Virgo Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility

Famous Virgo-Scorpio Couples:  Keanu Reeves and Parker Posey

This is an unlikely combination, pretty much guaranteed to destroy the best in each other after an initial period of obsession.  Scorpio is a very strong sign interested in power based on sexual prowess in the female and this is not particularly geared toward enticing a Virgo man who could generally care less about power or sex and is mainly interested in self-mastery and integrity.  In fact, it might be a test of his integrity to turn away from The Temptress.  The initial basis of attraction between Virgo man and Scorpio woman would be the intensity they both can feel for the object of their desire.  Both signs are discriminating to the nth degree.  Scorpio is looking for a certain type of sexual connection — after all, sex is their religion.  Virgo is looking for a particular fit — according to their inner diagram of “the soul mate”.  Of all the signs, these are the two least likely to date around, to date casually, or to be players.

How to Attract a Virgo Man as a Scorpio Woman:  “Come into my parlor,” said the spider to the fly.  We mean nothing negative about this; it’s just the nature of spiders and flies.  If ever a man in the world needed seducing, it’s a Virgo man.  So, please, Scorpio lady, do your thang.

How to Attract a Scorpio Woman as a Virgo Man:  The Scorpio woman does the choosing, but if you have your eye set on her, your best bet is to show an intense sexual vibration in your aura.  This is one lady who moves quickly to consummation — if she’s interested at all — and all you have to do is be a willing participant.  You probably need to muster up some emotions and say a few of the right things, but she’ll pretty much take control if she’s interested. If she’s not interested she’ll flick you off like a fly on her shoulder and you’ll just have to take “no” for an answer.  By way of encouragement, I will add that your discriminating faculties are usually correct.  If you are interested in her, it’s not for no reason.  Trust your instincts.  (Of course it’s well known that Virgo likes to “reform the whore.”)

Degree of Romance:  Scorpio will be oriented toward sex and emotions, tending to excess in both.  Virgo can supply a fine stream of romantic counter-point, bringing the relationship into balance.  Virgos are among the most romantic signs in the zodiac, and, like Don Quixote and Dulcinea, they handle illusion well, and the illusion is that you are a fairy princess, even if you fall a little short of the mark.

Degree of Passion:   There is a high degree of erotic attraction here which surpasses passion in its intensity.  A Scorpio woman is probably every Virgo man’s secret fantasy.  At least half the time he’s with you, he’ll be thinking “If this is a dream, don’t wake me up.”

Degree of Friendship:  These two can be exceptionally devoted friends.  Virgo can sooth the trouble waters of Scorpio like no other and reduce the enormity of her concern to pragmatic details that can be easily taken care of.  At this, she will marvel.  In turn, the Scorpio woman can provide emotional support and push forward the Virgo man forward in his career.  These two will always have plenty to talk about as friends, too.  They are perhaps at their best in this function.  Many a Scorpio woman has taken a Virgo man under her wings and helped guide him through the morass of political snares because she understands the undercurrents of the group and the not-so-nice motives of some people (people do things that the normal Virgo would blush to imagine).

Degree of Marriage:  This can make a good marriage if the emphasis is on work, raising a family, and accomplishing things.  Virgo does not start out to set the world on fire, but many a Virgo becomes terribly successful by virtue of being so good at what they do.  Many Virgos are “the best in their field,” be it SCUBA diving, library science, or brain surgery.  Many Virgos wind up as consultants later in life because so many people have learned to look up to them.  Together, Virgo and Scorpio accomplish a lot.  If she is a Lady Macbeth-type Scorpio and he’s a Casper Milquetoast-like Virgo, of course it will be disastrous.

Progression of Relationship: Virgo tends to do things right the first time, including courtship, but Scorpio may not be so easily led.  She may try to rush into sex as a means of getting power.  If only she knew how much better it would be to wait and do things his way.  The Virgo man will probably be forgiving of any mistakes the Scorpio woman makes — and quietly correct them.  As I said before, he will insist on treating her like a lady, even if she isn’t acting like one.  Virgos are the farthest thing from casual and impulsive.  The Virgo male will have his plan of courtship laid out carefully in his own mind, step-by-step, and it is probably a thing of great beauty.  If only she would “let it be.”  If you do just let it be, he will amaze and delight you, having put more thought into what might please you, than you can almost imagine.

