admits that he is sorry

  3. yo.ya

    Hey Mz LibraVirgo. I have given a virgo man so many opportunities and i myself is a libra woman.. think he will come back to me or frankly this is the end?

  4. Mz LibraVirgo

    that’s how I ended up with my virgo man. He was already with someone when he met me, I knew my place so I played my position because I knew A, he wasn’t married. B, he was worth the gamble and C, he was a good man. With that Virgo streak in him, he pulled away, because they like to make sure what they are doing is right. Me being a Libra, I had to change the rules of the game a little. I nolonger made myself available to him, when he wanted me. I started going out more and more, so I wasn’t home when he would pop up.
    I want reveal all my cheats, let’s just say…when I got finish running rings around him, he became hooked, intrigued by me, because I showed him a side to himself he never knew was there.That was several years ago,and I still keep him intrigued with my LIBRA CHARM.

  5. Robbie

    Virgo men need space – he’s proboably trying to figure out the best thing to do with regard to his ex and you and in the absence of a decision, he’s doing nothing. If you are there for him, just let him know and then leave him alone to work out what’s in his mind.

    He’ll be looking for the best way to hurt people the least.

    Guess you just have to wait…….

  6. pippa - libra

    ive recentally started getting close too a virgo, he split up with his girlfriend then we met up with eachother a few months ago as mates.. however, he ended getting back with his girlfriend whos an aquarius :/ but would occasionally still text me.. and get jealous about me and other guys. and say that he thinks he lost his chance with me. recentally him and his girlfriend split up again.. and ive seen him with friends but it was nice too see him and we had a chat and a few laughs. then he went on holiday and when he came back he wanted too meet up just me and him. so he came quite a way too see me in the middle of the night! we were just talking and we kissed for the first time, we were really shy.. we got carried away but we stopped and said maybe we should wait cuz of him just getting out a relationship haha. but it was really cute. everything was fine before that he would text me every day. but after the last time we met, he hasnt text me. i text him the other day saying if i had done something, but he said he has alot on his mind & i just said well im here for you if you need anything, cause we were good friends before.. i don’t know what ive done.. him and his girlfriend just split up before his holiday and maybe now hes home, he realises how much he misses her. :/ im not sure what too do & i don’t know what i could have done wrong? maybe he’s confused… any help of what too do? i really wanna text him, but too scared that will push him away cause you have to patient with a virgo, but he said he wouldn’t leave me again and he seemed so interested even when he was with hs girlfriend sometimes :S and now he is just not talking too me.. what too do?!…



  8. irum

    virgos have many many drawbaks they thnk they are the best they are great and they cant xcuze u sometime my virgo man criticizes me alot and i got burned insyd nodoubt it is…bt whenever we get in a relationship the girl have to be more caring and have to compromise but i want to knww frm virgos what do they expect from a libra to burn her completely? yeah i agreed with alea…they are a kind of people who cant excuse so although i love a virgo man…but i can say that every compromise here is by me and he cnt compromise previously i had a virgo partner we had a lot of fyt fyt fytf fyt all the tyme nd i ws so much fed up of him that we had a breakup after marriage sometime i feel libras and virgos are opposite sign and they are nt for eachother m marriedf again with a man who is more leo rather than virgo so lil better than that fussy virgo

