1. Aryan

    I am a virgo man married to a Sagittarius Woman. Sagittarius women are good but trust me they are not the right fit for Virgo man at all. And I am sure Virgo man is not the right fit for Sagittarius woman either.

    If you are a Virgo man, don’t spoil her life and yours by getting married.

  2. Corrine Mcnealy

    Its damn true about these cold souls. Am a sag and my ex is a Virgo. we are both married to different people though, we “communicate” and meet occasionally. before the break up we had dated for only 6 months en I dropped him hot, felt like I needed a world to feel like a woman. I couldn’t understand him, his a damn cold, emotionless son of a (am sorry), ba strangely so sweet and attractive. We ve met several times (affair) en suddenly am understand who he is, he doesn’t talk much, I always think he’s angry or sad when he isn’t. in bed, I have to start the whole quest, u know, he doesn’t like kissing that much, I don’t really remember romancing up passionately with him, ba he reacts when I get down on his groin place allover with ma tongue, he is so reserved in bed it sucks, a mean its sweet knowing that he can even erect for me, I always have to start, the touching, the massage, the caressing en stuff, now we are a bit far from each other en he can take even up to 2months before h e replies my mails or sms, or even letting his cell on.

    Its so depressing to a point I wish he just died. a mean I want this guy and I need him to want me like a normal man would want a woman, (his wife is also a Virgo I guess) he claims he goes up to 1year without sex with this woman, he claims they are only together because of the kid they gat. ba one thing I love hearing in ma mind is he claimed he never EVER had any woman “doing” him in bed the way I do him, ba I know am not his ideal wife woman for life and I wouldn’t even want that because am too young to die because of frustration..In bed the guy is so shy, he doesn’t want to do some stuff with me, when I ask him why he doesn’t do this and that he says ” I just don’t like en” Virgo men (esp) are born under some sweet curse, they have almost everything a woman can die for but sadly they aren’t willing to give out en share these sweetness about them. Oh another thing, I like minis en stuff that show my curves, but whenever am meeting this guy, I have to put on descent long if not casual, “old fashioned” clothes to please him, I always feel uneasy in the clothes I have to wear while am with him, ba if I want something from this guy, I try playing this old fashioned tunes with him. Am glad because I know am the only fire in his life at the moment, the wife is just a mother of his kid and his cook and maybe some innocent, unsexy maid running around his house cleaning and washing without even sex as a thank you in the night. Av learned to be giving him his time before he calls me or emails or sms’s, I simply do this by having some passionate short time affairs to 4get him a bit waiting for the moment hell communicate, it works! I might admit I never loved any guy the way I do love this Virgo freezer.

    Ba it pleases me 2 know that even when he’s quiet for long, he’s working sleepless on his unfinished projects, or duties instead of chasing the sluts around.. oh he told me am fun being around! if this guy Virgo can spend a night, allowing u to ride on his (u know) then know deep down in his heart u have won his love, they rarely sleep just with “anybody” unless you’re special in his eyes, so keep up. I met in feb with my Virgo ex, spend a one week holiday at a place and I bet he enjoyed while I found it dead frustratingly boring, en since then we ve only talked once on phone. The last he told me know that I love you, en from then his cell goes dead, no mail replies, no smses, am used to this now, I get mad , really mad at times, en decide to suppress this anger and longings of him on simply having some good time with other hot guys who never mind one night stands or something, en during this time I tend to 4get him a bit, so it works. But any Sagittarius can get any man she wants, even this perfect Virgos anything ba any man who is willing to hear those sweet appealing words from any woman. so never be cheated, I am the one who looked up for this guy, my ex, a Virgo guy, and we meet , make holidays , leaving his Virgo wife back at home, I mean, these Virgo guys need a woman who gat fires, passions and can boldly share with them because their lives are nothing but a bunch of cold, emotionless, boredom full of hard work and frustrations. go for them girls. they are there lying en wishing in their “minds” for some adventure and passionate moments….

  3. Sag

    @Mature Virgo male this seems a true comment from a true virgo.
    I see there are 2 or 3 comment from virgo man, and all the left are from sag woman, and it’s sometimes painted too pink.
    I do not intentionally rude but I’m doubt that the only comment which say this is a good relation, is written from a virgo man but in fact it’s written from a sag woman.
    In my perception, this is not a strange thing. I once know a Sag woman sent an email to herself from the account of her bf and say how much he loved her (wtf). I know that time she is not try to be a liar, that’s just because she truly believe that’s what her man is when he’s with her. Not so surprised, Sag woman are too romantic and it becomes a daydreamer sometimes.

  4. Mature Virgo male

    I was married to a Sag for 20 years. When I hear the Sag females bagging on Virgo men, I have to laugh. You say the Virgo is a perfectionist and so difficult, yet admit nothing of your own character traits and prefer to nit-pic him to death. I will say that it is a poor combination and takes a lot of work, and also agree we make better friends. My previous wife and I stay good friends but no longer have to live together.

