Virgo Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

Famous Virgo-Pisces Couples: Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford, Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks

Virgo man and Pisces woman is one of the most challenging combinations in the zodiac.  The attraction can be very strong, but for all the wrong reasons.  As you know, the Virgo-Pisces Axis has to do with mental health and pycho-soma (mind-body) connections.  Further, Virgo is the sign that is associated with order and correctness while Pisces is associated with chaos and Dionysian frenzy of the emotions.  Lastly, there is a tendency in young marriages for men to project all of their emotional issues on to the woman they choose.  Virgo is actually defending against chaos which means he is vulnerable to emotional upset and disorders because nowhere in life is there order except that which is imposed.  Pisces lives in a world of natural chaos and is typically happy there, but if and when a Virgo man who is uptight or one-dimensional (a common characteristic) chooses a Pisces women because she is somewhat out-of-control and drifting in a sea of emotion, they can polarize badly.  A common archetype would be Socrates and his wife Xantippe.  The more rational and logical Socrates became, or tried to become, the crazier and wilder Xantippe became, until she became the epitome of the shrieking, hysterical woman.  Not every Virgo man and Pisces woman will play this out but the name of the game can be “Who’s Got the Mental Illness?”

How to Attract a Pisces Woman as a Virgo Man: Offer to fix everything you notice is wrong — her car, her budget, her job, her relationship with her mother.  Be a little bit remote but gentlemanly.  Show your natural kindness.  Be very, very, very patient when she is late, loses her way, loses her car keys, doesn’t remember where she parked her car, forgets what day of the week it is … you get my drift.  In return, this lovely lady will be the epitome of romance.  Just handle her tenderly.

How to Attract a Virgo Man as a Pisces Woman:  Well for one thing you can be as helpless and hopeless as you really are.  It also helps to have a desperate problem — even a life-threatening one — such as a fatal illness.  Think of the opera La Boheme.  Of course I’m exaggerating to make a point.  The Virgo man will make you think that he wants everything to be perfect but what he really wants is something he can fix. He is gallant and old-fashioned and romantic to the core.  Play your cards accordingly.    Virgos do have a thing about chastity; mostly their own, so of course they’re attracted to people who don’t have any.  Liz Greene pegged it — “reforming the whore” — so you might want to consider assuming this vice if you have it not.  Really, Pisces, we all know that you’re in love with everybody and in this relationship it works to be yourself.

Degree of Romance: There is a great deal of romance here but it’s hard to keep it on the up-and-up.  For example, it is romantic to yearn for someone impossible to have.  It is romantic to want to heal someone who is desperately ill.  It is romantic to benefact someone whose life has spiraled out-of-control.  But this is perhaps not the best use of the energy.  I recommend that the couple in this combination try very hard to always take off their rose-colored glasses and see what is really going on … under the guise of romance.

Degree of Passion: This relationship can get really out of control, which might look like passion, but is more like a Night on Bald Mountain.  Many a Wagnerian opera comes to mind.  At the end of a Verdi there may be bodies all over, but that’s a whole lot better than souls.

Degree of Friendship:  Friendship?  Spending a day with these two is like going to Whitecastle with  Harold and Kumar.  They may be friends because they are the only people who can understand each other.  Weirdness abounds.

Degree of Marriage:  Well, opposites attract.  If they do marry, Pisces will be able to be a clinging vine to a resolute Virgo who helps her with everything.  I’m not sure this healthy.

Progression of Relationship:  It gets worse.  Like evolution, this begins at the bottom of the sea and then something washes up on the shore, but really … should fish grow legs?

Sex: Think about it.

When It’s Over:  This is one of the hardest relationships there is to disentangle.  There will be endless charges and discharges, both people playing victim, both focusing on all the wrong issues, both procrastinators, deniers, and avoiders.  The unwinding of the relationship will probably last longer than the relationship itself, but oh the agony and the ecstary.

Our Rating:    f~g <> f-g = o(g)

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94 Responses to Virgo Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

  • Dmitri31 says:

    Not again…dear god no for sure. I barely left with my virgo sanity intact.

