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  1. aliya

    I briefly spoke to my my “friend” ( or whatever he is) after three months a couple of days ago. It was his birthday so I called him and he actually answered the phone! But our conversation was very brief and he said he would call me back but im not holding my breath because he never calls. So after much overanalyzing i decided to send him a semi-long text about how I was feeling because I was too shy to tell him over the phone and perhaps a little scared because i didnt think he wanted to hear me out. When i have something to say I just say how i feel, I am very open with my emotions and he is the exact opposite its like trying to pull teeth with this man! But he has this PULL over me and I cannot verbalize it. I did feel slightly better because i have been wanting to release these repressed emotions for months and I had to bury them because wthout him knowing what is the true point? So I’m just waiting to see if he responds, and given our history i doubt it. So i guess i really do have closure and i need to move on,because our situation is going nowhere. This is one of the most painful experiences I have had to deal with of late…..and the joke is we are not even in a relationship?!?, so although some people have commented on how great this pairing is in my reality it has been bullshit. 🙁

  2. Scorpio Expert

    I am a scorpio woman in love with a virgo man and from all that i have been reserching and believe me i HAVE done my reserch! also not to mention first hand expereince of the union, i have found that for sooo many reasons the scorpio and virgo match really is a match made in HEAVEN!!! i truly beieve that it’s because the two elements earth and water go together so beautifully because when you put the elements together they mold so well and transform together to make another element, mud! so that being said they go together to form and build a substance that can be used. They also tend to be on the same wavelength in many areas especially humour and last but not least because of the perfectionist qualities of both signs the SEX is none other than delicious!

  3. Aliya

    All the sites I have visited all state that these two signs are so well matched, but it obviously goes deeper that that. Certain personalities dont match well, and with my personal experience the situation went nowhere, so it really does depend on the two parties involved. 🙁

  4. Bejae

    From what I read? I would say that the article states that they are matching and are suitable; it’s a basic matter of give and take, if you will. Now as for who has the stronger personality and dominance I would have to say it depends on each individual situation. I being a Scorpio can say that some of what I have read is not at all the way I am; maybe I am not the “normal” Scorpio then. I do fall in the middle of the Sign which means that I carry the strongest of the traits; some of what is said in this article does not “fit” me at all… I’ve read several articles, now, about the Virgo Man and the Scorpio Woman and each article has pretty much had a different take on these 2 signs but in the end all the other articles have stated that a Virgo Man/Scorpio Woman is the BEST match!!!

  5. Mostafa

    Among all the articles I’ve read about the “Virgo Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility”, this one is the most convincing. However, I’m still confused. To sum it up , you are saying that these two are NOT matching or are NOT suitable for each other right ?. In addition, who is more likely to have a stronger personality and dominance in their relationship ?. Thank you.

  6. Aliya

    I have fallen deeply in love with my male virgo friend. I think he is the most amazing man I have ever met. I have always felt this very deep connection to him that until this day I cannot force myself to shake. I just opened up my entire soul to him with ease which is rare for a very private Scorpio that I am. We have been friends for years and as soon as I finally gained the courage to tell him how i felt, he pushed me away. I don’t know if he is scared, or hates that I bring out that vulnerable side in him …….but the lack of communication on both sides is what is killing us now. What bothers me the most is if he does not share the same feelings as I do, why cant he just act like how he used to before? We are both very reserved, private, and guarded people. I am so deeply conflicted internally, because my brain says walk away and let him be even though I love him and my heart wants to stick it out…..but I just have no more left. I’m emotionally drained. The saddest part is that we cannot be friends and I’m so hurt, I can’t let him go and I don’t know how to move on.

  7. Neil

    I don’t know what others are saying. But you are spot on.. Miss nancy..
    You have the experience.. The virgo & scorpio prediction is spot on.
    Sometimes its simply too much..
    I also believe scorpios best match are saggs, tauruas & scorps.
    Thank you..

  8. TAZ

    I am a Scorpio women and my soul mate is a Virgo man. The first time I met him his gaze penetrated my soul and stuck me right in heart (I know its weird because us scorpions are the “soul penetrators”). That was in high school and we had a purely sexual relationship even though I secretly yearned for more. Fast forward to my early twenties and we reconnected. This time having a “relationship” even though we had communication difficulties because we were both so guarded. My entire soul connected with his during lovemaking like it has never connected with anybody before or after. He was emotionally aloof which was hard to deal with as a passionate brooding scorpion. I felt like the relationship wasn’t progressing like i thought it should and I left him (BIG MISTAKE).