    The combo is difficult because Sag takes so little seriously and is flighty, wanting to be on the go constantly, while Virgo wants calmness, stability and constancy. As in the example, when she hits something with the car, she is the one upset for the Virgo saying anything about it. She wants stability, but will spend all the $$ going to every event she can. The Sag is very difficult for a Virgo to understand and vice-versa. As the Virgo male, I actually wonder if the Sag female wants to even try to understand her mate, while the Virgo will puzzle on her forever. I wondered after we split why I wanted to stay married to her for so long, she didn’t like to cook, clean, spend time together, parent our daughter, or work toward the future she said she wanted. Except the occasional sex (which she could have cared less about) my life is about the same without her. We spent endless hours talking about how unhappy she was, what she needed, etc, virtually no time was spent looking the other direction. Even now, years after ending our marriage, she rolls through the guys, still looking for something she will have difficulty finding. To a virgo, the Sag female is just shallow and self-focused.

    So, all this to say that in my experience this combo doesn’t work very well without seriously committed focus. If you are together, each of you must work hard to understand the other. Men, don’t pick at her and don’t try to restrain her desire to be a free spirit. Women, you have a man that is committed to you for life, treasure him and try to understand what makes him tick. He will do everything to take care of you, but you must reciprocate and both of you must put the other first, or forget it.

  5. Sag Love

    Wooooes me! Alas, I have yet met another Virgo man, and I am magnetized YET AGAIN. So I will still give him a chance because that is what us Sagittarius ladies do – we a risk takers by nature.

    This sign in males has marked two long term loves of mine. Both EXACTLY as described above…

    The first was my high school best friend of three years who chose another girl over me because of her innocent Tom boyish, relatability (who ended up cheating on him anyways). I probably looked like a promiscuous girl in his eyes because I was more open and never hid anything (even my sexual history because we are open books and OWN our sexuality). But friendly fox over virginal mystique – how could a Virgo man resist?

    The second, my first love and has been the love of my life to date, even after 7 years of separation. Also, chose a virgin over me in our second trial get together, go figure.

    Both regretted their decision. Both want me back. I have forgiven both but can never see myself crossing the romantic threshold again either because we can’t talk about our feelings and they keep saying things that come off pessimistic and belittling. Not compatible with our happy go lucky natures. Friends okay.

    For a Sagittarius woman, this match can be too much work because we are such dual energies. He can be slow and insanely practical, to the point that the passion is confined only to the bedroom. For a sag, passion is in every aspect of our lives. But when you meet a Virgo male, its hard not to fall for him – gallant, gentlemanly, charming, protector, modest. He fans your feminine flames with his grounded earth energy and masculine bravado. But deep down, I have learned this male needs everything his way to feel safe. He will hold back his emotions because he is so grounded, and unless you are willing to really try to open up by shifting our mutable energy, his stubbornness is hard to crack.

    Though most Sagittarius energy is not patient enough for this. We are open, transparent and fancy free. And we are often confused for being promiscuous because of this nature, when in reality we are just awfully friendly and hard to keep. I was devoted to my Virgo men for years, and stopped when I realized that they would never open up and honour me the way a woman wants to feel and then always accuse me of being the unfaithful one, just because our natural charisma attracts a lot of attention. I always felt that there was a “better girl,” from all the critical passive aggressive comments and the secrecy in his nature. Then I left and both realized what they let go.

    If you are a Virgo man and want to hold down a Sagittarius woman, remember that we don’t like domesticatuon forced on us and we do attract a lot of attention, but a Sagittarius woman will be loyal and submit out of this loyalty without you needing to ask, even before you ask but she may not let you know. The way a Sagittarius will do this is if you have granted her the space to do so without criticism and continuously provide passion. The Sagittarius woman has the kind of imagination that will shift your thinking and always try to make things interesting in and out of the bedroom, but the moment that you don’t appreciate her, she will leave and never look back. Why? Because she rarely has a hard time finding a suitor and she’s incredibly introspective. I know this intimidated my Virgo men, but this should make you feel flattered cause she’s chosen you above anyone else. But if you don’t appreciate her when you have her. If you accuse her and don’t open up to her. If you ask for domestic devotion byt then secretly act towards the other…you make her feel small when her love is actually grand…you WILL loose her.

    Deep down, Sagittarius women are very vulnerable just like you, but the bridge of emotions is always hard to address, be different by just opening up a little. Show her your heart, which is naturally so full of integrity in Virgo males. Make her feel special with your natural sense of romance. The more you compare her, the more you stiffle her uniqueness. Sagittarius is playful and usually surrounded by people and movement, but her deepest desire is to belong. If you refrain from criticism and show emotions, she will feel that she belongs to you, and will give you EVERYTHING.

  6. Antwon Barber

    I’ve read majority of these replies about Virgo men and sag women and it seems like the sags that has posted alot of this stuff about Virgo’s are being the Virgo deep down themselves nothing against you all, just EXPRESS this side of you to them and don’t hold back be yourself whenever you do this and don’t sugar coat nothing they need this and they will love you more for this trust me. In return they will do the same. To make a beautiful vase it takes earth and fire just like it will take for these two to shape their relationship together and this is all positive words coming from a Virgo to you love you all.

  7. Shelle

    As a sag woman, I’ve been involed with a Virgo man. He’s always so serious about everything. He pays attention to every little detail to everything. He’s shows no emotion but I can tell that he’s crazy about me. He can can be very hard to read.. He gives a lot of advice he’s somewhat judgement. I like tho.. It’s weird.