  9. alea

    back again for the final time. besides this website I’ve read others and for the most part the experts have said we make great partners with virgos because both signs are analytical, hate arguing and fighting and for the most part think with their heads rather then their hearts….but from reading other libra woman’s actual experiences and having dealt with a virgo man myself this is a match mad in hell! I’ve heard and read that virgo men are VERY MUCH so unfaithful. they say they only cheat on woman they aren’t in love with and that to me is just an excuse for the fact that virgo men never end their relationships with past lovers…and LYING is something they do FAITHFULLY. they are great in the beginning but after a year or so you’ll see their true colors. they are selfish and only care about themselves. being a libra i am very forgiving so for me to actually come to the conclusion that i want to have NOTHING to do with someone, anyone, broken heart or not it says a lot. they are coldhearted, think they are different from other men when in reality they are the same, and when caught doing wrong they try to make you feel sorry for them. i felt sorry for my virgo man for almost 2 years and put up with sooo much of his crap that idk how and if im gonna be able to trust anyone else. being a libra i am very guarded and i told my virgo guy how many times and ways I’ve had my heart broken but its like he didnt care even though he claims he did. I admit they are very driven and easy to talk to, but at the end of the day talking is not enough and i want him to do for me what I did for him and that is understand me, or at least try. I just feel like at this point in time there’s nothing left to say. I always felt like I was putting more into it then him but because I loved him I didn’t care, and he took advantage of that. being a libra I hate being alone but when i was with him, thinking he was doing the same I broke ALL ties with everyone else (which is a lot to say because I have to have others on the side to feel comfortable) and now he’s back with his ex and I’m looking stupid, and I’m alone. he claims he’s with his ex because she’s ben there for him and I think if you base a relationship simply off of that, it won’t last. all they do is fight and although he claims he hates arguin, that’s all she does(she’s an aries I.e a libras opposite) I now will not speak to him when I see him, and I have no problem with that. I still Love him, but after having my heartbroken plenty of times I’m learning to Love myslef even more and not stay in those type of situations.

  10. irum

    hmmm i have been with my virgo man since 2 years…wowwww dats an awesume relationship i can tell u he is really great…he is able to satisfy me 100%…previously i was shoky of his criticism but now (being libra girl) i have learned his nature (as virgos are the prefctnst and criticizes a lot) and whenever he criticizes i dnt take it to heart…but after every criticsm he realizes that something is goingon wrong inside me sooo he starts treating me like a kid and say sorry of what ever he said but i knw whatever he says is for my betterment so i dnt mind his criticism …i love him and i will be loving him till the end of my life he is really great..he gives me smilese cares for me he worries for me…he alwas remember everythng related to ma and dats what a true libra wants…so dats a fantastic relationship…i dnt expect him singing romantic song for me all the time…i knw he cant as e is a virgo πŸ™‚ but i knw he is loyal to me and dats enough…:) God bless him alwaz

  11. heavenly matched libravirgo

    I’m curious to know if anyone else here have noticed that Libra females don’t get along well together?
    I was wondering because i don’t get along with my teenage step-daughter whose also a Libra.
    My husband’s a Virgo, and both of us compete for his attention.
    It’s like we’re twins; i’m the good one.
    When she comes to visit, my friends enjoy her, they say she’s just like me “fun”. She steals my earrings and perfume, i even caught her trying on a pair of my shoes.
    She’s a writer like me, she shows good manors like me, almost as pretty as me and not to mention TALL like me!
    She knows how to use everything she’s got to get her way. At times i can’t stand her but then i look into her beautiful, glossy, light brown eyes and i see myself.

  12. jay

    I just started dating a libra woman being a virgo man and couldn’t believe how quickly I admired and adored her. The reciprocation form her is incredible, smart, sexy, polite, adorable, CLASSY. Didn’t know that existed anymore.

  13. Amber Ryan

    Aw, the two of the anonymous above give me a couple-like feeling and if not I still think they would make a good couple. =] As for my experience, virgos are very sensible and super romantic and us librans are somewhat the same. My hubby Ryan has given me all the happiness in life so far and we barely have any ups and downs. So, to all the librans and virgos out there, hook up as you’ll never find someone better than each other <3

  14. Anonymous

    My (libra) friend wanted me to post first but over here what I see, she is above me. As we both were curious about our compatibility, we both went through many sites but this one elaborates some true facts about her. I absolutely agree with all the good stuff written here about Libra females. She is certainly the one who could attract not only Virgo’s attention but all other signs too. πŸ˜€ I am not sure if all the libra ladies are like this but my friend, she never takes things fast, she always takes things slow but surely she is the loveliest girl in the world. Even if she put on any ordinary piece of clothing, she’d still be able to turn anyone’s head by her ultimate sweetness. πŸ˜‰ I pretty like her idea about her love life. In the end, my experience with this friend (libra) friend of mine is amazing till date, and she is one good company to be with. One thing more I witnessed is that almost all libra ladies have long beautiful hair which exaggerates the beauty in their personality. πŸ˜‰ Lastly, the compatibility is worth rating 100/10. πŸ˜€