    I had a leo whispering sweet nothings and telling me that I deserved so much more, so I left. My leo man ending up asking me to marry him and I wanted the marriage, wedding,an white picket fence so bad that I did…. even though I knew I was still in love with my virgo man.

    Fast forward to present day (13 years later). My relationship with my leo man is a disaster. He is too invasive and needy and waaaay too clingy (&may actually suffer from BPD illness). My virgo man contacted me on facebook a little over a year ago and when I got the request it sent shivers down my spine. I am still in love with him. We connect and its like we never missed a beat. We are so attracted to one another it is scary as hell. Like polar opposites the magnetism is undeniable. I have never been able to free myself from him completely.

    I can admit (even though maybe not to him). That I love him and I know I do. The ties between us are always present for the last 20 years. My virgo man is amazing and keeps me guessing and yes even pisses me off, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. If I ever get him in my grasp again… I will not let go.

  9. myk

    this really is true!! well i am a virgo man…i’v been in relation with many womans…but never worked out…its been 3 years since i met this scorpio lady, nd it is true scorpio woman do have beautiful eyez…her eyes are lyk ocean in which my dreams are reflected…..everything changed for me…its lyk i want more of her each day…at first i thought that her being so physical was not wat i liked abt her, i waz confused…but later on i realize thats the scorpio thing…she is really possessive abt me…nd i am also possessive abt her bur never tell her that i am… we do argue some time well most of the time:p but it always ends with a smile..i really do love her…nd want to spent the rest of my life with her….

  10. candy

    I am a Scorpio lady dating a Virgo man and to be honest, it was wonderful in the beginning but the whole not showing emotion is beginning to bug me. I wish he would tell me what he feels, what he’s thinking etc. At times I wonder if its all worth it or should I move on and find someone else… but I cant keep running..

  11. JandJ

    Nancy, I would like to say you are right about one thing: “it might be a test of his integrity to turn away from The Temptress.” Let just say, it much more of a challange and fun when virgo man tries to fight the magical seducation of the scorpio woman. #ScorpioWinning 😉

    I really believe a scorpio woman is best suited for a virgo man. Bias? maybe. But think about it. Cancers are too moody, Pisces are too emotional and sensitive to deal with virgo’s critical and brutal honesty. A scorpio is equally honest and has a thick skin as well as an ego to not let virgo man’s critiques to affect her self esteem. But enough to take it into consideration, because it is really virgo’s way of saying he wants you to better yourself. 🙂

  12. JandJ

    I am a Scorpio woman in love with a Virgo man ten years my senior. At the beginning of the relationship, he was very reserved. Which made me so incredibly attracted to him. but as time passed, he has shown sides to him that not everyone is privy to. We connected easily on so many levels. We made love constantly. It was intense every single time. I was addicted to him as he was to me. He didn’t like the idea of being so vulnerable so fast and typical virgo fashion he has to overthink it and anyalze it to death. ( I do it too.) So, he began to push me away. I left him and moved on to pursue my ambitions. A year and half later, he chasing me down, doing everything possible to be with me. He pays for my flights across the US twice a month to see him. Calls me daily. Tells me he loves me million times a day and talks about marriage constantly. I taught him about not being scared of vulnerability and he taught me about not allowing my emotions get the best of me. He is like a new man, a man I never existed. Behind that cool mannerisms, is a passionate, open, introspective, sensitive soul. I feel special to know that I am the lucky woman he chooses to be like this with. As a scorpio, we love secerts. And his inner core is a secert only shared between us to.

    The Virgo and Scorpio union is a special soulmate bond. The kind that moves in silence. They are very alike, intense, ambitious, and intelligent. I believe this is one of the best signs together. Earth/water need each other to grow. Nancy Make it a 9-10!!!!!!

  13. Sasha

    I am a 27yr old Scorpio woman & I’m seeing a Virgo male 7yrs my junior. He is very reserved when it comes to sexuality. He only dates older women, but yet he seems intimidated by them. After 5 dates we still had not kissed yet, & I told him that was unacceptable. One night I beckoned him to my home & “we got along “” quite nice.. Now all I have to do is train him.

