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  1. Angel

    Here’s a little soul-searching exercise I’d like to suggest which should be able to give some clarity (sometimes when we get our emotions out of our head and on paper its better) and is a good way of making us discover all the amazing things we deserve and are missing out on if we dont let go and stop procrastinating….Getting clarity often times increase the awareness needed to do something about the issues that lingers within.

    You’ll need 4 sheets of paper

    1.Determine and write down that ultimate desired goal
    2. Write down a list of all your fears that are holding you hostage
    3. Make a list of all the actions you need to take to overcome each fear
    4. Finally, call this last list – ‘Stuff I make up in my Head’,(lol) stuff like comparing a past relationship with a prospective one.

    If you find that you have been making unfair comparisons, write down all the destructive traits of the former partner and the positives which you’ve observed in that of the prospective partner (basically just the ways the prospective is different), rationally review the list which should then help you to stop assuming that the future has to be like the past.

    Thing is once we stop confusing imagination with reality, we are sure to see a positive breakthrough much sooner than denying ourself the peace we so desire.

    Start challenging your own fears rather than to be accepting them.

    Relax, close your eyes and imagine feeling strongly secured around your partner, this will absolutely train your brain to know that whatever happens here, everything will be okay, insecure people tend to look for signs of things that doesn’t work, so we need to start looking for signs of what does, and stop seeing problems where none exist….doing this will no doubt get you and your partner feeling positive towards the future and each other. Yes there will be difficulties but keeping focused is what is good. Infact if you’ve been treated badly, lied to and cheated on, feeling insecure is a natural response but dont let that overshadow your happiness.

    A good relationship is definitely possible and absolutely there for you to enjoy and grow with your partner, share resources and develop healthy ways which is a precious thing to have and really experience.
    So just learn to relax and enjoy your partner, try adapting a new laidback attitude which makes it easier for the love to naturally and abundantly blossom…. Remeber you already have the top soil prepared 😉 <3

    Happy Sunday!
    "je t'aime pour toujours"

  2. jacky

    Its not really a comment i have been dating a virgo man for 3 months he is 48 im a virgo woman 53 we seem to get on great many similar traits sense of humour outlook on life but one flaw is our realationship is not complete we have plenty of foreplay i cant keep my hands off him but i wonder what is wrong with me that he cant share with me what he shared with other women im worried i will cheat I LOVE HIM plz help xx

  3. Lisa

    This is all truth what they say about vergo man and woman i can’t say for anyone else but i can for myself.my boyfriend is a vergo and i am a vergo,we share the same month,year and age but not the same date,the way i feel about him i have never felt this way about any other man before,we have our differences but we know how to work around them,its like we were made forr each other,i thank god for him everyday

  4. shaz

    Most of this is true.. i met this virgo guy 6 months ago who even shares my birthday.. he is very neat.. and i have no idea why we virgo women are considered tidy in anyway! Neither me..nor my other 10 virgo mates are tidy..Sex for us is romance.. we spend time kissing each other and its more of making love.. yes we both are critical but it seems that he is not in love with me but selfishly takes evrything i give.. so honestly.. i have this figured out.. that virgo men are different.. espclly wen it comes to values.. You may end up loving him and giving him everythg.. and he will walk away with all of it..leaving you heart broken.. As a virgo woman.. i have learnt they speak the truth.. and if he ever says he wont be with you..it means he wont.. playing hard to get wont help either.. so make sure you dont end up like me.. if you are reading this.

  5. WOW!! All this Virgo stuff is AWSOME! tehehe Almost 3 months ago I “met” the most wonderful Godly man on the “CHRIST~ian” Dating Site eHarmony (ya I KNOW what you’re thinking here) I “was” too this is something that I NEVER believed could possible…We live approximately 4,000 miles apart and every since our “1st meeting” on line we have talked on the phone every single day for 3~4 hours *DAILY* (no kidding) + numerous cards and letters in the mail ~and~ always about 10~15 emails to each other daily…We are BOTH Virgo’s and I myself have never dated another Virgo cuz I thought maybe I wouldn’t be able to stand one! Boy, was I ever wrong!!

    We’ve been planning a MONTH long “travel trip” together going to many very exciting places!! Seems we can’t get enuf of each other…If this is so INTENSE so far I can only imagine what it will be in “real life” when we meet in 22 days!!! I know that this all sounds so crazy to you but its really happening 😉 and I/We could not be happier!! Yes, we share photos all the time by the internet and by the USPS, we know what each of us look like…We have so MUCH in common in every single way its just totally blows BOTH of our minds! I feel like he is right here by my side WOW!

