Virgo Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

Famous Virgo-Sagittarius Couples:  Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox; Jimmy Connors and Chris Evert

There are two kinds of bachelors in this world: neat and sloppy.  When they meet as a couple it is bound to produce friction.  Virgo will be fascinated at first as he runs a merry chase to keep up with Sagittarius, but when she leaves her underwear strewn across the bathroom and scrapes his bumper on the way out of the driveway for the second time, the romance dims.  This is hilarious to the bystander but to the Virgo it can be excruciating as his neat little world gets tromped across with hiking boots.  Essentially this is friendship energy, not romance, and friends don’t have to live with one another.

How to Attract a Virgo Man as a Sagittarius Woman:  You’ll have to shrink yourself down to get into his world for awhile.   Did he boil up his 2-minute egg just right this morning?  (Ask him how he does it without an egg timer.)  Is it exactly time to get the dog groomed?  Isn’t it great he could get a new pair of heels put on his favorite shoes?  (Five years is not long enough for a good relationship with a pair of shoes.)   Naturally this will be difficult to maintain so it’s best to continue your full plate of other activities and “friendships” while he parses his way to the verb in the sentence.

How to Attract a Sagittarius Woman as a Virgo Man:  It’s easy to attract a Sagittarius, but hard to keep them.  You will attract your Sagittarius to you by your gregariousness, your ease with chit chat, and your seemingly casual approach to relationships.  She might even be roped in by your “shy” act because it brings out the exhibitionist in her.  The quandary becomes how to stay interesting enough to keep her from jumping the fence permanently.  The secret is to use your famous integrity to show her that you don’t ever need her and would never tie her down.

Degree of Romance:  These two signs are bachelor signs for monks or contemplatives.  The energy is best suited toward exploring the world together from a philosophical or religious perspective. Both people are very interested in the world around them, open to a large number of other people as friends, and in constant need of mental stimulation.  This orientation precludes even the desire to make one person special above all others.  I think St. Francis Assisi who said “brother sun, sister moon” was in a Virgo Sagittarius relationship with his sister.

Degree of Passion:  Virgo may be able to borrow some of Sagittarius’ passion for life, but notice the passion is for life, not for you, which will suit you just fine since you like to stay cool as a cucumber.  For someone with your refinement, passion is an excess and therefore wasteful.  You are more comfortable supplying the appropriate degree of pressure and energy in any given situation, and you are wise enough to know that passion does not lead to stable growth between two people.  You can be counted on to maintain the relationship by the daily acts of devotion for which you are so famous.  They will be utterly lost on your Sagittarian partner, but you know what you are doing.

Degree of Friendship:  This is a fantastic combination for friendship.  Each of you loves to talk as long as it doesn’t involve feelings, so you may have found the raconteur in each other.  There is such pleasure in this type of friendship that the sun may come up on many a conversation that threads a beautiful tapestry of understanding.

Degree of Marriage:  Neither sign is particularly inclined to marriage and doesn’t bring it out in the other.  It would have to be some external catalyst or some emphasis somewhere else in the chart to produce a marriage with this combination of sun signs.  As a friendship with privileges, however, it would go on and on and on.  Neither sign recognizes the need for closure.

Progression of Relationship:  Fits and starts. The clown in Sagittarius comes out when being pursued by a Virgo.  There will be laughter, pratt falls, false starts, missed opportunities, and other occasions for hilarity.  Each of your brings out the sense of humor in the other.  So it will be messy but a lot of fun.

Sex:  Neither sign is particularly noted for interesting sex of the conventional sort.  The attraction is more likely to be based on fascination with each other and the world around you.  My phrase to honor you together would be traveling companions.

When It’s Over:  Each of you will avoid this kind of closure, as well, preferring to leave things open ended by nature.  It is not likely that you will accrue many possessions and the emotional depth that promotes vindictiveness is absent.  The best ending would be these four words: hail fellow well met.

