Virgo Man and Libra Woman Compatibility

Famous Virgo-Libra Couples:

Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy, Scott Baio and Erin Moran

This combination works beautifully for a serious relationship.  They may be less inclined toward family life than to enjoy the deep aesthetic of each other’s company.  Elegant and tasteful, when they combine, imagine Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dancing across the floor to “I’m in Heaven”.  Everything they do will have a touch of perfection and flare.  Virgo minds the details while Libra orchestrates the social ambiance.

How to Attract a Virgo Man as a Libra Woman:

You’ve gotta be feeling pretty good about yourself to get this off the ground.  Chances are you are in touch with your inner beauty and outer radiance to draw such a discriminating gentleman into orbit around you.  Here you can use all your grace and charm.   Your excellent manners will hit the mark, too.  Ask for refinement in the things you do and the places where you meet.   You’re the pace setter.  He’s kind of shy and self effacing.  You’ll get along great.

How to Attract a Libra Woman as a Virgo Man:

Show your lovely and flirtatious social skills.  Dress nicely in understated elegance with attention to detail.  Comment discriminately on something in the room and compliment something about her that shows you have chosen her because she is someone special.  Ask her intelligent questions about herself that are not personal.  Listen and remember so you can impress her next time you’re together by mentioning something she said.

Degree of Romance:

Over the top!  This is possibly the best combination for romance there is.  You two speak the language of love and each appreciates attention to detail and finesse.  You are probably the envy of all your married and single friends.  Where romance is concerned, you wrote the book.

Degree of Passion:

There is no place for a bull in a china shop.  How crude.  How rude.  Leave that to the “unrefined” people.

Degree of Friendship:

They share such a common view of life.  They each crave peace and harmony.  They both recognize melodrama for what it is (a big fat waste of time).  They both like to do everything beautifully, tastefully, and are oriented to quality not quantity.  Their family crest will be emblazoned “LESS IS MORE.”   They both look at the world with equanimity and can trust each other that way.  They truly believe there is nothing that can’t be talked out in a civil manner.  Each is willing to compromise with an innate sense of what is equitable.

Degree of Marriage:

All the way one perfect, precious step at a time.  Dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s.

Progression of Relationship:

Neat and tidy.  Proper increments.  First base, second base, third base, home.  What a thrill!


Sex will be like the Kama Sutra or a Japanese Geisha arrangement.  Stylized and formal can be kinkier than you’d ever believe.  Check it out with a small caveat:  no place for amateurs.

When It’s Over:

Things will unwind in an orderly fashion after a civilized conversation about what’s best for all concerned.

Our Rating: 10/10

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  1. TrueLibraLadyOctober 24, 2017 at 4:46 pm

    Nope this article is completely wrong! I’m a female Libra and I was with my Virgo boyfriend for 6 years. He had no romantic side to him at all. Wasn’t thoughtful and was very selfish. It was as though I was the one in the relationship and I was pulling him along for the ride. Now that I think about it, maybe it isn’t a Libra/Virgo thing, maybe it’s his personality and maybe he just didn’t love me. Go figure but I am definitely staying away from Virgos from now on.

  2. PS
    ! Thanks for your page Nancy : )

  3. Mindset on just going about my day, Not looking” n met a fine female. Immediately all about her seemed just so splendid in every way. Added to that an awesome spiritual greeting gift (I want to call it) ~ blew me so far away that I couldn’t compose a simple communication like hey wanna continue talking, maybe we should eat together or something”. Like to meet her again even if just to say one thing I thought needed saying from that greeting day.
    I’ve met enough females to say each one who attracts me does posses very fine qualities along with that at first sight” positive tingle, and that the one who turned out to be my wife also Air sign, resonated strongly with an instant soulmate karmic destiny. But they had no comparison to this Libra. Just sayn’ the charts of this Libra Virgo combo had something going on !