  8. Sagittariuslife

    I’m a Sagittarius women. Recently met a Virgo…for 3 weeks he chased me and jumped through hoops to get my attention. We’re talking dates, texts and phone calls all day…Finally 2 days ago I went to his place. Perfection doesn’t even describe the organization of his home. I finally gave in and we were intimate. Sex was great however I haven’t heard from him since…how lame. All that work for a one night stand….really?

  9. LoveForSagittariusWomen

    Wow, so much terrible stories! There are Virgo male Sagittarius female couples that have lasted forever. My uncle and aunt is also a Virgo male Sagittarius female couple that has been married for almost 23 years now and still going strong! I am a Virgo male and I’m with a Sagittarius woman and we celebrated our 6 month anniversary 3 days ago. She is a truly wonderful woman. She digs in to me to find out whats wrong because I am stubborn. She’s determined. You ladies are right, us Virgo men do nit pick sometimes. We can’t help it, we like to know everything and we are sensitive especially when it comes to love even though we act cold and calm on the surface. We get hurt easily because we are sensitive people, it’s hard for us Virgo men to show emotion. I’ll admit, I nit pick. I can’t help it. I want to know what goes on in her life because Virgo men are highly curious to the people we care most about. I truly love my Sagittarius woman no matter how much I try to dig into the little things. Me and her get along so well. She is so carefree and so fun to talk to. You Sagittarius woman are so great to have a conversation with, always have something to say and brings out the social side of us. The sexual chemistry between our zodiacs is also great, I never get bored of her constant desire for me, it makes me feel great that she’s so attracted to me 😀 Us Virgo men take patience and a lot of attention but if you bring out our positivity we will give you what us Virgo men were born to do; ROMANCE. I’m upset that no one on here wrote a positive thing about the Virgo Male Sagittarius Female relationship. I’m here to change that. Sagittarius females, Virgo men are hard to deal with. We like a woman that makes us feel safe and not worry about ever being cheated on. Once we get attached, its for long term. From what I’ve read ever since I began dating this girl I fell super hard for, you Sagittarius women are loyal. As a Virgo male, I appreciate it. I was so negative before I met her. She is making me change very slowly. She helps me with my temper. She is so beautiful and makes me happy. The Virgo Male Sagittarius relationship starts off great and as it progresses as long as you are willing to compromise on playful and serious this relationship will last as long as your love and compromise holds true.

    I LOVE YOU DESIREE!!! I always have and I always will.

  10. Ms Saggy

    hey real talk it was my decision and now mr vigo calling me n chasing me n he’s gotten the memo 2 da left 2 da left… i wrote that be cause i choose 2 n it’s true what every one is saying … not really a good match … friends is something else … but theses two zodac sings is a bomb waitting to happen… n i’m not ashame to tell it like it is … other sign R compatable with saggy and they R aqurian aries and leo we have a better chance with … so on that not i have a right to my statement thank youuuuuu….. n i’m old enough….. lol

  11. look and listen

    @ Ms Saggy

    how old are you? LOL….why would u post all of that online ?

    why bash a sign over something you made the decision to do?

    As other’s have stated, you need to stop stereotyping

  12. Ms Saggy

    Ok he it goes … im a sag was with a virgo man… we got to gether auguest 23 2011 n he’s from the island saint lusha… his birthday was sept 20, so i brought hin 3 pairs of levis jeans … when i gave it to him he told me he wanted bell bottom soi me nice sag woman changed them… when my birthday came on november 30th he had 3$ in his pocket did he bring me a card HELL NO!… he said he thought i did not want a card:~( … he has no job by the way … this relationship was built on sex … he gives me sex and i cook him meals … NOT WORKING 4 MEEEE!!!!… i asked him one night if his ex girl came up to newyork from saint lusha who would he choose to B with … they were 2 gether 4 3 yrs and he’s been here in newyork for over 1yrs… he said he do not know… Wrong ANSWER MR VIRGO hyis brain is so big he for got who he is with now…he should said u honey … but he left the door open 4 her n him he do not know… he found me on the internet and i gave him a chance… tell me y i went on tagg n checked his post n stuff anmd found out that he added another female friend to his page… and it was going good with us … i was like what tha!!!! do u need with another female friend n Y r u even on tag.com any way … he did not say any thing… so i broke up with him… took my stuff back… that night he tells me he was only looking for a friend !!!!! …. Hello what do u need to b a friend with another female !!! … to hear her problems and dop what console her … am i more than enough…. its cool the old female friends but u still seeking female friends where we met !!!! Bright bright no light … so i took him back my birthday came nothing but sex … i told him he could of kept that … now i find he does every thing his mom says and he has a one way relationship … i could never go to his home … tho he talks on his cell phone all day n night so he say his mom is a gosp up so fine … now all of a suben he going to step brother’s house wednesday yesaterday n today still there until sunday … claiming to b painting his house 4 money…. n on wednesday after 5pm its like i talk to u tomorrow … !!! excuse me what tha **** is that all about… u must b at some woman house so i hung up the phone on him n his stupid talk … did i hear from him thursday morning HELL NO!!! did he call to c if i was alright HELL NO!!! n its friday n still nothing … so guest what i called him b4 i text this n no response n the phone is ringing … so i’m done!!! now to back it up … he wanted wine he could not pay so i brought him a big wine my money … when he’s hungry he comes to my home to eat … that pee pee could not get stay hard so i got the viagra out of state withy my money n my credit card…. so guess what … i stil;l have my viagra and this virgo can kiss my hidee where the sun do not shine … plus he’s an islander from saint lusha i asked him if we stay to gether or get married who is gonna b n the finance circle… this man said his mother … childsurport and u want to bring ur kids up here can not get a job … Who the hell r they staying with ….. Not i cause i’m done … virgo’s r user”s now i take claim to b n the giver but the giving stop’s here im done … the zodac was right not a good combo plus he a cridic always have a down point that will kill a sag spirit spirit …. n the virgo man is boring he only have the sex going on with out sex he’s nothing … so bye bye mr virgo i’m done!!!!! get a job!!! n its true they never tell u how they feel about you and they always want u to admitt to them that they r right….