  • Amber says:

    That is my virgo and I to a T! we are literally complete opposites. My bday and his are mirrors 3/19-9/13

  • Lateesha says:

    yeah…something like that smh.

  • autumn says:

    im a pisces girl and im with a virgo guy. first PERSON (not just guy) i’ve ever met and spent almost every single day together since the first day we met. something was definitely different when he asked me if he could take me out after just one night. we certainly clicked. at first we had no problems just wanted to please each other and i was under the imnpression it’d always be that way. now we live together just after a couple months and its great. i love coming home to him and same for him. the only downfall is as ive read and it is true his practicality and my nonchalant attitude towards things. he often doesnt show emotion although i know how hes feeling. i sometimes have to pry it out of him and he doesnt like that. but im not going to ignore him if i think something is wrong. what helps more than anything is when we talk about something and figure out whats wrong and both offer solutions. it may not always work but in the end we are so in love with each other and so passionate we overcome any problem that comes our way. we have a mutual everlasting love for one another. we are pretty young but were not stupid or ignornant. its fun and wonderful having him in my life. sometimes challenging but worth it!

  • Aditya says:

    What does an asymptotic rating denote here ?

  • VirgoNY says:

    iam a virgo dude from ny and i live with my pisces girlfriend and her family for the last 3 years we have 5 year son and it hell we have been together off and on mostly on for 8 years i met her in high school we were in love crazy and im not gonna lie i type dogged her but for most part i justifbly did what i did and it came out that she cheated!!so now i dont trust her she lies all the time shes secertive she acts like she always has something to hide ,and i kno my worth and what i can acheive in life and im trying my hardest in the sitution the only reason why i live with her is because she wouldnt move to houston with me so being the best father that i want to be so i moved in with her and her family ,we argue all the time either about trust or secerts she always trys to be my mother and i hate that Sh*t iam a grown she babys my son crazy i really dont have any say so untill get irritated and take charge im gonna take responsibilty and say that i do get out of control and scream at her and say hurtful stuff but she drives it outta me iam in no way shape or form a violent person but i dont like to be played with and she try’s me all the time and sex is another story we started off having sex everyday now she has no sex drive and i know its not my appearance i am a good looking handsome guy i have to bring it up and make the 1st attemp to have sex and im tried of putting my pride on line when she not intrested and its hard for me to undertsand why she has no sex drive when she cheated and had sex with the next man ?? idk but anyways i always had the option of movin back to htown and its been three years and its kind of getting worse ..i kno in my heart i love her and she loves me but she doesnt show it anymore we hardly talk we act like a old senior citizen couple ….i want it to work ,i have no problem with being faithful and being a good husband she not getting the big picture …i have a screwed up sitiution and i need help iam kind of depressed because of this realatonship i love her and i want it to work

  • Virgoman says:

    I live with two friends who is a virgo and a pisces we are all males that live together and we have been friends since childhood. I get along very well with my virgo roommate we think EXACTLY alike. My pisces friend pisses the living shit out of me!! He always leaves dishes in the sink instead of the dishwasher..Every time he goes grocery shopping he just shoves everything in the godamn fridge without even trying to organize and worst of all he doesn’t clean the house as much as me and the other virgo I live with. Every time he cooks he never cleans up after himself. I’m starting to feel like I’m living with a dog. I want to say something but I don’t want to be an asshole about it and I don’t want to create a confrontation. Please Help!

  • The Virgonian says:

    I actually tried to date a pisces a while back and it was a bit of a train wreck. But what you have to say is pretty true. She was a mess, and so I tried to fix. I’m not quite sure what all happened to cause us to date, but yeah. Seriously. What. The. Hell.
    I really enjoyed this article! Very funny!