    We eat the same foods with 1 exception! He eats meat and I am a Vegetarian other than that we eat the same kind of cereal, listen to the same music Artists, the same T.V. shows, are favorite colours are the same (I know this to be true) because we BOTH are in the process of selling one of our homes in different states and the pics of our homes are all over the internet and in each one we have the EXACT same colours thru out our homes the SAME decore, right down to the IDENTICAL pieces of Art and furnishings!!

    I’ve always KNOWN that the BEST way to come to know another person is to take a LONG road trip with NO tunes/music NO t.v. etc “just 2 people” getting to know one another WITHOUT any distractions. Oh! And with NO cell phones and NO computers (however I will have my cell in my suitcase) I am NOT totally stupid!! tehe

    I believe that a big part of our being able to communicate so well with one another is that we BOTH have suffered deep loses..My husband went to be with Jesus 2 years ago ~and~ his wife just 1 year ago…

    We BOTH know in our hearts that God has brought us together and that “He” is guiding us in our new adventure!
    We will also be visiting Reno and I have this “strange feeling inside of me” that we will be “eloping”!! Yes! 😉 We are both so excited that we can hardly stand ourselves..

    We BOTH are looking forward to the most WONDERFUL Godly future TOGETHER that God WILL provide for US!
    I MUST tell you something else!!

    My Virgo man is 81 years YOUNG and I am 66 years YOUNG!! We are both very physically active (he works out DAILY) at the gym too! I am so ATTRACTED this man’s HEART as he is with mine 😉 When God *IS* in the picture you KNOW when “things” are RIGHT!

    Pilamaya (Thank You) for listening to my/our story and PLEZ keep us in “prayer” for our upcoming future together!!
    His name is Dale ~and~ mine is Bevie..

    God Bless ALL of you reading this and I pray that ALL of you will FIND the “love of your life” just as WE have…
    Ya know EVERY single time we talk (which is almost none stop except for when we PRAY together each evening for 1 and 1/2 hours (SERIOUSLY) before bedtime…Amazing Simply Amazing…We KNOW that God IS in this with us and THAT is what makes it PERFECT because even if him and I do make mistakes (and ALL humans do) we KNOW that God DOESN’T make mistakes…

    Again Pilamaya ~and~ May God Bless Each ~and~ Every One Of You…
    Blessings from Bevie in ALASKA

    P.S. F.Y.I. Dale is the one paying for this ENTIRE adventure (I know that some of you may have been wondering about this)!! He IS so far a TOTAL gentleman!

  6. kannbe

    I’m 24 years old. I’ve been in a relationship with my virgo man for 4 months. In such a short time I have never experienced love on this level in my life. I’m young and I thought I had been in love before, but this is truly special.
    We have a lot in common as far as views and morals. We share most of the same interests. I’ve heard dating someone of the same sign as you is like looking in the mirror. I can definitely agree with that. We are not exactly the same, obviously. We do argue a bit about stupid things and get over it very quickly. Virgos are easily frustrated when things aren’t exactly what they want or expect. However, as far as relationships go, I’ve never been so in love. I’ve never felt completed by another human. Yes, I know. 4 months is not a long time. But we’ve formed such a strong bond within 2 weeks. We were complete strangers before our first date. And I disagree on the lack of passion. We are very passionate.
    Virgo relationships are so strong whether it’s a romance or a friendship. my best friend is also a Virgo male.

  7. The Virgonian

    Degree of Romance: This relationship will certainly follow the recommended guidelines after the Virgo woman loses complete control on the first date.

    Absolutely true. The Virgo girl I dated did exactly this. Neat, Tidy, organized first date. After dinner we took a walk around a nearby park, which she did not expect. Then I kissed her and she just kinda stood there for a bit dumbstruck.

    Ultimately it was fun while it lasted, with a nice, orderly breakup at the end. Fact is we still talk on occasion.

  8. syd

    Thank you Nancy Fenn for giving us Virgos the
    opportunity to express ourselves on you website.
    God bless you always.

    I wanna thank all Virgos like me that stated their
    honest opinion. God bless you as well forever.

    Your input was valuable and well received.