  13. Kay

    I am a sexy Sag and I love everything about my Virgo man, simples. Stop spending so much time complaining about the apparent unpleasant analytical nature of a Virgo male, as that is exactly what you are all doing on here?? Analysing!! Why beat up on people because a relationship does not work out, the old adage, it takes two to tango holds very true here.

  14. female sag


    I’ve been dateing a virgo male for awhile now, and eveything that has been said about the male virgo is and isn’t true.
    Because no one is perfect, no one follows their star sign all the way, my boy he dont hide anything from me, its more the other way around, we’ll go and talk for a good 3/4 hours about everything and anything. We even talk about getting married one day and having a family.

    idk you guys can follow what ever you think because i love my virgo man and he loves me and thats all that matters to me. 🙂

  15. Greg

    How do you explain that I’m a virgo male,my wife of 15 years is a sag, I’m the messy crazy one and shes the neat and tidy nit picker?..we’re both sat here laughing at this crap..

  16. sexy-sag

    Mr. Virgo,

    do you see your reasoning defeating you, after all we were expressing our opinion, me or anyone else- YET (yes, a big fat YET), we did not try to correct someone else’s thinking pattern…

    this the main difference, I dont try to better up you- you are already perfect whichever the way you are- while you need to do that..

    thats all..

    take care and have good relation with your sag- best

  17. Mr. Virgo (with sag in my chart)...

    Sexy-Sag and Anda…..

    How do you manage to put all eggs into one basket?
    Because you had a bad run-in with a not mature Virgo?
    I’ve dated 5 scorpios and they didn’t work out so I guess all scorpions are horrible?

    Both of your issues are fundamental. For a man to get up and leave you after 25 yrs…there was a lot more going on than what’s being told.

    Sexy-Sag: you sound somewhat bitter because you got a bad apple…..lets look at something…you married the guy right? Why would you have married someone who you already had a bad sex life with? (granted you didn’t know anything until after marriage)…If there is a relative involved then there is a breakdown there somewhere.

    I am currently with a Sag who is my pride and joy. It doesn’t matter the sign when it comes to a person’s character and moral value….so stop making all virgo’s out to be monster’s which they are not. I know one or two sags who are bat crazy but that doesn’t make me label you all….bottom line stop labeling

    You have to learn how to work within the parameters of a person’s traits…

    I’m sure both of you will find happiness but in all your efforts don’t knock the happiness that other’s may be experiencing.

    Take Care and Be Careful out there…it’s a minefield in the dating game these days..lol

  18. sexy-sag

    hi ANDA,

    your whole account could have been ditto for my history- cheating virgo husband and with a girl half his age and especially how they are truly incapable of retrospection and self-analysis (irony when virgo is supposedly so analytical -haha- ridiculous).

    what is the zodiac sign of the new person in your life?? your new husband who treats you right 🙂

    amazing account- made me feel hopeful for my own future- for right now I am divorced and he is with his new woman (who is actually my distant niece, whom I always thought as a child- ufff- )

    No body so far said it– but Virgo men suck at sex- mine was totally unable to keep up with my energy and brought me down to his own monotonous boring level- I think thats where they try to prove that they are virile by having extra marital with girls in highschool- for they know they are crap in bed.

    good luck

  19. John

    can u guys stop posting neg comments about Virgo male and Sag female relation because i love a sag female so much that i asked her out twice but she rejected me cuz she checks this stupid horoscope everyday and she told that we dun get along its a bad combination……just because she reads this she thinks we wont get along…….i dun fking know wat to do??? cant let her go!!!!

  20. Anda

    I am a sag woman married to a virgo man for 25 years. I was happy in the relationship and thought he was totally trustworthy.

    Sure we had problems but I was mature enough to see that all long term relationships have problems.

    I gave him lost of space trusting him to go away for vacations with his men friends, while I stayed home.

    About two years ago, I learned through mutual friends that he was seeing another woman. I did not believe it. It was as if I had been shot in the head. I feel like a dope. I trusted him cause virgos are supposed to be trustworthy. Well they are not.

    I confronted him without telling him I new of his cheating, and he lied. He finally told the truth when my friend confronted him.

    The woman is half his age, and she too was married with four young children two twins.

    I was shocked because he always told me that integrity and trust were important to him yet he dates a cheater behind my back.

    I tried to make in work. The marriage counselor told him no contact with the girlfriend even just to close things up. He promised no contact but lied repeatedly and I learned after hiring a detective due to his suspicious actions that he was still seeing this woman.

    If you are a sag run from a virgo. They will fool you for a while and then cheat.