  • Prettygirl718 says:

    I was currently dating a virgo, we are now in the process of a break, due to the fact I am away at college and he is home. The feeling we once had was cosmic/ great, when we were together. The sex, laughs, everything was perfect, soon it all changed, we spent less and less time together. And he soon stopped
    calling and texn me alltogether very cold, he then blamed this on the distance and his busy scedule, and on the fact that he is trying to accomplish his goals. He claims he cant do long distance and it will be better when I move back home. This my heart could not understand, but slowly my mind allowed my heart to. Im a very beautiful smart girl, and I have men throwing there selves at me daily, Ive had other handsome men as bfs, and even thought it was love. But when I met my virgo not the sexiest the tallest, nothing to many of my girlfriends. But to me omg he melted my heart, it wasnt money or looks, or his body that first attracted me it was his oso calm, cool ,confident swag that grabbed me, but yet sweet and manly everything I ever wanted in a man. I truely believe I found the man I want to marry total a mess, hes order, im out going, hes mellow. Hes the perfect guy for me. So when he graduated and moved back to ny, I couldnt understand why all of his love for me stopped, and I knew for a fact he loved me. He fell back out of nowhere, which made me call and tex him even more, until one day I realized I always started the convo, either through text or orally. I snapped out of it and I refused to hit him up, and slowly he started calling and texn more, but now it stopd all together smh. I love him with all my heart but I refuse to beg a man to love me, and I told him this, he acts as if im crazy and that he hasnt been ignoring me. I tell my virgo that ” I will find another guy who will care, and he says to me “you can get any man you want, I know this, but ypu will never have what we have so I know you will never leave,and we will be married and stay together forever”. Im hurting because I think hes right our chemistry is to strong and so beautiful. But we havent talked in almost two weeks, and when we tex its short. Mabe he needs his space?,idk mabe it wasnt love and he just was witb me for my looks, it just felt so real, like he was my soulmate,:(..but owell acuna matada..i have to much pride and im only 23, I have the rest of my life to find love, but I am really hoping and praying it is him, he seems to me that he could be a wonderful husband and father, and hes so respectful, expecially to women and he treats his mother like gold, I smile thinking about this virgo even tho he bothers the hell out of me, I can take it I guess, but for now im focusing all my energy back into myself, dating finishing up school, and enjoying my life. when he finally realizes im gone, and wants me back he wont get the sweet, so inlove willing to give him everything pisces, I now have my guard up, and it wont be so easy this time.

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  • Sweetsensi says:

    Wow! I’m Pisces girl with my Virgo man of 7 years! Lol and I’m the insane one! But at least my man lives me and we are just at the point where it’s a joke and it’s helps with the arguments. We work perfectly together in a hot twisted sexy way. Bonnie and Clyde <3

  • Sophie says:

    I am a Pisces woman and I’m with a Virgo man,we started off as good friends through a mutual friend, until he told me how he felt about me,he told me everything I wanted to hear,he is my first serious boyfriend now…Everything was good up until a few days ago when I realized he was really insensitive,he doesn’t like showing affection in public,and he tends to be harsh with his words even when he doesn’t realize he is. He has moments when he can be really sweet,but then again they’re very brief moments. It may even be the fact that I’m too sensitive but I cant help it its in my nature. I considered breaking things off,but then I realize how much I do care for him.

  • Vallerie says:

    Prettygirl318. Dearest Pisces Woman, I’m am dreadfully sorry about your relationship. I currently really like this virgo male, and I know that we are complete opposites. I thought it was because I was in love with a Virgo man before. Them, being manly, caring at times, strong, full of wisdom, that swag that always gets to me like a body sized magnet, the coolness, and how they seem to walk with such calmingness and control. Although, its not so much that because they’re a train wreck too trying to make everything perfect. Their minds are constantly thinking, they can wear themselves out by just laying there! And when I read your story it tears my heart apart because it it is something else, something stronger. your story seems so similar to mine with my first Love and how it went down the shit whole! I realized how I was always putting everything into the relationship! EVERYTHING! I always called or texted first, and later the conversations got so dull and short/boring, and believe me when i say i don’t get bored easly. I honestley don’t want things to end terribly with this second man, I’m scared to be hurt again. Maybe I should stop living in a fantasy world thinking that I’m the exception not the rule! Because its never going to happen. I have to stop thinking that i’m not going to make it end like all the other shitty one’s on this page and other pages! I have to stop having that 1 % that just sits there and gives me hope for me. Virgo’s are Virgo’s. Perfectionist bastards. And we Pisces are chaos! I sometimes can’t stand myself because i drive myself crazy of how messed up I am. Jupitor, the planet of luck, its in our sign. We just bring the bad luck to ourselves with the decisions we make and how we keep picking at it and picking at it until we get in so deep its impossible to get out! . But I do hope you two find happiness.
    I like to think about it like the story The Notebook, its kinda different but it seems that they faught all the time, 99% of the time but they still loved each other. I believe he loves you and you love him from what you shared. Its always going to be the Pisces who has to put the most into the relationship with a Pisces-Virgo relationship. We’re going to have to learn not to be so sensitive, although its really hard because its our Nature to be overly sensitive!! I’m guessing that love comes with a consequence, struggling to keep both happy. But I believe in true love, when it really is love, anything can happen with effort. Yeah, it sucks too cause we’re also very prideful, but its from this world we live in, its discusting to think what it does to us. But Just think of later on in another life how happy you two will be without pride and the world! Don’t give up! If he wanted to leave you, he could’ve done it a loooong time ago.
    I just hope you and I can find that one person.

  • shelly2fish says:

    This article rings very true for my relationship. ive been with my Virgo man 10 years. Since i was 17 years old. My highschool sweetheart, we were from 2 different worlds. I grew up in the affluent suburbs of Westchester County NY, he was from Flatbush Brooklyn. Soo cool, confident, and strong. My parents and grandparents adored him. He has class and taste that could rival 007. 10 years later were married and we have a beautiful baby boy. My little scorpio clone of him. Our differences have only made us stronger. I can rely on him to take care of the afffairs im not really comfortable doing. Hes my big handsome firm tree, and I’m his adoring wife. This union can work. it just takes a little bit of work but its well worth the rewards. As a pisces i really had to stop being so sensitive, and he had to learn not to be soo critical and judgemental. Ive allowed some of his better traits to rub off on me. I’m more responsible than before, im more organized. Hes a bit more daring and creative than he was before. I even got him to try new foods. ( a big acomplishment in my book) my advise is dont give up on this union. work on it.

  • Margarita says:

    Wow!! It’s GREAT to know pieces and virgos can work…I’m the crazed loved dead sexy Pieces he’s the ooh sooo calm collective swave of a virgo…life’s been rough in all aspects…i gues what i’m learning is nmw sign we are we still need to work to get what we want to get…i have faith in God first to trust God knows what is doing when we don’t and appreciate the blesseings of the children we have together…to virgoNY i feel for you i really do as a pieces i am very loyal however that comes with age and experience..hang in there especially when your gift is a child the first human thing to do is become selfish however, your child deserves to be happy…i’m proud we stick with it…stay the course and stay in the game:) Peace

  • nes says:

    This is awesome. It really shows how us virgos are. I’m a Virgo man and would love to meet a pieces woman.

  • hello says:

    I’m a virgo girl and i hardly get to see my picese guy since hes moved but we still love each other we’ve been dating for three years

  • May says:

    Found this article after learning of a classmate/crush’s birthdate aug 24. And as a Virgo, what really attracted me was his confidence and humble way of working, talking. What’s surprising is, he’s not physically my type of guy. But his Virgo characteristics attracted my chaotic Pisces mind. It’s crazy but we see each other everyday for the last 3 years as we take the same transport (bus) but I’m nt sure on how to approach him. He’s such a reserved person though which makes the approaching part difficult. And I’m not the greatest flirt,, haha! But I’m glad to know that there’s hope for a Virgo-Pisces r/s!
    I’m going to make the first move then.