    Thank you all.

  9. syd

    I’m honestly happy for you guys. Two thumbs up!
    God bless all of you Virgos and no Virgos out there.

  10. jf

    I am a virgo man in a relationship with a virgo lady. I think it is useful to be open with each other and then to research opinions like those express here. When we have an understanding of ourselves, then move forward to prevent missteps. Such approach could only happened between V-V, not other signs.

    When there is complete openness there, the rest will follow – passion, caring for each other, sex plays. Considerateness will always be present.

    If your virgo man is not prepared for openness, then please hold off, or look some around.

    Other signs may just do it. We think and then do. Sometimes our thoughts don’t gel, because of where we came from.

    I cherish my relationship with my virgo lady. Never dull and often very inspiring. I won’t use the word “love” because it means differently to others.

    There were times when I felt deeply for her and sensed that she felt the same way. It was magical just to hold and hug and cuddle gently. Saying her name….

  11. shell

    just another thing to add-even tho were both Virgos-were very different in a lot of ways. we look good together. im not vein or big headed but i make an effort to look my best everyday and he doesn’t need to coz he just looks like a god all the time anyway he takes my breath away.. but we really dont have much in common. I want an intellectual career working as a psychologist/ HR manager etc. hes a tradesman. I love books-he hates reading, i love site seeing-he tolerates it for my sake. I love the arts-theatre, opera etc-he thinks its a joke but im forcing him to go with me next month 😀 but we mesh so well together. we have the same taste in food and we both like shopping, we get on well with each others friends/family. we like the same films/programmes. we are both into working out walking/the gym/eating healthy. and we both love each other more than life itself <3

  12. shell

    I’m a Virgo and with my Virgo man now nearly 3 years. I love and adore him. He is the most loyal, faithful, strong, understanding, compassionate man I have ever known. He makes me feel safe and loved. I have some problems with my dad (hes an alcoholic and being in the same room as him makes me so angry) but my Virgo man knows exactly how to calm me down. When I’m angry I go quiet for about ten minutes until were alone in the car and then it all comes out and he lets me vent for awhile and complain and then he’ll put his arms around me and I feel like finally someone understands me coz it feels like no one else does… We listen to each other, we give each other advice, we make each other laugh. Hes not just my soul mate- hes my best friend too and we really do have fun together. Hes patient and romantic in bed which I love but there’s plenty of passion there too especially when we have the house to ourselves. were young- im 21 hes 22. but it just feels so right. we are house hunting now coz i gotta get away from my dad. he brings out the worst in me and makes me incredibly moody but my Virgo man brings out the best. don’t get me wrong its not always perfect. we’ve had our disagreements and debates but nothing serious and we went through a phase where i was bored and craving excitement and we talked about it. then he took me away for the weekend and we’ve been going out more and doing more since 🙂 its a really good match. i dont no what id do without him. The only problem I can see right now is that were both stuck in a place we dont want to be. we both want a better job, better money so we can start building our life but well have to be patient as were young and theres a huge recession on right now.. 10/10 for Virgo Virgo love

  13. syd

    To all virgo women:
    Don’t be afraid or nervous of the connection and similarities
    with a virgo man, enjoy it. Enjoy sharing the same
    interests, mentality, outlook on life, personal
    preferences with someone.

    The same goes for virgo men.

    Don’t spoil it. Let it grow. Let it flow. Let it happen.
    Be happy about it.

    It doesn’t happen too often that two virgos get together.

    If it does, Have a blast with it. Enjoy having a zodiac sign twin.

    Enjoy the fact that there is someone just like you in regards
    of personality, of your spirit, your very soul.

    Enjoy having someone who can finally may be able
    to understand you completely.
    Someone who know who u are and shares the same stuff
    as u do.

    Enjoy sharing the same stuff with someone that u don’t
    share with anybody else.

    Enjoy having someone who can accept u for who u are.
    Someone who is just like you.
    Someone who can understand you like nobody else can.

    If you have that person, enjoy it. BE HAPPY!

    God bless.