  4. Had a Virgo male friend since I was super young. We’re 13 years apart. Recently I got high with him and got into a long conversation about sex with him and the other friend that night. Stayed up till wee hours as his want of me because more n more obvious. He said he wanted me and I took it like a grain of salt. The other friend left I stayed. He persuaded me to lay Down in his bed with him separate ends separate covers. We eventually began just holding each other with our eyes closed. It just turned into the sweetest respectful intimacy I’ve ever had. Latter we had sex spooning only because I was so nervous of giving into him. Turns out he n I r sexual compatible and his care of me , his affection and sweet tender kissing and embracing with out him even knowing gets to me so dam much. I feel he feeds my neediness of passion. I feel like I could fall in love with him. We understand each other. The story is much longer. But he is what I need.

  5. Misti mishraDecember 18, 2015 at 4:23 am

    Hello.. well m a Libra girl in love wd a Virgo man. He z a Christian n me is a Hindu. He z 1year younger than me. He z from a totaly dffrnt state, language and culture. But I don’t think than I can find more gud or suitable person for me… we are being in a relationship for 7 yrs. And thre is no issues between us… we argue we fight.. for very silly reason which doesnt matter at all..every time our love increases. Now he z staying in a different country.. I have met him online… I don’t see him in real yet. He z a real gentlemen man. He loves me a lot. We always stick togethe biz we kno what we want to be wild each other. Our love is gr8… romance hmm we nly give flying kisses through Skype… we are gonna meet 4 the 1st tym in real.. n i think we all do dt. N yea my bsf z a Virgo girl… I think Virgo z nyc

  6. zaine millerNovember 3, 2015 at 7:41 am

    mY Man is virgo n me libra…. he is nyc n sweet.. n awsmly romantic… he is very possive abt me n our relation… he can never change his way n style for me or any one else… he hates advices when it comes to his style personality and dressup…. well l love him… no matter wat…

  7. A note to Ryan – that was such a sweet thing to write, but don’t take the burden of broken relationships on yourself. I don’t think it’s so much a Virgo male thing as just a male/female thing. Sometimes relationships work out – sometimes they don’t, but it is just the two people who don’t work out together – not their sun signs, because there are different influencing factors in all of the houses of your birth chart that can determine compatibility. I am a Libra woman with a Virgo man (who is younger than I am.) It works for us, but my Venus is in Virgo, and and I have a lot of practical Capricorn in my chart. There are a lot of factors here – so being a Virgo or a Libra shouldn’t be the sole decision factor in anyone’s relationship and certainly isn’t the sole factor of blame when things don’t work out. 🙂

    • Hi MJ,

      Can you help us to get through the same situation we are in now..

      we like each other but our personal taste scares each other that it will work out or not.. How can we understand the chars in a proper way..

  8. Hello to everyone especially to Libra ladies. As a Virgo man, in my whole life, only once I fell in love with a Libra girl at university. Although I fell in love with her very late that she already got married, I still love her and I don’t know what to do. It has been near a decade that I love her and I closed my heart to anyone else! Every moment I blame myself why I didn’t fall in love with her earlier! I love you Nazanin!
    I wish the best for you where ever you are and with whom you are with …

  9. I’m a Virgo male and I’m young kid but going though this has made me sad to call myself a Virgo because, My whole life I was raised only by my mother who is a Capricorn that no matter what you are always treat a woman with the up most respect and to sit here and read that some women out there have had their hearts ripped out just makes me sad that as a Virgo male that’s the kind of reputation I will have on my shoulders because that what female’s are going to expect, And when I say young I mean that I’m 16 and even though I have never had the the chance to meet you, I personally would like to sorry for what has happened to all of you and this is not me saying sorry for them but for the generation of Virgos that I’m apart of and hopefully this generation finds this and takes to heart and no matter what stay positive there is always someone out looking for you. I wish you the best of luck in you’re search for the one.

  10. KraviziciJuly 4, 2015 at 2:51 pm

    my friends always say there’s no one as grounded as a libra woman but I still find it hard knowing what the virgo man wants. what is he thinking? my bff who’s also a libra woman like me had the same thing to say and she’s totally sworn off virgo men. no matter what i do he always find something wrong and worse names! its hard being with someone so negative. did anyone else have the same experience because I am still in the beginning and want to know more?