    They see themselves in a fantasy way. They think they are wonderful and perfect but see everyone else’s faults all too clearly.

    We ended up split when he decided to marry his girlfriend. She turned around and cheated on him.

    He could not believe she would. What an ass. He thought a woman who cheats on her husband was doing so because her husband was imperfect, just cause she said so. How could an intellectual virgo believe the words of a woman who is cheating on her husband.

    He is now dating another very much younger woman whom everyone says is already sneaking around behind his back. He is clueless, the poor deluded fool.

    I am now married to another man. The sex is explosive and he is wealthy and treats me like a buddy and a lover. Meanwhile my virgo ex is seeing a woman who is cheating behind HIS back after only dating for two months.

    I think he got what he deserved.

  21. 3 kids and 31 yrs

    sag < me virgo ≥ him ….all is well …..life is life…. live love and learn : )

  22. June

    I am in a four year relationship with a Virgo I am a Sagittarius woman this is my second relationship I find them to be very kind hearted loving understanding but could be sneaky and a womanizer they also lie a lot not very honest but I am working on him

  23. Virgo Male

    Additionally, there are no “happy go lucky” stories on here of long term relationships between Virgo Male and Sagittarius Female because of a simple fact. They are not focusing on what sign they are and how to confront or conform to their own or their partners. The happy long term stories are still going and they have other things to do besides complain about their partners. Word.

  24. Virgo Male

    You women need to seriously start settling down on Virgo Males.
    Because you have found a hand full of bad ones does not mean a thing out of the thousands of us walking the planet. In all reality if the Virgo is as analytical as you think he/she is they would also scrutinize their own actions and realize that nit picking is not something which should be happening in a relationship. What you have found is someone who is a whining little bitch and can’t handle change. I am full on Virgo, 8 planets in Virgo to be exact… Yeah. I strictly remember that my own actions are easier for me to watch than someone else’s actions. If I do say something in confrontation I try to explain my reasoning, and it is only brought up if something major is wrong… Not petty situations. I really get pissed seeing people continuously spewing how bad us Virgos are for being over analytical when the reasons which are given come down to someone being lazy and acting like a victim because they were told something… In other words people will tell you to do something and that has nothing to do with their sign. This “thinking too much” excuse pointed at Virgos needs to stop, because there is a end to thought by using thought, and using ten steps to get the same stride as two, or even ten to get further than twenty is efficient. So if you want to rag on us Virgos so much, please do. But take in consideration your own actions, words, thoughts, or the lack there of any I have listed.

  25. LovelySag

    Two years and nineteen days ago, I started talking to this guy online, we really hit it off.. I started talking to him Everyday, after school. He’d always come online after school as well. I remember so well, that whole time I was with him.

    We talked for so long, got along so well and we had so much in common!! I could honestly and confidently say those days were my best days so far..
    Then we decided to finally meet up, and IRONICALLY and coincidently he went to the same high school as I did!! I was so very shocked and Nervous.

    So we met up, I was shy as heck, and so was he. We barely spoke because of how shy we both were.. and it was really obvious.
    After school, I logged on and he did too 5 minutes after (just when I was about to log out).

    I started telling him it was awkward and that I apologise for being shy and boring, then he right away replied “You’re very Gorgeous you know that?” ahhh I remember that moment, my heart just skipped a beat.. and that was the moment I Fell for a Virgo.

    We started dating on June 2nd 2009. About 5 days after we met he asked me out, but soooo shyly!! Through my Own friend too.. but it was cute. I said “yes”, of course.. then Just two weeks in, he told me he loved me.. kinda fast huh? I thought so too, but I was in love with the fact I was being told that, so it didn’t bother me…

    The whoooole summer was the best, people hung out with me more when they found out I was with him, I felt like I was becoming someone known with him, but shouldn’t that be the other way around? Of course my feelings for him grew, every day, every minute. He was beautiful to me, an inspiration. Everything about him was amazing, everything guided me in even more..

    When me and him started talking, he was actually IN a relationship.. with a pisces. and he dumped her for me?! Lol I was shocked, but I felt guilty when I realized..

    We stayed together through out that summer, he was the only one who said I love you with a full meaning. I said it but I knew I wasn’t ready for those words.. yet.

    NOT TO MENTION he was my first boyfriend ever!
    “the one that got away” or not really.. Lol he was really amazing, for sure. Still is, I must admit. he made me feel happy, loved, happy and happy and more happy!! I swear, that’s all I was that summer, until that day.

    I was confused and kind of sad reading the virgo/sag love compatibility.. It isn’t off at all, we both have the obvious personality traits, it’s just if I didn’t make One stupid idiotic mistake, it would’ve worked.

    I can’t believe it’s been only two years since that time..

    I’m still in love with him, there hasn’t been ONE day or ONE moment yet he hasn’t been on my mind. He’s always on my mind, even when I’m thinking of someone/something else. My heart leaps for him! still and always in that way.. I just wish he’d give me a second chance, and I’m going to put my all into it!! definitely!! I love this Virgo Man!! everything.. I just wish he would see, this.

    I’m trying again, this summer. I’ll change myself for him, and change is one of my virtues right? if not, I still will.

    and if it turns out horribly, or not how I thought.. I’ll just move on, and handle it maturely instead of crying for months all heartbroke.