  • suzanne says:

    go ahead…… gud luck :)

  • mici says:

    Im a 19 and Pisces girl..I first noticed a tall,very handsome,beautiful smile,dark hair and brown eyed virgo man back in 2003,who eventually became a family friend.Hes 10 years older than me,but ever since i met him back in 2003 i can’t get him out of my head. I know thats a big age difference,but that doesn’t bother me,for me age is just a number.Its crazy to have spent all those years thinking about that one person and you can’t do anything about it. I tried everything to stop thinking about him, like literally going overseas for a holiday and hoping to fall in love with someone,and i did,but i broke it off because i just can’t stop thinking about the virgo man. When i go out,hes there,looking at me,smiling. He only approached me once but he had to drink to do that because hes too shy and im shy too. I don’t know what to do,its driving me crazy. I love everything about him. I even have dreams about him. Can someone please help me? What should i do?

  • says:

    Hello Guys,

    I am a Pisces girl, who had the opportunity to marry a Virgo man and missed it up. We dated for 2 years and I cheated, cut a very long story short……………………… his back! I have had a child and now I feel so guilty. He says he loves me and that he has made a mistake, as he got married to somebody else after we broke up. He claims that she was the rebound and I was the really thing. Now I don’t know what to do. It seems that I have to make the first contact all the time and I don’t have the drive or energy to pull this thro. I know he loves me and he says it, but he has a very funny way of showing it. Secondly the WIFE issue is a great turn off, don’t get me wrong I have also made my mistakes in a bad marriage, but I left immediately, when you ask him regarding this issue he has nothing concrete to give me. Anyway regardless of whether these hope or not in a Virgo and Pisces relationship, I have had my hart broken and I am not ready to see that happen again. So from me to myself I sign out and Wait for true love that I don’t have to run after.

  • Joe says:

    Im a Virgo man who seriously dated a Pisces woman for almost two years before it went down like an airplane on fire with no working engines. Why? Well because it was just way more work than what it was worth. There was never a day that didn’t require us to work out some type of problem or misscommunication. We both put our hearts and souls into it but it just wasn’t ment to be. We both just got tired. We still talk from time to time and have been in other relationships since but the crazy part was that little did we know that how deeply we just got each other. I understood her so well and she understood me like no one has. We had some awesome energy/chemistry between us but it just wasn’t ment to be. So understand that this pairing can work but it’s going to take a lot of work and a lot the patients of a saint guys.

  • yuri says:

    I’m a Pisces Woman and I’m dating a Virgo for about 2 1/2 and is being so wonderful.
    Virgo man is not as cold as you they say every where. He so caring and romantic on his own way.He does talks about kids and getting marriage. Pisces we love to talk about our feelings our emotions Virgo man in the other hand he like to stay quiet and don’t talk about any emotions.
    Virgo seen to be cold at times, but in reality they are very sensitive and they have a soft heart. Virgo never forgets dates ,time and special events. He is very loving and Romantic <3 He will always bring you flowers and cards when you don't even expected. Pisces (me ) love this about ( my )Virgo ..Virgo man like to plan dates. Virgo s are hard workers and very Intellectual and that get Pisces crazy about theme….

  • Liz says:

    I feel like this post is so biased and one sided

  • mark says:

    I am a virgo male was dating a pisces woman for about 4 years ,during initial startup of the relation there’s fireworks and strong electromagnetic bond,tho I wished it would have stayed that way,my pisces girl was a mess and didn’t have a NO in her books,pisces love everybody ,but to cut it short she cheated 3 times I left wen I found out the 3rd time.everytym we argued she would swim to more secure waters (another guy),being a male virgo I was so. Forgiving and patient about her,shouldn’t have.picses prefer being chaotic and it drives virgo insane which will end up in harsh words,which will again drive pisces to flirt and sort of get even,from one virgo male to others,try a scorpio or other its better that way,for this combination in time is deprived of hapiness

  • Carrie says:

    Im a pisces woman and i dated a virgo man for almost a year and a half. things in the beginning were perfect. He was my first real relationship. we met junior year of high school Ya it was a high school relationship but for the longest time i thought it was gonna actually last. Towards the last few months of the relationship he began to be more distant, wanted to be more like his friends and stop talking to me and i got to the point where i had to force answers just to get him to talk to me and what he was all feeling. If we didnt just graduate out of high school we could have probly made it work. pisces and virgo relationships are a lot of work and sometimes they are worth it. for me it got to the point i was better off with out him than with him.