  14. Glamazon

    Scorpio woman (early 30’s) just met a Virgo male (late 30’s)… Met him out, not my ideal situation, but since I only go out like once a moth or maybe once every two months, I took it as a blessing!! He was beautiful. I saw him the second I walked in and knew then I had to know him!! It took me damn near a hour to get his name. We flirted and talked and hit it off right away. I think I initiated contact but he responded very well. He is smart, smooth, gorgeous a very eligible bachleor. he problem I have is I am affraid I will not live up to what he thinks I am all about… I looke d SMOKIN HOT that night but under my super tight dress I have a not so perfect body and I am nervous he thinks I do… I also am unemployed right now but if you saw me you’d think I was a executive or something… I am just so scared he saw more than what was really there. I like him though and we text alot. He has me intrigued. I suppose if he likes everything perfect this is not going to work as I only perfect, but under it all, I am not!! OOOHHHH what to do!! I have to try though… He’s to damn fine to give up on before even trying!! Wish us many blessings.. We shall see if its truly love at first sight or not!! PS he drives a fly old school vette too as his weekend car lol!!!

  15. Lara

    @jaKIEo yeah its amazing how we are very similar as scorpio women, my younger sister is a scorpio woman as well and we just had a massive talk in the weekend and surprised to see how similar we are especially when it comes to relationships and sex, it does seem that sex is very important to scorpios!

  16. Lara

    Well I am a scorpio woman and have just met a virgo man, been on one date and we seemed to get on fine, same sense of humour and I was a bit worried as he said he would like to hang out again, but he didn’t give me a hug or any sort of physical contact, so am surprised he wants to catch up again, but reading all this it all makes sense, he was a really nice guy, easy to talk to, but its soooo hard to tell if he actually likes me or just wants to see me as a friend? I guess time will tell, but its funny to see the differences already within the first meeting, lol

  17. jaKIEo

    OMG Scorpian Woman have alot in common as most of the posts are by us! I guess thats us seeking answers.This is the first Virgo man I have been interested in…He hit on me and said it was my eyes..I was cautious but wanted to see just where it may go..Although at first I was willing to get down he assured me that it didnt matter.Still we wait..I wonder if they are cautious because they are not secure with their sexual ability? IDK he seems a little bossy like he wants control I kinda like it but not sure if he can handle the real sex crazed me

  18. Anthony

    This is the compatibility reading that has fit me the best thus far! I’m a virgo male…we got along at first as friends and flirting.But it went downhill when I started noticing that scorpios don’t really think about love when having sex. That’s the reason I have sex, to demonstrate love! I was like the woman always complaining bout the lack of affection and love. DON’T plan on dating a scorpio again!

  19. nette

    i am a scorpio woman n i have met a virgo man….i’ve neva in all my life met i man so into me….let alone me into him…i neva knew scorpio’s n virgo’s were an ideal couple til i asked him wut was his b day so i can read our horoscope compatibility….he’s really sweet….i was so at lost for words cus once i read it da same day we hung out for da first time…n he blew my mind cus we were doin nunin but we had so much fun jus talkin….he listened but he also talked to me…which is wut i had been lookin for…somebodi i could talk to bout n e thing…but also somebodi who could talk to me bout n e thing…once we spent dat day togetha i jus wanted to b roun him all da time…its like he’s my soul mate…even though i like to b in control…i love a man who can be in control too…he showed me everything i needed to c in one nite…i;ve been hurt a lot in my life by men so it was kinda easy to know exactly wut i wanted out of a man…i jus feel like i could spend my life wit him…wit no problems…im easy to get uninterested in men but i pay close attention to wut a man does or says around me….but errthang dat i read about us was very true…n i cant wait to c wuts n store for us n da future….

  20. Scorpio1313

    You need to initiated the right body language..virgom men pick up on that pretty well. And majority of these guys are like over-respectful so you are going to have to make some kind of move to get the ball rolling a bit. I have dated 2 virgo men and they have the smae characteristics…to be blunt I think I am still wanting to see what would happen if I fully hooked up with the mast virgo man (he is 10 years my senior) I am in another relationsip at the moment and content but the virgo and I still have unfinshed business…we’ll see what happens I guess

  21. crystal

    I’m a scorpio woman, who is physically and sexually attractive to a virgo man. We’ve know eachother for a short period of time now. He tells me that he’s interested verbally and physically but I want to know do he mentally. He says he want to take things slow and if something happens it happens. But I’m a right now type person. I don’t want to push away and show him that I’m not interested but then again I don’t want to hoover all over him and scare him away. What should I do?