  14. syd

    To confuse: Excuse me for speaking my mind about
    your dilemma, but, forget the virgo guy.
    You ran into him too late. You are already married to
    someone else. You’re practicly a newly wed.
    Capricorns aren’t bad mates either. In fact, you two can
    make a good team.
    Give your marriage a fair shot.
    If your weren’t married or in the process of a divorce
    and then that would happen, I’d say go for it.
    But that it’s just not the case.
    Don’t go looking for trouble. Forget about the virgo man.
    It can’t be. You can have a fulfilling, a good married
    life with a capricorn man, that is if your husband is a good
    man. If he is a good man, if he is good to you, then you have a good mate, a good partner and be happy with
    what you’ve got.
    Think about it carefully, don’t do something you might
    regret later.

    To: abc
    I understand girl that virgo men are slow to take action
    sometimes. It took months for that virgo man to text you.

    Oftentimes it takes a virgo man a lot of time to come
    around and come back to the person he wronged him.
    It may take him years to come back.
    But if he feels something for that woman, he will come
    back eventually.

    I understand what he did hurt you deeply, and when
    he realized the mistake he made he texted you.
    But unfotunately it was late. You forgot about him.
    The way you answered him was cold because you were
    still hurt.
    Well, it happens. That’s life.
    The thing is, if you still wanted a friendship with the guy,
    you should have kept his contact information.
    Not gotten rid of his phone number so quickly.
    Been more open with him about the issue and let him
    know that despite everything you still wanted to be
    friends with him, and ask him for time to heal.
    And not have been completely aloof with the virgo man.

    He understood you wanted nothing to do with him and
    walked away.

    If by any miracle u ever encounter him again, don’t loose
    his contact information again, don’t delete it again,
    just don’t loose it. Don’t push him away. And try to be friends again, but it wouldn’t be easy I tell ya.

    Anyway, don’t be bump about it, it wasn’t meant to be.
    That’s life. It’s called: “living”.
    It was an experience and you learned from that experience.

    Life is a constant learning process.

    Be glad you had a not so horrible experience with a virgo man, be glad you had that experience with a virgo man and that you learned from it.

    It’s good you moved on. Life goes on.
    Keep living life joyfully. Things will get better.

    I wish all of you great things in life. Take care you all.

  15. abc

    I dated a virgo guy a couple years ago. The connection and similarities was crazy. We liked each other and passion was there, but there were so many other things involved that we just couldn’t make it. But we were completely honest with each other, and I wanted his friendship. I’m sure he wanted the friendship as well. We definitely bickered, but my feelings were extremely hurt when he accused me of stealing something that belonged to him. I tried to show him that I’m not like that, but in the end I drove away. He texted me months later, but by then I had forgotten his number and asked “who is this?” I think that made him step back a little. He answered and I just greeted him the same. It is true. In the end I think we tried to figure out what all the fuss was about. I would like our friendship back, but I don’t even know how to get a hold of him anymore. Life goes on, however.

  16. Enigma

    Hello Confused, to be totally honest, even without knowing u I would say forget the Virgo. I have NEVER seen a happily together Virgo-Virgo couple. All I seen is they start as wow and end with Virgo man cheating on the Virgo lady.

    As for your Virgo man giving u kinda attention and all. Well, who won’t? You are a Virgo woman after all. Nancy says, “Virgo women are the catch of the Zodiac.”

    Good luck to u, keep us posted.

  17. Confused

    I have a problem. I am a Virgo woman. I’m married to a Capricorn. We have been together for 5 yrs but only married for 1. I ran into an old friend. He is a Virgo male. We talk everyday, flirt, even got together once. He’s all I think about from the time I get up until I go to bed. I know he’s thinking the same because I have tested him. LOL I have just never felt this way with someone. We are so alike it’s scary and the passion….I can feel it between us and we are miles apart. Please HELP!

  18. syd

    One thing I’m not is being silly.
    I wrote the real truth. It’s obvious there are people
    in the world who like to cause trouble and make
    a big deal out of nothing.
    I can only say my former virgo boyfriend wants to
    come back, he wants to get back together.
    Didn’t see that one coming. But he does want to get
    back together with me.
    I won’t give out details and my decision, they’re
    private. But it’s like I said, there is great intense
    passion, the feeling is unique between two virgos.
    There are emotions between two virgos.
    It’s pretty big, strong, intense and deep between
    two virgos.
    Two virgos are really the perfect match. A match made
    in heaven.
    It is just a matter of having the right compatible
    Just because it hasn’t happened to you, doesn’t mean
    it hasn’t happened to anyone and it doesn’t mean
    it doesn’t exist.
    I will not stoop to your level and will not engage
    in a horrible, senseless and stupid fight.
    This is the end of this topic.