Sex:  This is likely to be a strong point in their relationship.  Most Scorpio woman are masters at sex,  and exude confidence and expertise at love making, whereas Virgo prides himself on going to any extreme to make sure to please and fulfill their partner.  They will explore the ins and outs of sex, sharing many notes and details and points of interest.  And remember both these signs are perfectionists in their own way.  When they focus intensely on the erotic union, they will take years and years to explore all of the nooks and crannies of delight.

When It’s Over:  Scorpio has a reputation for bad endings, like the 3rd act of a Verdi opera.  It’s hard to bring Virgo down to that level.  Scorpio may rant and rave, threaten, stalk, and seek revenge, but it’s hard to carry through when the other party is disinterested.  Vindictiveness is a game for two.  If Virgo decides he must leave, he will do it the way he does everything — precisely and carefully, and with his own brand of honor.  What she keeps throwing down, he will pick back up, polish off and put back where it belongs, until everything is tidy and in order, drawing things to a successful conclusion.

Our Rating: 7/10

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74 Responses to Virgo Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility

  • Scorpio Expert says:

    I am a scorpio woman in love with a virgo man and from all that i have been reserching and believe me i HAVE done my reserch! also not to mention first hand expereince of the union, i have found that for sooo many reasons the scorpio and virgo match really is a match made in HEAVEN!!! i truly beieve that it’s because the two elements earth and water go together so beautifully because when you put the elements together they mold so well and transform together to make another element, mud! so that being said they go together to form and build a substance that can be used. They also tend to be on the same wavelength in many areas especially humour and last but not least because of the perfectionist qualities of both signs the SEX is none other than delicious!

  • aliya says:

    I briefly spoke to my my “friend” ( or whatever he is) after three months a couple of days ago. It was his birthday so I called him and he actually answered the phone! But our conversation was very brief and he said he would call me back but im not holding my breath because he never calls. So after much overanalyzing i decided to send him a semi-long text about how I was feeling because I was too shy to tell him over the phone and perhaps a little scared because i didnt think he wanted to hear me out. When i have something to say I just say how i feel, I am very open with my emotions and he is the exact opposite its like trying to pull teeth with this man! But he has this PULL over me and I cannot verbalize it. I did feel slightly better because i have been wanting to release these repressed emotions for months and I had to bury them because wthout him knowing what is the true point? So I’m just waiting to see if he responds, and given our history i doubt it. So i guess i really do have closure and i need to move on,because our situation is going nowhere. This is one of the most painful experiences I have had to deal with of late…..and the joke is we are not even in a relationship?!?, so although some people have commented on how great this pairing is in my reality it has been bullshit. :(

  • Anonymous84 says:

    I loved this description, and it really outlines what I’ve experienced during my last 3 months of dating a Virgo man. Especially the part about reforming the whore (haha!). Our schedules are incredibly incompatible, but he prefers I not see anyone else. When I felt like my overwhelmingly intense emotions towards him weren’t being reciprocated, he responded with the sweetest confession of realistic, pragmatic but completely reinforcing feelings. He does guide me back to the reality between us when I get too intense (with feelings for or against him). We slept together on our first date, and I absolutely use that power to keep him engaged. Not to mention our chemistry is HOT! It’s amazing that I’ve latched on to someone so physically unavailable, but with the emotional skills to keep me at it. It’s been fun, and the slowest moving relationship I’ve ever had- because of his need to be sure/sacrifice his time and that I won’t use that term unless I am his priority. But it’s been good and fun and sexy as hell! Well done, horoscope website