  22. real

    virgos are quite hidden in their minds sometimes…its like they have to think everything thru to every extent in their mind before taking the next step…it kills me! lol because im a scorpio girl full of curiousity… i want to find out whats going on in that mind of his, but i dont want to come off as too pushy or rather impatient. Virgos take things in stride. They’d rather sit back, observe, and analyze each thing they take in about you. They have strong points in loyalty-trust, communication-work… which i take in as a like as a potentional partner…

  23. TMonster

    I am a scorpio woman who has been dating a virgo man for a while now. i must admit the beginning of our realtionship he was the sterotypical virgo man. he did not want to jump into things, he wanted to be certain. i in the situation was nothing more tha na scorpio and pushed things upon him, racking my mind why he was being so timid about our realtionship. i must say if i was to ever go about it another way i would of been much easier on him, being so pushy caused the brunt of most of our issues in the beginning. as time has passed we have found ourselves most reliant on each other with a bond that no one could compare. we are an amazing team and compliment each other so well. i have a tendancy to over-react to some things and he can talk me down and be the rational one and he has a tendancy to be a little disconnected with things and i help bring light to the more emotional side of his problems. communication is the biggest role in the success of this realtionship, i feel. the only time we do have a problem is if we get caught up in the intensity of life but soon realize that if we take a moment to put forth what we both have to offer as an opinion, we are nearly unstoppable. negativity can run rampid through any relationship, scorpio women, we are so strong… if you have love for a virgo man, just give him your strength and patience. i know i want nothing more in this world but my virgo man. he is my ultimate friend, my lover.

  24. Scarf

    I am a Scorpio woman, and I must confess that I’ve been looking for help online for quite sometime already… I think I am obsessed with a Virgo man.. just not to say Im in love with him, cause he lives in Hungary, and I live in the Caribbean.. What I love the most about him is that everyone I know tells me how bright and intelligent I am, but he makes me feel so silly.. and that thrills me soo much, not just intellectually, but physically too. He teases me and I tease him, which eventually leads us to flirting =P I’ve come to realize that whenever I’m not chatting with him I get anxious, nervous, cant focus on anything.. He is the first man that really gets me turned on.. I dont know what to do… I think about him 90% of my day. Im not sure if he really knows the degree of what I feel for him. He knows I like him, but I dont think he knows how much! And I can’t tell him, because admiting I like him that much will only make me suffer ’cause he’s not here with me. I want him like I’ve never wanted anyone ever!, but I cant go to him becuase getting there is quite expensive for me right now. But someday I am certain we’ll be together 🙂 Any advice???Wish me the best of lucks guys!

  25. Mar


    I am head over-heels smitten with a Virgo man now. It’s new and he excites every pore in my body. Already I am seeing so much of what is said here and in the compatibility report as true. As all you Scorps know, patience is not one of our strong suits when we want something or someone. I am trying to play it cool, but have already shown him my obssessive side. I’m frightened of scaring him away with that.

    My biggest pet peeve with him so far is he sets time limits to be online with me. He doesn’t want out chatting to become stale so he thinks it fine to chat with each other once a week or sometimes be longer apart than that. We are doing seriously long distance communicating as he lives in th UK and I’m in the US. We are also both having horrible turns of fortune right now because of the economic mess and do not know when we’ll be able to plan a trip and meet.

    I want things to develop between us and really want to try and be patient and give him some time to open up to me. I’m really picky about men and so much about him piques my interest. He not only fuels my fire physically but intellectually as well.

    From what I’ve read here, he may be one worth keeping. I’ll check back every once in a while here and see if I might get tidbits of advice on how to corale this Virgo man or get help on particular issues I’m facing with him.

    Wish me luck.

  26. lloyd

    Hey Satara be informed virgos are little fussy and take great interest in astrology and numerology. I dont like doing anything importan on combination ending with 8 as i read somewhere that people born on 8 would have negative impact on 4 & 8. with respect to been distant YES Virgos need their freedom not in wrong sense but needs to be alone to recharge his senses and ones in a while wants be alone. You being a water sign i understand it must be difficult for you but trust me he will not have any other reasons to be distant. Spend some time indoors he would be happy to spend quality time at home than going out. Dont be dramatic he is a very simple down to earth man who seeks consistency, loyalty and caring partner. Use you wit more than your looks he will get bowled.