  19. Syd

    I like reading these personal stories because it puts
    compatibility out into the real world.
    A lot has to do with experiences in past relationships,
    the environment the person had grew up with, the people they dealt with in a daily basis, meaning
    parents, friends and relatives.

    To just me: he virgo guy may be a little interested in
    you, depending on the level of friendship that you two
    have. If you have gotten closer, he might just want
    to be friends with you, he was just being a true friend.
    Nothing more than that.

    It’s odd that he cooked for her, is very attentive to her,
    gives her presents without being her birthday and
    sometimes does nice things for her without being
    It’s not common that a guy cooks for a woman,
    specially if she’s only his friend.

    But, if you’re not that close yet, or even if you’re close
    friends, he could be a little attracted to you, but
    he won’t show overt gestures about it until he knows
    what he wants, what he feels, where he stands and
    gets to know you better. Until he’s sure you are
    the one he really likes.

    Just be observant and pay attention to what he does
    and what he says.
    But don’t get your hopes up yet. Not until he
    let his true feelings or intentions show.
    Not until he talks to you, until he lets you know

    Keep doing your thing. keep your daily routine.
    Keep living you life. And still be his friend and
    only his friends without saying anything to him.
    Enjoy his friendship.

    But keep your guard up. Be cautious.

    It’s wise and with common sense to keep your
    guard up and be always cautious.

    Don’t let your worries get in the way of your

    Live life. Enjoy life. With caution of course.

    It’s better to enjoy the friendship, not worry about if
    the friendship is going to become more than that.

    If he is the right guy for you, and you’re meant
    to be together, it will happen on its own.

    Don’t search for love, when it comes to you, you’ll know.
    I say it all the time. Because it’s true.

    When it does don’t turn your back on it if he’s the
    right guy, or person for you (this goes to everyone).

    If that guy is really interested in you, believe me,
    he’ll let you know in a direct way, in a unmistakable way
    that gets the point across.

    And it’s true. I’ve dated a virgo man, did not worked out,
    not because there wasn’t any passion.
    The passion was there, and it was big.
    The relationship was intense and lasted for several
    There is flame, there is great passion between two
    virgos. The feeling is unique.
    But, when a man loses his interest, it could be that
    someone else might be in the picture.

    It is a personal choice if a man decides to cheat
    and walk out.
    Like I said, it has to do with his upbringing, people
    close to him or her and previous relationships.

    But the essence, the core of the virgos, their views,
    outlook on life, tastes, preferences, gestures,
    intellectual side and other stuff are the same
    between virgos.

    What changes are the upbringing, experiences, the
    ascendant, and the people that surround virgos.

    At the moment I’m friends with two virgo males,
    they they are nice guys. Nothing romantic is going on
    between them and me, because one of them is married,
    although I met him when he was single, years ago,
    and before he met his wife.
    He was attracted to me, I liked him as a friend.
    I could have like him as a man, but things got in the
    way. It wasn’t meant to be with him.

    Regarding my other virgo male friend, he’s cool.
    I’ve known him for a little while. But he’s got a
    girlfriend, so we’re just being plain friends.

    To be completely honest with you, I liked him
    from the moment we met. Sparks flew.
    He likes me as well, but he’s still not sure.
    And I know he’s not in love with me, so I keep
    a safe distance.
    But, I don’t follow up on it, don’t pay attention to it,
    because he’s got a girlfriend.

    So we’re just friends, nothing else going on.
    And he makes a cool friend. And I could use
    a friend like him, who shares many things with me
    other people don’t. It’s cool.

    I get along great with my male virgo friends.
    We are still friends. No problems there.

    I don’t let myself get carried away easily.
    I just don’t let myself get carried away by feelings.

    He has to be the right guy for me, and he has to
    be really compatible with me, he musn’t have a
    girlfriend or any commitmment with anyone,
    or seeing anyone and be really interested in me,
    like me for who I am, and accept me for who I am.

    I’m highly selective.

    Having an opposite for a romantic partner, from an
    opposite zodiac sign is a complete pain for a virgo.
    In the beginning everything is pretty, but as time
    goes by it get worse, pretty ugly, up to the point of
    That doesn’t really work for us virgos.

    It doesn’t really work out to be with an opposite
    zodiac sign. Not in the real world. It’s a total

    Who can understand you better than someone who
    is just like you and me? No one else I tell ya.