  15. Anonymous

    Okay so I randomly came across this article, as my friend (virgo) and I were kind of curious about our compatibility, and after reading it we both kind of started criticizing the other sites which mentioned inaccurate traits of ours. So first of all I’d like to mention how true most of the stuff here is about him; I don’t think they mentioned how reserved personality a virgo male has but other than that I found the information pretty interesting. Degree of friendship sums everything up and how to attract each other became a pretty fun discussion between us. Overall I’d like to agree with whatsoever is mentioned above, I think he is a great guy, fun to talk to, a real gentleman (that’s for sure) and I don’t think there is enough space to write all the good stuff about him. Whereas when it comes to bad stuff, then I really don’t know any..so yeh they’re some cool people to be with which I can guarantee! πŸ™‚ And I’m sure he’ll stand promising on the other degrees too.

  16. Mayer

    Oh! you made it sound like heaven, well it’s not! i’m a virgo male engaged to a libra, we (as virgos) must confess our exagerated attention to details and being perfectionnists. But it’s all for the sake of the perfection of the relationship, virgo males really care and love the pther person, trust me they’re the people who never believe on one night stands and they will definitely call you back the next morning. Personally I’m having some problems with my fiance, and i think to myself; what the hell was thinking to pick her out of all the pretty girls, basically her liberated spirit and sociable mind are the main causes. irgo males are jealous (out of love) so that could be a huge bump in the way. you gotta love them though

  17. Nadine

    its true! i like a virgo guy and he likes me too and our relationship is just like that

  18. Mrs. ladyK

    I’m a Libra woman and married to a Virgo man, he’s wonderful to me but, I must confess they can be childish when it come to finances and they are gullible to influences….like wanting to fit in! other than that, they are charming and romantic….love him anyway and he loves me back

  19. NorCal Virgo dude

    I’m going to meet a beautiful Libra lady tomorrow, any advice? She’s 3 years older than me…

  20. caribchic

    I’m having a tough time with this one!!! virgo man jus confuses me with his tight lid on his feelings…..

  21. Mrs.Libra-Virgo

    I love my virgo man soooo much. I’ve learned to deal with him finding things that he feels aren’t right,just to pick a agruement…only to get the passionate make up sex we have.Hell…sometimes I mess things up just to rattle his cage,lol.The way he lays me down and make love to me,it’s like he’s teaching me a lesson…that if I keep being a bad girl, he’s gonna give it to me “PURRR”!
    We’ve been together 7 years and he still surprises me with roses, cards,candy,cars,trucks,etc…just out of the blue.
    He knows I love my “PET” Brand “Birthday cake ice cream”
    he called me from the grocery store fussing at the workers for being out of my ice cream.
    He was so disappointed he couldn’t get it,because I usually reward him VERY well for the treats he give me,lol.
    Our sex life is so amazing,he alway’s tell’s me “if every man had a wife like you,he wouldn’t cheat”.
    My job in this world is to please my VIRGO man.
    I don’t want him to go no where. I keep it spicy…he never knows what woman he’s coming home too…i keep costumes,wigs,etc…he mite come home to a helpless peasant girl, a horny cat crawling,begging on all fours,
    a swedish maid,a female burgular,a asian woman “me so horny,me love you long time”,Pocahontas,a unconscious woman on the floor he can have his way with.Let me stop there,i can’t give out all my idenities,lol.