    I LOVE YOU DALLAS! WITH ALL MY HEART, A&F even after I die. You showed me, myself. and You’re the bestest friend anyone could have.

    He stole my heart away and he still hasn’t given it back.

    Oh yeah, I’m also interested in this Aquarius man lately…. we hooked up twice already, should I walk in this direction? or the Virgo man

    I need an answer for this question.
    I’m caught between a Beautiful, neat and smart Virgo man, and a very Happy funny inviting Aquarius man.
    Both friendships I adore, but sorta getting into the relationship with the aquarius, and having been with the virgo, I’m completely loving each. Help?

    – LovelySag

  26. SagDiva

    A few months ago, this Virgo man walks into my life. I must mention that I have never met a more genuine, kind-hearted, well-mannered, altruistic person in my life! He’s everything I normally wouldn’t date, but alas THAT is who I am dating. He supports me through every problem I have revealed to him. He’s the kind of person who, if a thousand bucks is all he had on him, he would spend nine hundred and ninety nine on me and one buck on himself. A very simple, learned man with different experiences I am always intrigued by.

    I have Capricorn Moon so maybe that’s why we get along so well. Our dates usually last around 6-8hrs and a few times almost 12hrs and we can talk on the phone for hours. It’s really good to be around him because I can be MYSELF at all times.

    The “down side” is that he is a bit too secretive and won’t tell me everything at once, but with a little prodding, he eventually tells me. I learnt from the best… this is how he’s always been with me. Other than that, there isn’t one thing about him I can tell that I don’t like.

    Not sure where it will lead, but I want him to be in my life for a very long time. You never come across people like him too often and I can tell anyone that he’s been the best boyfriend I’ve had so far!

  27. maurice

    man, us virgos sure do get a bad rap. not all of us are the neat freaks everyone claims us to be. like a lot of people we just know what we like. nor are we all nit pickers, I was married to a Libra for 23 years, talk about a control freak, wow. I know this is for sag/vir. just thought I would throw in a comment. all very interesting

  28. daelo

    just so you know David stewart indeed is a virgo and annie lennox is a Cap/ NOT a Sag and Virgo/ Cap is very compatitble . the Sag/ virgo thing CAN be very trying. i know a few of them and Sags are OUT there and Virgos are more sedate- both are very sensitive but in different ways. Sags need to go go go ! and a Virgo is more sedate .. but again there are moons / rising signs / venuses – all one can do is hope

  29. Jerrjalene

    I’m a Sag with a Virgo and our relationship so far is amazing! He is the kindest hearted person I have ever met. My best friend. He gives amazing advice and is very encouraging in everything I do or want to do. He brings the best out of me. We have incredable communication. We have been talking about getting married. But all of these comments are kind of discouraging. Scary actually. Breaks my heart to think that my relationship could fail. Idk, I’m going to give it my all to the very end because I adore him.

  30. Dynaelove(sag)

    My daughters father and I were in a 6 year relationship and it was an emotional roller coaster everystep of the way. Everything that you guys have commented on has literally been what I experienced over the past four years…at times it would be amazing…and then he would just have to nit pick…or comment on the way I did something although it didnt actually matter either way. His meticulous mannerisms drove me away and although I tried to patch the relationship up over and over again he ended up driving me away to the point of no return…Now that Im on my own and capable of breathing again hes been trying to draw me in again…I love him as a person and Adore him as a father but dont ever see myself being in a romantic relationship with him again…Its too much of an emotional struggle, where I felt as If I was swallowing my pride to keep him quiet and changing my ways to pacify him…and then one day I recognized that It was just going to continue to happen until he had changed everything and until I was the individual “HE” wanted…and thats when I moved on…I love my head strong outgoing brutally honest goofy personality…and I know someone else will too!!!
    Good luck in love Sag’s (And virgos)

  31. melissa burger

    well for starters im a sag but i don’t think im a normal sag, yes i love to party and do things, but im a neat freak and i love quite times and snuggling. winter is my fav day of the year due to the fact i can stay indoors and cuddle, i cant go to sleep with a dirty kitchen i can be lazy but i cant live in dirt! i just met a guy who keeps me motivated and keeps me on my feet. he reminds me about things because i forget alot and well he is my perfect match. im now carrying his child and we are getting married. i have read so much about sag but i don’t really see my self as a sag and well he is a Virgo and he is out going and loves to braai and sleep lol and also he is not as neat as i thought but he is neat lol and he is a little bossy but all men like to be bossy. its like in there nature they want to be the man of the house. i on the other hand don’t mind that coz i need someone to take control sometimes but we are both stubborn and well we have a lot in common. i love him to bits and pieces and i hope i can prove you all wrong, coz i feel my relationship is going to work out. and i hope it does. a sag and a Virgo can be together but its all about the person you are and brought up to be.

  32. Bonnie

    damn.. what can i expect?? im currently speaking to a virgo guy and he’s so manipulative and always guilt tripping me.. i shut his ass up though and yet he still constantly tries to be on top of things. i love the challenge because i am a Sag, we have that fire and drive. i have to admit i like everything about him but omgosh!! would i want to deal with the BS? i’ve dealt with Virgo men before but this one is just something else.. im like extra confused 😐

  33. BreakDown

    My Ex, the Virgo, is all of the above. Pick, pick, pick… He’s now dating some fab Sag who has a very good and creative career – which will make him crazy in the end. I hope they die of unhappiness!