    When it doesn’t work out between two virgos is because
    one of you, or the two of you let other things get
    in the way of the relationship.
    You let other things come between you.

    Otherwise, two virgos make the perfect match.
    Is a match made in heaven.

    The bond and connection is real, the passion
    is real, it burns like no one else knows, the love
    is real, is big and great, the feeling is amazing,
    unique, the attraction, the excitement, the emotion,
    the chemistry is there and is pretty powerful,
    a huge blast. It’s pretty sensational, awesome.
    It’s just unique.
    Only another virgo who is like you in many ways or
    is complete and totally like you in everything, like
    looking in the mirror, two virgos that are alike
    in personality is perfect.
    Two virgos are really the perfect match.

    It’t true that with the right partner everything is
    easier. There will be some bickering, some quarreling.
    But if you’re right for each other, there is love
    between you and a true connection and understanding,
    a true and real compatibility, it will last.

    If it’s real, genuine and you’re meant to be together,
    don’t let it slip away.

    I can honestly say that it’s true, opposites attract, but
    being, have a partner, or a friend who is just like
    you, another virgo, is absolutely great.

    It doesn’t compare to other people.
    Another virgo can be another virgo’s real friend.
    That is valuable, is pretty amazing. It’s unique.
    Something I wouldn’t trade for anything.

    It’s great to have a virgo friend.

    And it is great to be able to have a virgo boyfriend,
    a male virgo partner. It’s pretty incredible.

    Everbody can choose who to be with.
    Everybody can choose their partner and who to love.

    I don’t agree with other people who say the heart
    wants what the heart wants and you cannot control
    your heart. It’s not true.

    Everybody has feelings, we’re humans.
    But we can choose who to be with, who to love,
    who is the right partner for ourselves.

    We can choose who to put those feelings on.
    We can choose our mate.

    Everybody has the right to choose for themselves.

    Sometimes people get stuck with someone who
    isn’t good for them. Sometimes people are stubborn
    and don’t want to see reality.

    It’s good to be selective.
    It’s a good thing to choose your mate, to choose
    who to be with and who not to be with.
    And have a better life and relationship.

    People don’t have to settle to just anyone.
    People can select the right partner for themselves.

  20. Tweety

    I am a Virgo Woman and I have been with a Virgo Man for 5 months!!We knew each other much earlier as friends and started off dating for a short period of time and got together.He is a mirror reflection of me.Our likes and dislikes are the same.He is a perfectionist so am I.We both are heavy critics.We find fault with each other all the time.This leads us to fight EVERYDAY!!!We have tons of fights b’cos we are always finding fault with each other.Both of us are also overtly possessive over each other.We both don’t like each other talking to the opposite sex.This leads to another big eruption between us all the times due to the jealousy that sparks up.Our possessive and critical nature has lead to our r/s to break off many times within a short period of 5 months.But every time we choose to split, we end up with each other within a few hours or a day b’cos the love between us two Virgos is so intense.We both are very deep and die hard lovers and one thing I can say is our love is very strongly established and this leads us to always fall back on each other all the time.We both also make very wonderful friends and in times when we need emotional support, we both can always rely and fall back on each other..Our emotional bond and attachment is very strong and this always holds us back together no matter how horrible our fights becomes.Both our communication level is TOO AMAZING.I would rate it 5 stars.We both can go on talking and talking for hours without getting sick and tired of each other.We can converse about any issues,topics,our pasts,present and future and still have a lot to talk about.We have gone on talking for more than 24 hours and the only thing that would cause us to stop is our parents or b’cos we are too tired from communicating.Both of us have TOO many things in common from preferences to our ideologies it makes it so easy to plan anything.Our ideal outing or marriage life and everything is the same.Both of us share the same vision of our future and marriage and we always look forward to it and always talk about it.Our ideal date is not watching movie or doing any activity but just being in each other’s arms and looking into each other’s eyes.The love between two Virgos, or rather in my r/s is very PURE and GENUINE and it’s the most amazing love EVER.Our physical intimacy hits the top notch.We both are very compatible even in our intimacy.Both of us are slow and sensual and our expression of our passion is very erotic and beautiful.It only expresses love and affection and sometimes we wend up tearing b’cos the love is too intense.The only thing that stops us from proceeding to love making is b’cos we’re not married or we can even stretch to such an extent.We both love wrapping our arms around each other and just enjoying the silence.I must say Virgo-Virgo is an everlasting r/s b’cos both of us believe in long term r/s and we are very particular about being loyal and devoted to one another.And although MY Virgo man can be really painful and hurtful with his critics, his undying love and deep passion is something that can make up for all the hurts and pain and it’s worthit.We sometimes have our differences such as he’s very particular about being organized,clealiness and that everything is in place whereas I’m a very messy and untidy person.A Virgo man is VERY caring and affectionate and will never fail to be there to catch his woman and make sure he puts a smile on her face.I would rate Virgo Virgo compatibility 10/10 provided both can curb their critical nature.Although it’s only a 5 month r/s, the experiences and the many things both of us have gone through makes it seem like a 5 year r/s.Although for now when we are distanced, we maybe always finding fault and quarreling, once we’re together when we meet, we’ll be too preoccupied with each other, nothing else matters but showing love to each other,laughing with each other and cuddling.Love you always Teddy,forever and beyond!!! <3