Our Rating:  7/10

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53 Responses to Virgo Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

  • Sag says:

    @Mature Virgo male this seems a true comment from a true virgo.
    I see there are 2 or 3 comment from virgo man, and all the left are from sag woman, and it’s sometimes painted too pink.
    I do not intentionally rude but I’m doubt that the only comment which say this is a good relation, is written from a virgo man but in fact it’s written from a sag woman.
    In my perception, this is not a strange thing. I once know a Sag woman sent an email to herself from the account of her bf and say how much he loved her (wtf). I know that time she is not try to be a liar, that’s just because she truly believe that’s what her man is when he’s with her. Not so surprised, Sag woman are too romantic and it becomes a daydreamer sometimes.

  • Corrine Mcnealy says:

    Its damn true about these cold souls. Am a sag and my ex is a Virgo. we are both married to different people though, we “communicate” and meet occasionally. before the break up we had dated for only 6 months en I dropped him hot, felt like I needed a world to feel like a woman. I couldn’t understand him, his a damn cold, emotionless son of a (am sorry), ba strangely so sweet and attractive. We ve met several times (affair) en suddenly am understand who he is, he doesn’t talk much, I always think he’s angry or sad when he isn’t. in bed, I have to start the whole quest, u know, he doesn’t like kissing that much, I don’t really remember romancing up passionately with him, ba he reacts when I get down on his groin place allover with ma tongue, he is so reserved in bed it sucks, a mean its sweet knowing that he can even erect for me, I always have to start, the touching, the massage, the caressing en stuff, now we are a bit far from each other en he can take even up to 2months before h e replies my mails or sms, or even letting his cell on.

    Its so depressing to a point I wish he just died. a mean I want this guy and I need him to want me like a normal man would want a woman, (his wife is also a Virgo I guess) he claims he goes up to 1year without sex with this woman, he claims they are only together because of the kid they gat. ba one thing I love hearing in ma mind is he claimed he never EVER had any woman “doing” him in bed the way I do him, ba I know am not his ideal wife woman for life and I wouldn’t even want that because am too young to die because of frustration..In bed the guy is so shy, he doesn’t want to do some stuff with me, when I ask him why he doesn’t do this and that he says ” I just don’t like en” Virgo men (esp) are born under some sweet curse, they have almost everything a woman can die for but sadly they aren’t willing to give out en share these sweetness about them. Oh another thing, I like minis en stuff that show my curves, but whenever am meeting this guy, I have to put on descent long if not casual, “old fashioned” clothes to please him, I always feel uneasy in the clothes I have to wear while am with him, ba if I want something from this guy, I try playing this old fashioned tunes with him. Am glad because I know am the only fire in his life at the moment, the wife is just a mother of his kid and his cook and maybe some innocent, unsexy maid running around his house cleaning and washing without even sex as a thank you in the night. Av learned to be giving him his time before he calls me or emails or sms’s, I simply do this by having some passionate short time affairs to 4get him a bit waiting for the moment hell communicate, it works! I might admit I never loved any guy the way I do love this Virgo freezer.

    Ba it pleases me 2 know that even when he’s quiet for long, he’s working sleepless on his unfinished projects, or duties instead of chasing the sluts around.. oh he told me am fun being around! if this guy Virgo can spend a night, allowing u to ride on his (u know) then know deep down in his heart u have won his love, they rarely sleep just with “anybody” unless you’re special in his eyes, so keep up. I met in feb with my Virgo ex, spend a one week holiday at a place and I bet he enjoyed while I found it dead frustratingly boring, en since then we ve only talked once on phone. The last he told me know that I love you, en from then his cell goes dead, no mail replies, no smses, am used to this now, I get mad , really mad at times, en decide to suppress this anger and longings of him on simply having some good time with other hot guys who never mind one night stands or something, en during this time I tend to 4get him a bit, so it works. But any Sagittarius can get any man she wants, even this perfect Virgos anything ba any man who is willing to hear those sweet appealing words from any woman. so never be cheated, I am the one who looked up for this guy, my ex, a Virgo guy, and we meet , make holidays , leaving his Virgo wife back at home, I mean, these Virgo guys need a woman who gat fires, passions and can boldly share with them because their lives are nothing but a bunch of cold, emotionless, boredom full of hard work and frustrations. go for them girls. they are there lying en wishing in their “minds” for some adventure and passionate moments….

  • December Twenty Six Two Thousand and Sixteen says:

    So perplexed its almost shocking…..If I want you, I want only you!.

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