  34. shay

    i was reading that the zodiac signs has changed because of the earth’s 3000 year wobble. I thought my zodiac sign Capricorn (Jan.11) never matched me, and always thought I was exactly like a Sagittarius. My husband on the other hand was always known as a Scorpio (Oct.29) matches him, and now he is known as a Virgo, which is nothing like him. I searched years ago about the compatibility of Cap (female) + Scorp (Male) and was very pleased, and that is how our relationship was and is still like. Now reading this virgo (male) + Sag (female) is nothing like what our relationship is.

  35. IloveSags!

    Oh my gosh. This entire page just blew my mind. I am a Sag woman and dated a Virgo guy and I had by far the worst experience of my life. If I ever meet a Virgo that I feel the slightest attraction to, I’m going to run away like a bat out of hell. He and I had the most intense attraction, to be honest, it was because of the sex we had. This is key to locking down a Sag woman. He gave me a ton of attention half the time, but then he got really flakey. He would play constant mind games and I would just get confused. I could never tell what he was truely thinking or feeling and it left me just overanalyzing everything. The whole time I sensed that his whole goal was to try and get me under his thumb because my dreams are bigger than his. We would bicker and it would start off with him just digging into me, then I would blow up on him. After a fight he would so easily forgive me, like he enjoyed getting a rise out of me and was purposely trying to pick a fight for fun. All I would have to say is my bad and that would be that. But, lone behold all these things I did wrong added up and I was never good enough..telling me I needed to change. After I noticed this, I started to get annoyed and I just started sleeping with other people on the side (as was mentioned). Our relationship then took a spiral because we just talked less and less. He always thought I was using him for sex, when really if he would just open up it wouldn’t just be all about that. He then found some new chick and I cut all ties off with him. He still calls or sends me a random text to try and start a convo with me. I told him to leave me alone so he now will find ways talk shit about me to a friend so it will get back to me. Its like he is hanging on or something. I don’t understand virgo men, nor do I want to be with one ever ever again. Only friends.

  36. KJ

    its one of the worst combination as a couple. i would like to warn the people-PLEASE DONOT fALL for this combo even if you are madly in love

  37. KJ


    This is interesting read. I am Sagi woman married to a Virgo man and I have had the worst experience of my life. He is such a introvert, secretive, and self centered that he refuses to share a single thing about his life with me.He doesn’t believe that i am his wife and I can be welcomed in his world.

  38. sexy-sag

    Mizz Krysten :
    if you are doing what HE thinks you should be doing with your life, you are lying to yourself about who you are (according to him)… also virgo has a hard time letting sag shine her light/fire…we are attractive women who attract a lot of people and virgo would rather us be behind the scenes creating a spotless and efficiently-run home for him… and when he’s ready to end it, he will pick you to pieces until your confidence is shattered (momentarily because we bounce back fast!) and then say if you fix all those things give him a call lol… NO THANKS!

    Yes and yes krysten, how uncanny it is, that you speak right what I think.. 🙂

    after years of living with him, with all due apologies to astrology (which i love), but the truth is:
    1. Sags are way BETTER organizers and enterpriser than any virgo
    2. Sag woman have much more Moral Ethics
    3. Virgos end up being fanatically jealous of sags and want to break them down to size, all their criticism is never Positive (contrary to astro), it is meant to HURT and hurt where it hurts the most.
    4. Sags have better chance of Financial and Personal success which is the dream of every Virgo and virgos can not believe that sags can be successful and loved even when we are goofy and clumsy and silly apparently and we do not plan and scheme and backbite or take shortcuts. What they fail to realize is *any sag is atleast TEN times more sharp and intelligent than he or she appears*.. we probably do this to Blend with crowd, maybe.

    I lost the virgo, got hugely hurt, have found my footing despite all the mental and psychological damage he did, and now that I am back to shining light, he wants me back.. no way.. not again
    thank you, but NO 🙂

    i have NEVER told him what he is, hahaha.. or else he would have known what a tom-thumb he is, and listened to all his critical analysis of my self.. but that makes me improve and strengthen and he can not do that, so when and how will he grow of his own mould that he self-created. 😉 ..

    thank for writing to me, and love to you, all the best

  39. Mizz Krysten

    sexysag :

    my ex and many wasted years of my life..
    7/10 is really High and undeserved, in my opinion… it is not better than 4 or 3 out of ten.
    the relationship goes through metamorphosis here. The initial crazy attraction for a brilliant mind, and Virgos are totally blown away by sagittarian ways and trendsetting, the laidbackness and originality.
    this brings so much passion into boring life of a virgo (virgo is one sign who is waiting for someone else to Discover them///or Uncover them.. the VIrgin Mentality). Sags are very encouraging and always appreciative of a talents and potential.
    they become great friends, sags can not take sex too seriously, it is as natural as breathing to them, so soon the relation is sexual.
    both sags and virgo think they can live happily ever after by combined power of minds. Some years they spent being happy ACTIVE couple, shining like a star.
    then there is decline, both realize that they did not take one element into consideration.. Emotional Compatibility, now there is spiral downfall, rapid and painful.
    Sags try to patch up as much as they can, they probably will use last ounce of goodwill to make it work, and in the periods of depression, they will Cheat. Virgo on other end, will go into other pursuits; business, relations, contacts and will find other women too.
    eventually both probably end up hurting eachother too much,, virgo will nag all the time making tiny needle punctures and sags will explode when they have enough, a big hole in relationship.
    both probably will separate and keep on finding new mates, if one of them falls in love with another person, only then they will go for Closure or proper breakup.
    ps: Nancy, I truly like all the descriptions, and I cant help sharing my notes on them.. lol .. you are so right when you said >>> they are Friends and should remain Friends, thats the best for sag and virgo.