  27. Satara

    I am a Scorpio woman, I have been dating a Virgo man for, it will be two yrs Nov 18, a date which my Virgo insisted on. We dont remember what date we actually start talking, I told him it was sometime after my birthday but before thanksgiving. So I said it was somewhere around the 17th, lets make it the 17th of Nov! Then he says…”Nooo…why does it have to be the 17th…why cant it be the 18th? and Im like whats wrong with the 17th…I asked him…you dont like the number 7 ? No, he says. What, did somthing bad happen to you in the past on the 17th that you dont want to remember? No…he says again. Then what? Im just saying he says, why does it have to be the 17th…Im liking the 18th…Why cant it be the 18th? ooooK…I replied back…followed by our laughter. He has some weird control freak moments like that all the time…But I love it. I love him so much. I know that he was made for me and I for him…There is no one else. I am so thankful for him. So happy that I dont have to keep desberatly searching for him anymore. But I just have one hurdle to get over for us to have perfect harmonious bliss…The distance. Sometimes I feel like I am Odysseus fighting the gods off to get to what is destant to be mine, yet they keep me from it. and yes my Virgo is my Penelope, lol bc I got the masculin planet rule in our relationship( and it def. shows…lol). He needs me. He is my damsel in distress…lol…what can I say Ima Scorpio woman…we got that whole Joan of Ark thing going on…

  28. lloyd

    Thanx Nancy. Unfortunate she had to move out. Hey i got to confess that they are the only sunsign who can match up with Virgos wit and interests. But need to watch out for their wrath as its vry scary. I am waiting for my next angel and this time hoping that its a scorpion again.

  29. Ove Virgo Guy

    Am a virgo guy, in love with a scorpio woman.. took me quite time to get her, at first i thought this girl is such an angel – but wen i got her i could fell dis girl is such a spoil angel.. shez so cool and sweet, but she just don’t say much and i really wanna know so much about her like her ex relationships, life etc.. coz she got two tatoos of her ex bfs i guess and i asked her never tatoo my name on her body lol.. coz wen am gone i don’t wanna be remenbered.. so how could i possibly get her to talk dahm.. but i bet you if you say bed time virgos are as gud as da scorpio.. at first yaa maybe she was da winner, but now is either draw or i win..

  30. Sumtinknew

    I’m a Scorpio woman and I just started crushing on a virgo man, he’s 20 years my senior, but I find him very interesting and I can’t wait to get to know more about him. I have been involved with several Aries the past 12 years and was married to a Gemini. The Aries men drive me crazy, there is so much passion there but then its maddening afterwards. I’m looking for a change of pace and hopefully my older virgo friend can show me just that. He seems pretty stable and dedicated which is a plus and a big change from the mess I have been involved in the past.

  31. C.C.

    nancy :
    I love Virgo men so much I’m tempted to raise this to an 8 or a 9? What do you all think?

    Go on girl. Raise it to a 9. Both signs have a deep sense of self-respect and respect for others. It just simply and effortlessly works.

  32. C.C.

    The Friendship part is absolutely true. In fact, my best friend who is a male virgo (I’m a female Scorp) was the first person I saw after finding out my disrespecting aries was fooling around. I just love him. His honor and honesty are completely uplifting to me. He’s my anchor. He genuinely loves people and is always very interested in others. He’s polite, considerate, incredibly smart and just cautious enough to be endearing. His wife (she’s a cancer/leo) is lucky to have him. To Lloyd – be yourself and she will fall hard for you. At the very least, you will have a loyal and dedicated friend – FOR LIFE.

  33. lloyd

    Sorry i am virgo man…..by the way she drives me crazy..she is always in my dreams…Scorpion women are toooooooo good.

  34. lloyd

    Hey guys i am in love with scorpion girl……dont know how to take it forward…..i just have 3 days to impress her…..we spent 2 weeks in a boot camp which was awesome….how to make her understand or tell her i like her.

  35. Alleycat

    Well Im a scorpio woman and have been with my virgo man for 10 years! We have 2 children and have been married for 1 year. The biggest differences obviously are that I am a very intense, emotional person and he is alot more level-headed, relaxed and easy going. But I feel we both help each other with these things. He opens up more now and I can relax more. So it works out perfectly. Regarding the sexual connection it is huge and I feel we both are on a par with that. Virgo men make brilliant fathers as they are methodical and caring.