  11. Hi I just met my Virgo man and all the things I read including some of the comments pretty damn true and I don’t doubt because I’m a Libra woman.;

  12. Judy ColemanApril 5, 2015 at 3:54 am

    *sighs* I’m a libra woman who has deep feelings for a virgo man. He’s seven years younger but me being older wasn’t a problem for him. We worked together so that’s how I met him. I really don’t remember when I started to fall for him…..but I did! We went out a few times; we never officially dated. Almost a entire year goes by and we only hugged one another. So finally around my birthday, we hung out and went back to his place…..for a “movie”! That was one great flick…….ok two, but the point I’m making is the sex was guud!!! We continued seeing each other; we would work together and then get together afterwards. I was seeing him and only him at the time.He would tell me about how he was attracted to me and how i was special to him.They say when something seems too good to be true it usually is! One day the calls/texts began to decrease, as did us being alone together. So I finally find out that he was seeing another woman as well. He stated that he wanted to be with her……..and told me he wanted us to remain friends! Yeah, my feelings were hurt because, I’m ashamed to say this, I was sleeping with him bareback, THE WHOLE TIME!! So yeah I feel like I was just a FWB. So I still have to work with this dude, but I get male attention all the time from coworkers. So I was talking to one of them, the virgo man got jealous!! He became irritable and angry all of the sudden. I couldn’t understand his behavior, given what I now know!! It seems like he want to have his cake and eat it too without consequence! If he doesn’t like me that way anymore, why is he getting jealous, why does he stalk my social page, why can’t I just forget about him?! Smh

  13. I always doubted relationship’s because I got hurt too much and I could handle it . I was about to give up and a virgo man came into my life made me so happy that I think Ive fallen in love with him or is it just infatuation . I don’t know . We used to talk so much last year this year he doesn’t even speak to me. I feel so disappointed in my self but I really like him . I should move on which isn’t working . I haven’t told him about my feelings.Help ! what should I do

  14. This combination is accurate and works. Virgo man has a great sense of vision and as a Libra woman I enjoy seeing it and making it manifest. The synergistic relationship is the basis and just right for the extraordinary improvements that both want in terms of family goals, community and betterment in general. Having said that I’m always aware when he works very, very hard to accomplish everything for the family. I am okay with whatever is possible since the essence is already there. We are now focused on working steadily on the foundation already built to achieve significant heights.

  15. Libraaa :
    Hey!! Can someone tell me just how to deal with a Virgo man? What are the tricks to get the ball back in your court after an argument? Do you ignore him? Be his friend?! I’m curious, btw his bday is on Sept 22, so he is on the cusps of Virgo/Libra-thanks if you can help:)!! May peace be unto all!

    Be honest, and sincerely express your true feelings…he already knows the truth, he just wants to hear it from youType your comment here

  16. 10/10???? Please! Virgos are awful! They’re sooo critical and full of self-pity. A total bummer for a light, airy, charming Libra girl. Virgo is my least favorite sign next to Scorpio. Unless you have some compatible earth or water heavily influencing your chart (moon or rising), forget it–you’ll feel bummed out all the time. I’d give this maybe a 4/10.

  17. Im a virgo man (sept 7), 43 years old who has been seeing my 37yr old libra girlfriend for 4 months now. She is the best thing I have ever seen…The sex is awesome, and the romance in unbelievable. I never thought I’d find someone who could challenge me so much. She won’t take my crap, I like that…I respect her. I consider myself a true virgo, and I have to say that we are very misunderstood…Yes we can be very picky, but only about things that we have a special certain interest in…my work for me. My libra woman is way more anal about her house than I am…We love to cook together, and cuddle on the couch…She has a wicked sarcastic sense of humor that I love…And she is learning to understand that I’m not much for small talk…I’ve had long term relationships with aquarious, cancer, and leo women…wish I would have known earlier how great a match libra is for me…almost any source says it is a bad combo…couldn’t be more wrong, I’ve never felt so fulfilled…

  18. I’m a female libra and I am currently dating, ummmm, lemme see……there’s C, D, B, and….I know I’m forgetting someone….W, oh, and J..can’t forget R… altogether thats 6 (that pertain to this article. I won’t even get into the Aquarius, Leo, or The 2 Scorpios), who are all virgo males. In comparison to my other romantic entanglements, these males certainly seem to attract me the most and vice versa. The only drawback I can see is that I have 6 and there are only 7 days in a week. Plus…I got the other guys. I’m gonna need to work out a schedule. I should do that right now instead of reading this.