    I couldn’t agree with you more! Wasted years for sure! The virgo man is looking for that unattainable PERFECTION in a mate and relationship…they will nitpick sag to frustration and insanity! and don’t dare criticize him! he’s perfect and knows everything! and if you are doing what HE thinks you should be doing with your life, you are lying to yourself about who you are (according to him)… also virgo has a hard time letting sag shine her light/fire…we are attractive women who attract a lot of people and virgo would rather us be behind the scenes creating a spotless and efficiently-run home for him… and when he’s ready to end it, he will pick you to pieces until your confidence is shattered (momentarily because we bounce back fast!) and then say if you fix all those things give him a call lol… NO THANKS!

    great friendship is it’s greatest potential… we can learn a lot from each other, but romantically it just doesn’t work (from my experience)…

  40. BettieW

    Uh…Annie Lennox is a Capricorn, not a Sag (born Christmas 1954)
    I’m a Sag with Virgo rising, so I get along well with some Virgos. I almost married a Virgo man 30 years ago and still regret not taking the plunge. Smart, witty, responsible, hard-working and modest…what more could you want from a husband?

  41. Brittany

    I found myself reading this and the comments thinking “why does it all have to be on point?” I’m a Sag woman and have been with a Virgo man for 1yr and a half and see us going through this downward spiral that is spoken off. I really love him but just feel like something is missing. Known him for 7 years and honestly wish we would have stayed friends.

  42. lovechild

    As a sag girl who has had several short lived but passionate flings with Virgo men (who remain friends), this totally resonates… there’s such a strong attraction but when it gets more intimate, the Virgo nit picking starts, and then it’s curtains. While sag may appear to be all bravado, deep down we’re vunerable and like to be encouraged and bounce energy with a partner, not told how to do things… plus, Virgo’s don’t find Sag energeticly tripping over everything, with full feelings on show particularly endearing. Damn! it’s a good reminder cos I’ve just met another one that I had high hopes for…

  43. SHEILA

    I just met a Virgo man not to long ago, and all of these comments are kind of discouraging. I guess I will sit back and see what happens!!

  44. Sarah

    Omg this is so truee, I used to like this guy but once i got to know him we were completely incompatible

  45. Anon

    I’m afriad this is true, tho I haven’t been in the relationship long enough to see all the dynamics play out. It seems that Virgos require so much care and patience. Those aren’t two of Sags better known qualities. But the passion is definitely there. Sex is great.

  46. K.E.

    WoW sexy sag, Im a Sag man and i just got out of a 6 year i guess u can call it a relationship with a Virgo woman. She never opened up and i didn’t try to until it was tooo late. We both hurt each other and when i tried to get closer she always ran from it. I saw her as a challenge and like you said about her potential to open up that’s what kept me around. I think Virgo women are very sneaky and i don’t think i would ever talk to another lol…

  47. Brian

    too true and funny sexysag… virgo just loves to analyze and criticize as they look for perfection…. this will creates lots of “tiny needle punctures”…. haha… i totally agree that both can be great frens but couples are unlikely…. i have many great sag frens and enjoy their company…. everything seems so compatible but not till romance level because the moment i get to know you, i have been analyzing you… =D

  48. sexysag

    my ex and many wasted years of my life..

    7/10 is really High and undeserved, in my opinion… it is not better than 4 or 3 out of ten.

    the relationship goes through metamorphosis here. The initial crazy attraction for a brilliant mind, and Virgos are totally blown away by sagittarian ways and trendsetting, the laidbackness and originality.

    this brings so much passion into boring life of a virgo (virgo is one sign who is waiting for someone else to Discover them///or Uncover them.. the VIrgin Mentality). Sags are very encouraging and always appreciative of a talents and potential.

    they become great friends, sags can not take sex too seriously, it is as natural as breathing to them, so soon the relation is sexual.

    both sags and virgo think they can live happily ever after by combined power of minds. Some years they spent being happy ACTIVE couple, shining like a star.

    then there is decline, both realize that they did not take one element into consideration.. Emotional Compatibility, now there is spiral downfall, rapid and painful.

    Sags try to patch up as much as they can, they probably will use last ounce of goodwill to make it work, and in the periods of depression, they will Cheat. Virgo on other end, will go into other pursuits; business, relations, contacts and will find other women too.

    eventually both probably end up hurting eachother too much,, virgo will nag all the time making tiny needle punctures and sags will explode when they have enough, a big hole in relationship.

    both probably will separate and keep on finding new mates, if one of them falls in love with another person, only then they will go for Closure or proper breakup.

    ps: Nancy, I truly like all the descriptions, and I cant help sharing my notes on them.. lol .. you are so right when you said >>> they are Friends and should remain Friends, thats the best for sag and virgo.

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