  • scorpioprincess in virgolove says:

    i have to say this was a very interesting reading about virgoman /scorpiowoman… i really liked it ;) should be more of them! been in love with a virgo since the first time we met i knew this one would be a hard one.. we had the best sex evvvaaah and ive been with a few before him and some after him too and really cant forget him…… hurts because we are like million miles away and i will probably never see him again.. but i wish i was such a lucky girl could have a man like him by my side all the time… he really looks just perfect and he is so cool.. sexy hooot virgoman…… hope this girl alia get back hers ;) im just the same type telling what i feel very fast and very many words…. scorpios have just too much feelings to sort out and when it comes out i think its just too much for the virgomen whos trying to keep it so cool to handle;) but it took me like 2 years before i told him about my feelings….. just had to because i want him to know it… and i kind of have that feeling that he hasnt forgot me either… i thought he knew how i felt, but that he didnt want things so emotional, because it was sex we both wanted but who could knew this was gonna be my beeest sexmate ever.. so i kept it cool my self and dissapeared out of the blue and he didnt show me any passion or feelings at all, just in bed and thats just not enough at all for a girl like me…. but i really wish i was tough enough that time to tell it but i wasnt…feels muuch better to say it as it is anyway… in the end i feel more better about it now just knowing that he knows.. what is ment to be will be thats just something i believe,but i guess we wasnt ready for that any of us anyway at that time….. and it probbably was just me feeling it that way…. i have to say it was SEX at first sight hahha and i just believe love is stronger than pride! im a proud AND shy scorpio girl.. so if he is such a cool virgo guy and every virgoman is like that , im sure about that scorpios and virgos can only survive inside bed but not outside of it…… scorpios needs that passion or we will freezzze into ice and acting like nothing happened and move on asap… scorpios are strong enough to do it but believe me it hurts… but what doesnt kill makes us stronger ;)

  • anonymous says:

    ya tru things that doesn’t kill us makes us stronger :)

  • The Virgonian says:

    How to Attract a Virgo Man as a Scorpio Woman: “Come into my parlor,” said the spider to the fly. We mean nothing negative about this; it’s just the nature of spiders and flies. If ever a man in the world needed seducing, it’s a Virgo man. So, please, Scorpio lady, do your thang.

    I’m dating a Scorpio woman at the moment, actually. There’ve been a few times we’ve almost ended up dating in the past, but this is the first time we’re going past the friend stage. It’s been pretty fun so far, I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes

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  • gaurav says:

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  • really agreed wit dis comments of lyf… n d VIRGO man

  • KRYSTAL says:

    WOw. ok well first let me say most of the times when people talk about their Virgo man Scorpio woman union either it ends, or the are together. the best thing about that is their is no middle with either of them. and to be honest that is just fine, FOR THEM. either you are wit or you not. Now second i have been with my VIrgo for about 4 years, and after 360 days of knowing each other he asked me to marry him. Well he use to do sum crazy ass stuff, so i waited and waited and waited…… Until that perfect time and i tore his emotions the hell up. And i know our bond is SUPER tight because with anybody else he would have left that chick whereever she stood. but nope that day when we became face to face, honey he went to JARED. HA LOL VIRGO =2 SCORPIO=1. bUT TRUST that one that i have is the greatest VICTORY of all. HEHE. ok yeah now my Virgo is all that they say he is, with a little twist, and i am that Scorpio. but i love this man and he loves me, we have our issues and then he clams the hell up, but i jus make him talk to me while i am laying his chest. He tells his secrets like he is whispering in my ear, because only i should know….. We can fight argue, well i can fight and argue, and when he is tired of me trippin then he says what he has to say. My husband is a good man and he has flaws jus like the next man and everybody knows scorpios are jus plain ol nuts. But we go to gather like oil water and flour, so that makes us all gravey… HEHE

  • Smooch says:

    So tru !!! I can be myself n tell him everything like stuff I would hide from exes thats how closed we are I’m just myself around him even when my mood just switch on n off out of no where he understand that it’s just my personality so he knows how to deal with my bitchy mood swings n that’s love when they can handle to put up with your bratty shit lol he’s such a good very caring man n always open the car door for me even when were fighting n I’m super mad he still open the car door for me lol such a gentleman