  19. Here’s a suggestion on how to survive an argument or dispute with male Virgo:
    First of all, most likely, he will not apologize! Don’t expect it.

    Second, they are very smart and observant, so they already know things about you that you haven’t told them, mainly personality wise. So keep in mind that our scale is constantly teetering as issues are weighed, and try to maintain a certain degree of balance in yourself.

    Third, appreciate him! He most likely will not let it be known how much he is thinking about you, but, a real Virgo MAN, has integrity, and consideration, and class… He may seem self centered, but he is more likely relationship centered.
    He does not like selfish, “I’m too good for any man” type of women. He will drop you so quick, you won’t know what happened!
    Try to Remember that when it seems like he’s being controlling or bossy, it’s not for him, it’s for you both as a whole.
    I hope this helps…

  20. My man is a Virgo, and I’m a Libra… Anyway, to me, how someone dresses isnt the most important thing to me, as long as his clothes aren’t filthy dirty or ripped. I wish all the astrological book/blog writers would quit making Libra’s seem so superficial. However, I love romance, consideration, and feeling important to my man. I have to KNOW that I am his world…

  21. I am a Libra woman, musician. About a year ago, I met a young, very talented, Virgo musician whom man, i was instantly attracted to, but avoided because I knew he was quite younger. He worked to get my attention all night, after finally letting my eyes meet his, I said simply “hello” and kept it moving. About 4 months later, i joined a new band. a month after that, our drummer quit and guess who was the replacement??? Yes, Mr. “Young”ington. I tried to have minimal conversation, contact, etc., with Mr. Younginton, but the attraction was just too strong. We are hanging out a bit more, somewhat at the beginning stages of dating, but not official a.k.a. the awkward ‘okay i know we are attracted to each other, but who is going to make a real move’ phase. He is very much a VIRGO, but I consider myself to be a not only a emotionally settled Libra, but also a wider understanding person. Already in these early stages, I find the more freedom I give him, the more eager he is to see me. and when we see each other, we are total magnets.

  22. Robbie :

    Virgo men need space – he’s proboably trying to figure out the best thing to do with regard to his ex and you and in the absence of a decision, he’s doing nothing. If you are there for him, just let him know and then leave him alone to work out what’s in his mind.
    He’ll be looking for the best way to hurt people the least.
    Guess you just have to wait…….

    Heyyya Virgo man….what is your suggestion, if a Virgo man has backed off after an argument and just wants to be friends? He was so loving before the argument. Now he has done a complete 360 and has broken up with me….odd?

  23. Hey!! Can someone tell me just how to deal with a Virgo man? What are the tricks to get the ball back in your court after an argument? Do you ignore him? Be his friend?! I’m curious, btw his bday is on Sept 22, so he is on the cusps of Virgo/Libra-thanks if you can help:)!! May peace be unto all!

  24. I’m a libra female, who was dating a virgo man long distance. We knew each other from college…ummm what can I say…confused! We are no longer together. It was short lived. In 6 months long distance, I met his whole family and him mine. Got into a couple of disputes over a weekend and he dumped me! He would not talk to me for a month.We just started back talking and he feels that he only wants to be friends because he thinks that we will get into again. I’m ignoring him as I’m writing this because to me, a couple of arguments should not break a situation-plus I’ve been the one always compromising first! I don’t know what to do!! I’m pretty much tired of trying to make it work:( Any suggestions??! Well, good luck to all!

  25. I think this isn’t a good combination. I’ve always known Virgo’s to stretch the truth, Be Very Self-Centered Or try to make their lives seem as though every thing is always Great. & I don’t think these are characteristics a Libra could relate to or Respect.

  26. As a libra woman I can say that dating a Virgo male has it’s ups and downs. I’m very much in love with him and he is very much in love with me. However Virgo men can be critical and needy compassionate and irritable all in the same week.! This type of behavior can throw libra women off balance and we seek balance in everything! So dealing with Virgo men takes a strong affectionate indecisive libra woman to maintain these Virgo men. Virgo men are perfectionist no doubt about it. If you can get past that sharp tongue they have it’s bliss!

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