  • asavirgo says:

    Hey everyone, im Brandon a Virgo. Im falling in love with a pisces woman! Only problem is she’s my best friend, she flirts quite a bit and everyone thinks were together because of the way she is around me. She asked me to move to WV with her. I know she feels the same but how do I catch my fish without her swimming away? I need help I have to win her heart

  • kiera says:

    Ima pisces women and I’m not dating but I currently involved with a virgo male…he’s so mysterious to me wich is unusual because I’m very good on picking up on feelings and vibes in people. We went to school togethir nd I always thought his layed back demeanor was attractive but now that where grown I find him cocky nd to be a huge ass face wich for whatever reason turns me on…I love how take charge he is…idk I’m woundering though if I should cut ties whil there’s not really ne strong feelings or

  • kiera says:

    Ima pisces women and I’m not dating but I currently involved with a virgo male…he’s so mysterious to me wich is unusual because I’m very good on picking up on feelings and vibes in people. We went to school togethir nd I always thought his layed back demeanor was attractive but now that where grown I find him cocky nd to be a huge ass face wich for whatever reason turns me on…I love how take charge he is…idk I’m woundering though if I should cut ties while there’s not really ne strong feelings or keeping riding his waves and see where this goes please help me decide….

  • naomi says:

    what exactly does the asymptote rating mean? lol, i didn’t make it very far in my college math classes :P someone pleasee tell me!

  • zes says:

    Think it means it will be one hell of a rollercoaster ride :-)

  • Romina says:

    I don’t appreciate the low blows towards Pisces.

  • Teresa says:

    Couldn’t be more accurate. I’ve dated my fair share of Virgo men. Actually, most of my relationships were with Virgos (save for an Aries and a libra who I am dating now). I didn’t learn the first couple of times but my last Virgo destroyed me. I left with a shell of myself. “Shrieking hysterical woman” is what I was with him.

    If you can. STAY AWAY. I know, trust me, it’s tempting. But it’s all wrong. All of it. Once you get in it’s hard to get out. And you’ll need to get out.

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  • Virguallyfedup says:

    I really don’t agree with the bad intentions said to Pisces. I am a pisces woman and my virgo ex was really such a perfectionist and a jealous one too and a complete mix of contradictions. I used to keep a distance from his friend and best buddy all the years even though he was my neighbor – acutallly my neighbors neighbor. my ex and he used to hang out a lot and my ex, then he was my bf knew that I had a big ladder at home. One day this dude stops by asking for the ladder to repair his roof and I lent it to him. you wont believe how furious my bf became! I thought he was sent by my bf. I relay didn’t chat or flirt with him but it just didn’t help. I became a b…h overnight (my bf was a nice friendly guy and I really loved him at the time). it was hard but he finally believed me when I told him that it was not an excuse to flirt with him . gosh virgo men can be really nitpicking and childish at times. I think his friend should go get a ladder himself next time and with all that’s going on in my life im getting myself an easygoing Pisces this time around. enough of virgos for me!!


  • jenny says:

    sorry but no….i m so idiot n dump na :(

  • jenny says:

    ah sorry not dump its dumb :( , stupid, jerk, moron, bitch………..and more, forenamed by a genius

  • More Aon says:

    i tot u died in the last battle with the alien. but today the extent to which kids go to get a six-pack is bizarre. i totally agree wid tyis. i’m a quiet guy like walking golf and going 2 the pub. posted in wage and hour and executive compensation. as we previously posted, last new york amended.

  • TYIS says:


  • Egregious says:

    now ralph sasson has finally struck out; a judge on last wednesday dismissed his case with prejudice as a sanction for the egre.