  36. madge

    I’m a scorpio woman who has been with a virgo man for 7 yrs and still going … Apart we snap at each other but in the same space … Nothing else matters … He loves to be in control and I don’t like to be controlled … He is not a very sensitive person and do not know how to express himself but very tolerant and is willing to see all sides of a situation … Very homely, clean and caring … We have our differences but his good way are much more than his bad … Something I can live with for a very long time.

  37. selene

    I am a Scorpio woman secretly in love with a Virgo man he doesn’t knw that I love him because that’s the way our relationship is set up. We are both young and when we forst had sex I was his first that’s when I fell for him I am going crazy the crazy Scorpio way because I love him so much it tares me apart everytime we are together and have to let him go. He is in a relationship right now but on a break. I LOVE HIM. I dnt care that he has a GF as long I get to have him to my self when I can it kills me to knw he goes to her and not to me….. Don’t knw what to do I try to be strong but for how long?

  38. SGP99

    I’m a scorpio woman who dated a virgo man that ended abruptly and quite horribly. When it was good, things were good, but honestly, there was always something going on, so it would never get past the good part, and dwell many times in the negative. Unlike the statement about Virgos not generally being power hungry, he definitely was about control, power, and it being his way or no way. This was an immediate roadblock, as we both craved power and it seemed that worked only in the bedroom. There definitely was passion. Outside, I did attempt to bow to him, let him lead, but he wasn’t ready, and I wasn’t comfortable with that plan either.
    He was great at illusions, making one think they were the best in the world, a queen of sorts, when ultimately, his goal was to tear you down to achieve submission.
    I dare not say all Virgo-Scorpio unions will be like this, but this writeup definitely hit the nail square on the head as to key traits between the 2 as they were truly evident in our disasterous relationship.
    Key advice to all- be yourself. If they can’t accept you as is- screw ’em. You deserve better anyway.

  39. suzette

    I’m a scorpio woman dating a virgo man. You had me laughing @ a virgo like to reform the whore…lol.. Would this relatioship last. One min he is all about me & the next he is m.i.a. He told me before that he is scare to fall in love with me. Should I stick it out or do what I’m good at and just run don’t look back.

  40. Lee

    As a Virgo man who recently ended a relationship with a Scorpio woman I can tell you that if you have the sexual desire to be a master in the bedroom it is possible to outdo her. Stand tall and stand proud when you’re with her.

  41. lady

    Wow…I am a scorpio woman in love with a virgo and everything you have described is how we are together. I would add that I did not initiate our first sexual encounter but since he has stirred that initiation I broke out the freaky side but held back some. I think he likes the freak in me but was also caught of guard. We have a long-distance relationship so we do not dwell too much on the sexual side. We are business partners. I know he is very enthusiatic when we set goals and converse about our next endeavors together as a team. I’ve been patient with him… at first I started to think he wasn’t as interested as I was but the tables have turned especially when he doesn’t hear from me when he thinks he should.

  42. Karen

    I have lost my beloved Virgo man. I am a Scorpio, and he felt my sting. I love him, and want so much for him to be with me again. He is dating another…she is a widow, as he is a widower…they have a “common bond”, “foundation”…for a relationship. I am not interested in continuing to support all of his friends, family, and himself in grieving over his departed wife…as it seems to be a gathered interest or hobby. I feel like they are all keeping him in cement shoes, while he keeps trying to fly. He needs support, and hope for a brighter future, not to be kept guilty and grieving for his wife. (She was great…probably would have been a friend of mine!!) Yet, I love this man like no other, and want him in my life for all of my days. He still has very deep feelings for me. He is the one I love, and I have expressed that to him. Now what?

  43. Ged

    Wow. This resonates on so many levels. I am Virgo currently dating Scorpio woman-she’s unlike any other woman I’ve been with- incredibly confident & skilled & high energy sexually. So much so I feel in danger of being completely overpowered & humiliated.
    I’m sticking with it cos I’m learning a lot & cos I think it’s an opportunity for me to dig deep & bring forth some strength & to define my boundaries more clearly. I’m a yoga & meditation teacher & have poss overcultivated equanimity & acceptance.
    any comments wd b gratefully received. Many thanks

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