  22. virgo74

    I’m not sure what to think about all of this stuff. I was married to a libra for 23 years, have been separated for just over a year. 2 daughters which I love, and would do anything for, of course what man wouldn’t. Our marrage was never a connection, too bad really, I did love her and she is very beautiful, inside and out. Here comes the but, but she was a control freak. If it wasn’t done her way or your opinion was different than hers, you were simply wrong and that was the end of the disscusion. It drove me nuts, her mother and 2 of her sisters are the same way. Our oldest daughter has a real resentment for her and their relationship is terrible. The youngest lives with her and their’s is very close. It kills me that this is the way things are, but thats the way it is. We both carried a torch for our old flames, neither one was aware of each others problems. I eventually called mine and we spoke, when I hung up the phone it was over for me, thank goodness. It was like a prison, having these leftover feelings for someone from so long ago, but the phone call helped me. I then began to concentrate more on my wife but it was to late. Afew years later, when we were talking, I figured out her problem. She was floored, I tend to be quite intuitive. I suggested that she phone him, knowing how it helped me I thought it would help her. I told her I was there to support her, as I wanted our life together to get on the right track. My family was the most important thing in my life, and my daughters still are. When she called him, the spark was reignited. But she tried, our intimacy level went through the roof. I thought I had died and gone to heaven, we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. Finally we had a relationship, we talked more freely with each other the sex was very moving. I need that connection to have that kind of intimacy. But her feelings for him crept back in, they got in contact with each other, they planned to hook up, he was going to risk his family for a fling with a woman he hadn’t seen for 30 years, and she didn’t care that it may destroy his family. We spilt up, they never hooked up, and life goes on. There is more to this story than I have time for. I guess what I’m trying to say is that, I think it has a much to do with the 2 people involved as anything else. I dated a Gemini for a little while after, she was to scatterd, nice enough but too bitter and all over the place. I was just in a relationship with an aries, it was great, but she ended it to back with an old boyfriend that treated her like crap. Sometimes I think it’s just people. I am going to keep my heart open because I know that there is someone for me, but I am not going to pick them based on anything but how I feel about them. Vigos get a bad rap, the last lady I was with was very much overweight, but I didn’t care. She was what I thought was perfect for me, but she had a thing for the old boyfriend she couldn’t kick. You just never know, so good luck to everyone on here. Happieness is out there.

  23. caribchic

    I’m a Libra gal with a Virgo man for about 4 months …and I can say it is the most confusing relationship ive been in since I was with a Cancer man ….equally confusing…. I want to be warm and affectionate and loving to him and sometimes he is so cold an confusing and i just dont get what he is feeling or thinking …i already want to end things but part ofme is soooo intrigued with his caring considerate and mysterious nature its so contradicting and intriguing at the same time…. i just want to figure him out!!!!

  24. shes the one

    im a virgo man and ive been talking to a libra women for some time now and to me this page is right about it all,shes really just to perfect to me and everything this info offers is right,i hope we hit it off πŸ™‚

  25. Me&him

    I am a libra woman nd i fell in love wid a Virgo duy=)
    he is truly amazing..hes the perfect guy…he knows how to love the right way nd respect all my decisions..but it is true thta virgo men think a lot..nd i mean a lot…they want eevrything the right way..if they expect something from their partner nd you dont come up to their expectations..they will leave u..lol..viro man..all he needs is love love love love nd love..if u kno how to show ur love all the way..he’ll always appreciate u..but if u dont show it but u do feel it..he’d still accuse u of being heartless…so one big suggestion..a libra woman should always show her love nd care for her virgo man..nd it’ll work out=)..in love nothin is impossible..everything works out..just love ur ass off..nd dont be too afraid of the consequences becuz u dont kno if u’ll ever find this partner again if u do decide to loose them=)

  26. ///?????

    I loved a virgo male once and ended up in total heartbreak.He just did’nt care much at all or so it seemed.When we spent time it was great and he said he cared but his actions showed that he could take or leave me at any time

  27. Mrs.Libra-Virgo

    I wouldn’t want to be any other sign. Us Libra women are the total package. Lovable, affectionate, understanding, feminine, trustworthy, creative, charming, irrestitable…the list goes on!
    I see why it’s so hard to say know to a Libra woman,
    men get so caught up in our beautiful eyes!

  28. yeahyeah

    Ew. Seriously? I generally can’t stand Virgos. I can’t ever imagine dating one. God.

  29. ricardo

    I been going out with a beautiful libra now for a couple of months now so far were doing great i really love her n she does too as a virgo men i was shy at first. Total gentlemen romantic smart and neat with good taste she wasn’t as shy as me but still give her butterflies i like dat she’s very open n she’s willing to do what she can to make it work .

