Virgo Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

Famous Virgo-Sagittarius Couples:  Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox; Jimmy Connors and Chris Evert

There are two kinds of bachelors in this world: neat and sloppy.  When they meet as a couple it is bound to produce friction.  Virgo will be fascinated at first as he runs a merry chase to keep up with Sagittarius, but when she leaves her underwear strewn across the bathroom and scrapes his bumper on the way out of the driveway for the second time, the romance dims.  This is hilarious to the bystander but to the Virgo it can be excruciating as his neat little world gets tromped across with hiking boots.  Essentially this is friendship energy, not romance, and friends don’t have to live with one another.

How to Attract a Virgo Man as a Sagittarius Woman:  You’ll have to shrink yourself down to get into his world for awhile.   Did he boil up his 2-minute egg just right this morning?  (Ask him how he does it without an egg timer.)  Is it exactly time to get the dog groomed?  Isn’t it great he could get a new pair of heels put on his favorite shoes?  (Five years is not long enough for a good relationship with a pair of shoes.)   Naturally this will be difficult to maintain so it’s best to continue your full plate of other activities and “friendships” while he parses his way to the verb in the sentence.

How to Attract a Sagittarius Woman as a Virgo Man:  It’s easy to attract a Sagittarius, but hard to keep them.  You will attract your Sagittarius to you by your gregariousness, your ease with chit chat, and your seemingly casual approach to relationships.  She might even be roped in by your “shy” act because it brings out the exhibitionist in her.  The quandary becomes how to stay interesting enough to keep her from jumping the fence permanently.  The secret is to use your famous integrity to show her that you don’t ever need her and would never tie her down.

Degree of Romance:  These two signs are bachelor signs for monks or contemplatives.  The energy is best suited toward exploring the world together from a philosophical or religious perspective. Both people are very interested in the world around them, open to a large number of other people as friends, and in constant need of mental stimulation.  This orientation precludes even the desire to make one person special above all others.  I think St. Francis Assisi who said “brother sun, sister moon” was in a Virgo Sagittarius relationship with his sister.

Degree of Passion:  Virgo may be able to borrow some of Sagittarius’ passion for life, but notice the passion is for life, not for you, which will suit you just fine since you like to stay cool as a cucumber.  For someone with your refinement, passion is an excess and therefore wasteful.  You are more comfortable supplying the appropriate degree of pressure and energy in any given situation, and you are wise enough to know that passion does not lead to stable growth between two people.  You can be counted on to maintain the relationship by the daily acts of devotion for which you are so famous.  They will be utterly lost on your Sagittarian partner, but you know what you are doing.

Degree of Friendship:  This is a fantastic combination for friendship.  Each of you loves to talk as long as it doesn’t involve feelings, so you may have found the raconteur in each other.  There is such pleasure in this type of friendship that the sun may come up on many a conversation that threads a beautiful tapestry of understanding.

Degree of Marriage:  Neither sign is particularly inclined to marriage and doesn’t bring it out in the other.  It would have to be some external catalyst or some emphasis somewhere else in the chart to produce a marriage with this combination of sun signs.  As a friendship with privileges, however, it would go on and on and on.  Neither sign recognizes the need for closure.

Progression of Relationship:  Fits and starts. The clown in Sagittarius comes out when being pursued by a Virgo.  There will be laughter, pratt falls, false starts, missed opportunities, and other occasions for hilarity.  Each of your brings out the sense of humor in the other.  So it will be messy but a lot of fun.

Sex:  Neither sign is particularly noted for interesting sex of the conventional sort.  The attraction is more likely to be based on fascination with each other and the world around you.  My phrase to honor you together would be traveling companions.

When It’s Over:  Each of you will avoid this kind of closure, as well, preferring to leave things open ended by nature.  It is not likely that you will accrue many possessions and the emotional depth that promotes vindictiveness is absent.  The best ending would be these four words: hail fellow well met.

Our Rating:  7/10

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62 Responses to Virgo Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

  • Ashwani kumar says:

    itz all fake….

  • sarah says:

    hey iam in love with a virgo man and iam a sagittaruis femelle .sometimes i can’t get him and he is too sometimes but at the end we work it on .yes it diffuclt but when we love somebody our heart choose him so we can’t do anythining about it and beside that sagittaruis woman love chalanges so even in love yes she will do it .she will try it and do her best to make it happen and work it on cus she loves from her deep anceint heart . that what make her unique .