  • MandyIsHappy says:

    I am a cusp Scorpio-Libra who was with a Virgo man for 6.5 years. Whereas I felt a deep connection in the beginning, it was never quite there as deep in his heart. However we have always been super close & gotten along well.
    The sex was good, but not the deep passionate kind, always more porn style, so I lacked the deep connection there too. After 4 years of marriage (after 2.5 years of dating), we planned an amicable divorce for the best to us both.
    We remain best friends strangely enough, and still care about each other’s well-being.
    I recently connected with a cusp Sagittarius-Capricorn man, and already we’re seeing stars and deep love like I have never experienced before! I truly believe in this astrology stuff now and KNOW the feeling for real of finding the soulmate!! I highly recommend researching your compatible signs, take notes even! Then try signing up on a free dating website like POF to stealthily search out your sign matches and see what happens! I also cross-referenced my new guy with the Chinese Zodiac (we are both Dog signs) and are compatible there too! It’s been amazing!!!

  • amita says:

    all is v.true .i had experienced meself. its heaven to have him my life partner…..

  • Anonymous says:

    Im a scorpio woman and I dated a virgo man for 3years, the sex was bad at the beginning, but I taught him what I liked :) . I can say it was like love at 1st sight, but he had so many issues. They are extra moody, bad at communication, 2 things that we as scorpios dont like. We broke up over a year ago, im still in love with him, and he wont talk to me, I hooked up with a guy 6months after our break up and he said I had cheated… im not sure y he said that? It was an awful break up, virgos r very spitefull and can tear a scorpio up inside and leave them with nothing. I recently dated another virgo for a couple of months, he cheated and then still asked to be friends bcoz he really cared about me, which I dont understand. In my experience a scorpio female should stay away from.a virgo man, its like they go out of their way to purposely hurt u

  • aquarius says:

    just proof that sometimes opposites attract. i almost couldn’t believe it when i found my parents were virgo-scorpio. my dad is a virgo to the T, while my mom does not seem to fit so much into the typical scorpio mold. anyways , they’ve been together for 20 years and their marriage is great, ups and downs like any other but overall loving and honest and they’ve done a great job of raising my cap sister and i – they are wonderful parents. they seem to complement eachother- my mother keeps my father from withdrawing too far into his mind , she entices him to see the world around him and sees the motives of people around him clearly even when he does not. he is a bit moody emotionally and she is his “rock” she keeps him grounded. she is strong and fiery , but is in love with him because he is and always will be a perfect gentleman who treats her like a lady. she admires his intelligence and his calm natures balances her explosive one , he soothes her. these are just things i noticed before even looking up their compatibility. anyways , i’ve always said i wanted a marriage like theirs where two people complement eachother and bring out the best in eachother.

  • Erlande:) says:

    Heyy everyone.. I’m a young scorpio female and I’m currently interested in and dating a young virgo male. He’s 5 years older than me and i’ve never dated anyone that much older than me. He’s a typical virgo but hes straight forward and brutally honest, always making sure his girl understands his emotions. He’s impressively intellectual. I have been told I have a pretty face nice body great complexion etc… And guys usually talk to me for sex which is why Im single for such a long time… He grabbed my attention by showing his interest in my mind and soul. He stayed on the phone with me til 3 in the morning trying to get to know me on a different level. We are not a couple as I let things be and will let him guide the relationship (which I have never done). He’s taking it slow trying to figure me out and see if things will go further than where there are now. Trust me I feel emotions I never knew existed and I’m sure if we do become a couple I would fall in love for the first time and I wont be scared of heart break.. I never let anyone get as close to me as he has in the short time I’ve known him. Scorp babies if yu can find that virgo who makes yu smile no matter what he does and yu tell him your life’s secrets then give him a chance. :)

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  • Shaun says:

    Virgos are very judemental so you do not need a fire sign (Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius) Thwy are a litlte to”lose” and wild for you to handle. A sweet sensitive Cancer would be a good match. Also sophictisted Pisces would be a goot match and a wise Capricorn. Stick to earth signs.