  • at sea says:

    i am off balanced now days, sorry :(

  • Mr. Virgo says:


    Virgo man in his early 30′s here, I’m with Pisces woman in her 20′s.

    There are somewhat information that are accurate and some a little bit badly explained which tends to make it sound pessimistic.

    I’m with her since nearly 6 months.

    Our relationship is very special as we got to know each other from a dating site at first.

    We did take the time to talk a lot before to meet up (as much as we’re together now).

    You’re right about the fact that Virgo men are somewhat prude but Pisces women know how to deal with that, I can tell for a fact as I’m still surprising myself to do some things I wouldn’t believe to feel comfortable to do and now it’s like I can’t imagine not doing any more ha ha ! ;)

    At our first encounter, we literally clicked and it’s something that it’s completely unusual for me but I guess the fact we did talk for a while before we met up did make us more at our ease to express our strong attraction to each other. I did come visit her as many times as I can without worrying about my expenses cause love is priceless and there is nothing more beautiful than love itself :)

    I truly love her and to be entirely honest, I don’t know if there would be a more stronger way to prove it as I did leave literally everything for her. I left my country, I left a very nice job, I also left good friends. To resume I left a “very comfortable” and “stable” situation for her and I wasn’t and I’m not expecting anything in return. I simply wanted to be with her because I love her so much.

    We did move in together recently. It was tough like everybody when move in. It was a bit tougher for me and I did apologize plenty of times to her because of all the changes I had to handle at the same time (leaving the country, moving all my stuff, looking for a new job, assuming lots of important expenses for our flat, etc …). I was like you did mention on the article close to be over killed and during that time I wasn’t really myself and a total different person but we did survive both of us to this situation which now is getting better and better over the time. Slowly but surely and I have to say it’s definitely worth it cause we love each other so much.

    Virgo men possessive ? Not really. Jealous ? Probably a little bit. We’re also not conformist. I’m wondering who did ever say that in the first place.

    Stability ? Well, the common sense tells in relationship context that we care a lot about loyalty. No loyalty = No relationship. It can’t be more clear. It doesn’t mean we’re clingy or trying to control anything.

    Otherwise and besides that, Virgo men are totally opened to new things and are very adventurous. I don’t get it why everybody put a sticker to us like we like monotony which is entirely false, we crave of knowledge, we crave of experience so how could we enjoy monotonous situations for long ? Not possible, please drop your astrology piece of paper to the bin. It just sounds like brainwashing :D

    Also not to forget that Astrology is obviously not a perfect science (which one is ?) and must never been taken seriously. If we were really ruled by the stars and completely under control from them about how we behave, how we live, how we’re mentally built up, life would have been boring as hell for ages and not worth living it ;)

    With time comes evolution. Things change, everybody change. What was true yesterday may be false tomorrow and vice versa. What is true with a Virgo/Pisces may be wrong with other Virgo/Pisces and vice versa.

    Best of luck to everyone and lots of love and happiness :)

  • PiscesDiva29 says:

    Not trying to sound like what you consider a typical overly sensitve pisces woman but I really can’t agree with your compatibility on some of these pages. You make pisces women seem weak, helpless and extremely dim witted. Now I can’t speak for all pisces women, but most of us aren’t like that at all.

    Maybe because my birhday is close to aries (March 18), but I’m way more type A and independent than how you describe us.
    Did a pisces woman screw you over in the past or something? We’re compassionate, strong and highly seductive women. Every pisces woman I’ve met is feminine as all get out, and we typically pick men we can control a little.
    I’ve been with a virgo man (aug 23) for about a year. I’m divorced from an aries man, and my other relationships were with taurus and Capricorn men. Being with this virgo is the only time I’ve ever felt a soulmmate connection. With that being said, it’s not easy at all keeping it working lol. He’s definitely a perfectionist bordering on being a control freak. And I’m the same surprisingly. Our biggest problem is that we are both extremely insecure. That’s what no one tells you about virgo men. They want everything to go their way, and when things are working how they planned them to, the insecurities start popping out. All it takes is patience and communication and this is a great match.

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