  30. Libra

    Gosh I (a Libra girl) Love my boyfriend (A Virgo Cutie) .He Understands me,And we have been friends since we were graders. Hes cute and wonderful…Hes like the person i’ve always wanted.I cant go on a day without thinking of Him.He makes me go crazy (in a goodway ;P).Hes soo sweet and mysterious in a way that gives me butterflies in my stomach~.i love him and if ever we broke up..(which i hope will never happen) …………………im not sure if i can get over him…I love you babe~ i want to kiss you in the rain X’P

  31. Leonard

    Libra woman are idk unpredicatable. I been with my libra gal for about yr when she wanted to go on a camping trip. we picked a place together (she loved it) bought stuff rented some and then we had a big fight and she just stopped talking to me. it was v silly. i tried reaching out but could not. her mom was not able to either. idk. she just took off with her friends. few days later she gets back to me and coolly as cucumber wants to do the camping trip. really! shes so sweet now and im trying to be more understanding too of her tantrums but sometimes it can be aaaargh! we had to do it elsewhere though not exactly her choice but she learned an important lesson. sometimes can drive me crazy except for her sweet smile adn ways.

  32. anum

    my husband is virgo and our understanding is really good. he is very caring and loves me alot

  33. jules

    Im a typical Libran lady with a very typical Virgo man. We were friends for a couple years then both split with our partners & realised we meant more to each other. He is definately my soulmate. He does find it hard to say how he feels, but i know the way he looks at me that he loves me. Being a Libran, i tell him how i feel all the time & im very open & loving towards him. He likes that about me & i think it has helped him be more affectionate & open to. Were friends, lovers & im very optimistic that we’ll be together forever <3

  34. Ursula

    As a libra woman i find my virgo man is a perfectionist almost every day every minute. but he tries to let me know what he’s thinking and explains himself to me every now and then. so i get some sort of an idea. i don’t know how useful it is though because it is his thoughts only not his thinking in action and in conjunction with someone else’s. he puts in a lot of effort though!

  35. Heartbroken Virgo Man

    My appreciations to all lovely and romantic Libra ladies.

    I am a Virgo man who fell in love with a lovely Libra lady. But she has already engaged. I don’t know what to do? I think she is my soulmate. In my whole life, no woman could attract my attention but this nice lady. I think she is heavely sent. Her relationship with her current husband is not good. I hope she can end up this relationship and become my prancess.

    The only thing that I am sure about, is that I deeply love her and I will do everything for that little Libra angle. Also, I am completely sure that our personalities are absolutely compatible.

    I love her and I will love her and love her!

    Best wishes for all lovely and romantic Libra angles!

  36. Mrs.Libra-Virgo

    I don’t know what i would do if my Virgo man left me alone,i have dated other signs but none pan out to the total package VIRGO MEN. So handsome, intelligent, manly man,great provider,no nonsense taking, a gentleman out on the streets but a true freak in the bed.
    I must admit they are pushy and want things certain way and will complian alot,if you give into his demands just a little, he appreciates that, basically Virgo males want a partner that’s gonna meet him halfway.After all that’s what relationships are about, lossing some and winning some.

  37. Seoulful

    these astro combos are good read but depends on the indiv person. i knew a virgo dude for 4 years before my current taurus. my taurus is 2 yrs older than me and grounded! no castles in the air for him adn knows important from nice to have. i love he’s a problem fixer. virgo was amazing in so many ways….romantic, affectionate, smart, a little too easygoing πŸ˜‰ , but had to have things his own way. god forbid if he had to discuss anything. what for?! if he had to get something from the home repair store he had to go get it. it was expensive and since clearance couldn’t return. guess what we had it anyway and our neighbour had borrowed it for awhile. yeah….virgo man can think better than anyone else! no need for a little give and take. that’s for everyone else. that’s right ….and end up in a big mess! aND then a smart taurus caught my eye. we’re now few months old and it’s going well. what a relief. virgos aim for the grand design all their own way! libra ladies… all in all it wouldn’t be so bad to hold off if you’re not sure. worse case better be single than stuck with mr. high and mighty.

  38. nurunesa

    i dont tink there is any man more handsome decent mature and loving then my virgo man we are truely a mach and hope he will become my husband

  39. jennifer

    really guys? but m a Libra women n my relation with a virgo man is on the rocks.. n there is not a time we are not fighting.

  40. SexyTrini

    i’m a Libra woman…and i’m head ova heels in luv with my Virgo man….we hardly even fight….he is surely the 1 for me πŸ™‚

  41. iab

    I believe this is pretty much true, I’m a libra woman and pretty much all of my virgo man’s friend envies us =]

  42. Clare

    I’m gonna have to agree. I just adore my Virgo man πŸ™‚ He’s the only one I can say anything and everything too. Such a wonderful match!

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