  • sharlene says:

    I was with this virgo man for like 3 and soem yrs. were both journalists and met when attendign apress meet. im a sag woman and hes 28 four yrs older than me. hes got a few notches on his belt and has a recurring problem-wants to go back to his ex-es on some pretext or other but finds his way back to me once hes done! wtf is that? its awful first it was x withe preggers (his, but actually she was not) so what should he do? now its another x whose interested and flirting with him coz …hear this… she did a lot for him in the day n shes an angel.really, how come you didnt grow wings in her compny but dumped her? gess ur angelic charms wernt enuf n she found herself a better older/younger angel? this guy does not set boundaries. it makes me not want to take whatever we have to the next level and hes been pestering me about that lately. im just want to tread water. i think hes giving mixed signels to all his ex-es (five) or they wouldnt be flirting w/him after becomein x. i mean face it they became x for a reason. hes expecting me to say yeah go for the ex and thats what i did. what else do you say wheyn someone tells u there not happy and can i get soem soup in the restaurant across the street there tellign me its great n i did have soem before. sure… if you wan the stomach flu again. there aint no law gainst stupidity. question is do i have to keep takkin this nonsense. does anyone here no what to do didanyone have somethin similar happning? i feel like shit and dont think thats a healthy way to feel in a relatonship.

  • RT says:

    So listen people, I am a Sagi – Capi woman and I get along just fine with virgo men. It all depends on the individual itself. To be honest, you can be in a very stable and long-term relationship with good communication with your partner if you have consideration for each other. If the other person does not, well why are you staying in that relationship? But anyways, Loosen up pple, Virgo Men are lovely friends and lovers/boyfriends and pple who are in great relationships with them don’t get turned off by all these negative comments. Peace

  • Virgo male says:

    Im a virgo male (obviously) and I have a sag girlfriend, been together for 3.5 yrs, and we love each other a lottt. We are a couple of goofballs around town, we acknoweledge both our provlems to ourselves and to each other, and work on them, as you would expect any normal coupme to do. We have.had arguments about some stuuuuuupid stuff, but most importantly we bounce back with a day/evening thats a million times better. we are both talking about statting a family togethe1 (with goofball kids of course) and at first when we were single and we met, we had a completely different outlook on life- no kids. I love my little sweet pea to death and want to do better in life for her. I was with many other women before her, did not last more than 3 months (some were sags too) it all depends on how good a teammate you wana be. It can work dammit, quit spewing on the chances of this couple lol

    Ps I read this website when we were first dating, but all I can say is happy couples dont go on here to post stuff cuz they dont care, so im doing this in the hope of delivering hope….you can definetly live a happy wonderful life as a sag virgo couple, trust me

  • sanjay singh says:

    can love happend between two male

  • mrs. married already says:

    my sister the sag, near the scorpio cusp, is inlove with 1st decan virgo. they have children,
    (babies still) and bought a house together, they’re both under 30, and they are so damn lovey dovey.
    i hope that their relationship lasts. hmmm virog doesn’t marry easily but if someone like charlie sheen and michael jackson are able to marry easily, there’s alot more out there that will. (hugh grant is the very epitone of no marriage)

  • Virgo male says:

    Oh yea, and the sex, she was definetly less sexual than I, and I gave/showed her things she hadnt experienced before, so slowly over time she became my supafreak lol, si again quit knocking on the virgo sag

  • JustTheWife says:

    I have been at this relationship for over 30 years. He is a wonderful man, but honestly this Virgo thing is something I never counted on. There are things he waited 25 years to let me in on. And after all that time, I really did not need to know. He has a lot of trouble getting up and going. Which of course, drives my sag mind absolutely crazy. But, he knows how to get money and keep it. He has had a lot of aggravation in his life, and so have I. We are very different people. He is so calm and I am so fly by the seat of my pants that I do not know how we have tolerated each other all these years. He is a good person, but does not know the first thing about how to make a woman feel special. Defiinatly friendship material probably for any woman. It would take perfect body, perfect teeth, perfect everything to get this man’s pulse going. He loves to look at other women when I am with him, I have learned to ignore this, as I have learned, he knows my fire and likes to provoke it in passive/aggressive ways. He will size up a woman right to her face with his eyes, kind of creepy really. Then come back and tell me she smelled bad. He holds beauty and handsomeness in extremely high regard. He thinks beautiful people get all the breaks. I’m like, give me a break. How many of us in real life are beautiful??? And how long does beauty last? Do the best with what you got, that’s how I see it. I will never change him. He is who he is.