  • lorry b says:

    Its true.. The Virgo man is so mesmerizing to the Scorpio woman. Virgo man made me feel like a I had found an oasis after a long trek through an unforgiving desert. They are the breath of fresh air and new perspective that us constantly changing Scorpio woman needs to makeway through stormy weathers. They have such a stable spirit, if I was ever lost at see he would be the moment you dig your hands into the earth and hold on for dear life. I haven’t spoken to my Virgo man in almost a year… And I still love/ fantasize about him daily (koo koo for coco puffs right). Found out he was engaged, it left me in tears when my thoughts to his future of his beautiful children and happy life. Because they are so stable and secure its what you dream about having with them when you guys get to the deep stuff. But he’s such a good guy in his heart, despite some of minor bumps, I see his heart of gold. I wish him all the happiness in the world I’ve never felt spiteful about his engagement. The best way to describe it, lovers come and go but its the virgin who always leaves the sweetest taste on Scorpios deadly lips. Go Virgos♥

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  • RaeRah says:

    I’m a very evolved, no nonsense Scorpio woman who has been married to one Virgo, left him after a few years because he had no backbone when it came to his family and friends being disrespectful and ignorant towards me where as I wouldn’t ever have allowed mine to mistreat him no matter what. He was very manipulative when I walked away, even threatened to kill himself it I didn’t take him back. I loss my older brother to suicide so he knew that would hit home for me so I took him back. Also, I didn’t get married to get divorced and that was another reason I tried to work it out. He was in the Navy so always away and after making plans for him to relocate where I currently lived at the time, purchased a home and started my own part time business, I found out by accident that he was cheating on me and actually living with the Broad in California. All the while getting extra money for having a family in another state, a new home as well as him living off post with this whore who knew he was married. God is good though because I confronted him and he told me that he wanted her and they were having a child together. Turns out you truly can’t turn a Hoe into a housewife because the baby wasn’t even his so he got what he deserved. The second was a 5 yr relationship and pretty much had the same issue with his family. I’d cut him off, he’d come crawling back until I’d had enough. fast forward 10yrs now and he gets in touch with my mother who tells me he wants to talk to me. We’ve talked and he still professes his undying love for me and wants me back. He says that he FINALLY SEES what I meant about his family who would always give me their ass because he took such good care of me financially and all they wanted to do was use him. He and I were perfect together but he allowed too many outside influences split us up and after breaking up many times over his trifling family, him hooking up with other women during the splits but always coming back (although he didn’t know how to completely cut off the hook ups and I’d find out they’d still keep in touch and want him back), I fell out of love with him. My birthday is coming up and he wants to take me out and wants me to give him another chance saying there’s no one like me for him, I just don’t know. I’m tired and don’t want to give him false hope but I will always care for him. I just don’t play games of the heart and don’t do well with someone not standing up for me when all I’m doing is loving them and it’s outside haters who want to tear us apart. Funny how men can’t see the forest for the trees and this one said it’s been killing him the past 10 yrs to think of another man being with me. LOL

  • Momma B says:

    My daughter is the typical Scorpio woman, however her Virgo man is a LAZY 25yr old who doesn’t have a pot to piss in! he does have a job when he decides to go, but doesn’t drive (no license, no car), alcohol and cigarettes are his Gods; and quicker to pass judgment the Judge Judy! He sounds 2 ways(towards my daughter) ~whining wanting something or matter of fact asshole! Towards me (the proud lioness,who has taught him that out of respect he will answer me ) just mumbles like he has balls in his jaws!according to your site there’s two possibilities of how this can end. He will either mature out of this, but I’m hoping before that she just poisons him with her sting! Any imput??? Mom B!

  • jo says:

    Doesn’t sounds lik a typical virgo man…..they are soooo perfect :)

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