  • Heather says:

    Seems like its hard for the sag girl to let go of the virgo man. she will not put up with his BS and kick him to the curb but she has a hard time letting him go in her heart. Always thinks if she didnt do this or did this after he is gone.

  • Coolen says:

    Im a sag woman and im in love with a virgo man. He drives me crazy with his nonchalant ways, its hard for him to respect my feelings. He always blames the females in his past for the way that he act. It pretty upsetting at times we have very heated arguements and we break up almost every other day. But once we talk about it when shit cools down he can be very sweet and caring. I feel i put most of the effort to make it work and he doesnt care but when I do try to cut him off and move on he finds a ways back. I love how caring and supportive he can be but he always thinks im trying to rush things but yet he is always the first person to make a move. He sometimes take my kindness for weakness. He is very simple and boring he doesnt like to do much he sticks to the same routine which drives me insane. Im a very friendly person I like to try new things and see new things but he is the total opposite. Hopefully in due time he will grow out his self centered ways and learn to love me like i do before its to late cause I will get bored and tired of his ways.

  • SagLady says:

    I’m a Sagittarius girl who was/still inlove with a Virgo boy. But I have lots of capricorn placements in me, so Im more compatible with him than other. I met my Virgo my freshman year of highschool. I was utterly and inlove with him. I thought he was a shy boy. Wasn’t a player. So that’s what made me attracted to him. He liked me, so we dated. Well I made that seem simple. But actually it took me 2 months to open him up. He denied me. He was mean to me. Pushed me away. As a Sag, I saw it as a challenge. Still pressed on. Tried so hard to get him to open up bc I knew he had potential. When he finally did admit he loved me. The reward was wonderful. Kind of like being a girl and trying to open up a really hard pickle jar and when you finally get it open, with no help, all the strength in your body. It was ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT. He meant what he said when he loved me. I moved to a different school. We were still cool. Happy for 2 months..then come around hmm…November. I felt like he was cheating on me. We got in a heated argument every now and then. We started to go on and off for a while. Break up, Get back together. He was possessive. He didnt like me talking to other guys. Or anything. I then found out her was talking to another girl. A Gemini. She messaged me saying “Hi. Who is your boyfriend?” I said “Virgo boy.” She said NO. I am his girlfriend. I didnt even argue with her. I cursed him out and he said it was my fault. So we broke up for almost a month. He felt bad and loved me too much I guess and ended it with her. They were together for a month. So I started being the investigator that a sagittarius is, I started snooping around abit. And Notice another girl pop into the picture.
    We were on and off almost everyday bc He would try to make me jealous, Id try to make him jealous. After the last moment of him cheating. I never fully trusted him. He broke up with me for the new girl who was a Leo. He completely disregarded me. I tried to hurt him by yelling at him arguing. Telling him not to leave me. But he treated me like I wasnt even there. Like I were a ghost. I was the most depressed thing EVER. 4 months gone by and Im over him abit but still depressed and wanting him. He breaks up with her for me and tells me it was a mistake.
    Everything was okay again, but I didnt feel happy. I felt used and useless. Empty. So after a week goes by. I break up with him. This time for good. And he asks out the Leo girl again. And then I had drama with ONLY her bc he pretended I didnt exist again. Me and her lashed out at eachother for 3 months straight. But I didnt do it for him. I did it to defend my pride bc she was being disrespectful. Then I finally cut her off. I couldnt handle ANY of it emotionally

    A year and a few months go by. He breaks up with her. Shows up again. It’s going to be our Senior year this year.
    He apologized. Said he was sorry. He still loves me. Always had, Always will. OBVI I didn’t just take him back right away. Bc I hated his freckin guts. But then i soon forgave him and I prayed on it. And we’ve been pretty okay since.
    We haven’t argued. We havent made eachother jealous. I still dont know where we stand. Bc we are so cool and calm and collected with stuff. Its unusual to me. I think hes cheating. But no not really. He tells me he cares every now and then. We dont say love bc baby steps. Baby steps. We’re pretty ok. I dont get jealous or possessive. He doesnt either, WHICH IM SUPRISED. bc he is VERY territorial. He is fun to be around. He seems VERY CHANGED. And Matured to some extent.

    Every Virgo is different by the way. I think it all depends on his maturity level. Bc during the time I wasnt seeing him. I talked to another Virgo and he was sweet. Endearing. I felt like deep down he had this sensual being in him. He was almost like a Scorpio lol. But every Virgo is different. And All Depends on there placements.

    My ex that im now/ i think, talking to again. Even if we are friends. He has venus in leo and mars in leo.

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