  21. just me

    oh yea..ive been friends before with a virgo male and it lasted for 20 years he love me to the extreme until he died..they only reason it became nothing more was because of me…I wasnt ready for commitment.guess what goes around comes around because thats where I am…i am deeply in love with a friend that is everything I love and a few of what I dislike ..equally out to be PERFECT yet he isnt ready for commitement and when \he is IM SURE it wont be with me…heart breaking to admit….ahh..but its the truth and the truth hurts..its even sadder because once my friend died i shut myself out from the world for about 3 years until now..yet to realize im setting myself up to be hurt again..think ill go back to being a loner and having zero friends..atleast ill be to blame for hurting myself and not giving anyone else the option to do so

  22. just me

    oh another thing…think ill stay clear of my virgo friend unless he needs me..its the only way to give me time to turn off my feelings….bad thing is once they’re turned off, you can’t turn them back on….I then set up a mental blockage to prevent myself to feel….a strickly friend is EXACTLY what he’ll get….hope it doesnt cause any damage tee he he he he!!!!! but with him being a virgo I SERIOUSLY doubt that he’ll care!!!

  23. just me

    Thanks again Enigma or mysterious if I may say..ha!ha! Your explaining of possibly falling in love is a “bit” harsh..haha there are relationships that work..its just a matter of rather youre with the right partner..(depends on the two partys that are involved and if they are WILLING to ALLOW things TO work and COME together and yet not be afraid or making yourself believe well what if i could be with this person or if i should be with that person..most times when relationships dont work often one or the other isnt fully grown and doesnt know what they want) In my case my friend doesnt really know exactly what it is that he wants but fail to realize he gives out mixed messages of what he would like to have..sorry im venting..hahaha as for me having my guard high is to avoid me getting hurt again..im very picky about what I want and to not get it is a disappointment…simply because I dont want everything just things I feel would help or complete me…However I do agree with having an UNREAL innocence. Its drives me crazy that im so pure haha… and again youre right..love will find its way to me and thanks for the luck…MYSTERIOUS FRIEND…or Enigma if i may say……wink

  24. Enigma

    @ just me

    ur welcome, I don’t feel I’ve done anything constructive here, lol.

    A bit of insight about this pairing analyzing three different Virgo-Virgo couples that I’ve known. They all had a very strong INITIAL friendship. Zero romance. And below zero passion. The plain vanilla friendship in all three cases was mistaken as love by Virgo girls and it ruined their lives. The lady Virgos were all so trusting and devoted. There was an unreal innocence in them. But all three girls were used, taken advantage of by their Virgo males. Cheated upon and lied and abused like u can’t believe! Scary stuff.

    Anyway, I’ll never understand why this pairing got 10/10. To me its nothing more than 3/10 that too for the friendship which starts good between them but never lasts.

    Maybe my country is ruled by different set of planets, lol.

    Also I can understand about your guard being up. Better safe than sorry. If its love it will find a way to your heart somehow. Wish u luck stranger friend.

  25. just me

    Thanks! not what I wanted to hear, but it helped a lot..too bad he’ll miss out on a good girl..My guard will be SKY HIGH now…thanks Enigma!

  26. Enigma

    @ just me

    If I might throw in my two cents your relation sounds like Great Friendship to me. Not Love, just plain friendship. Though I must say when a person really starts falling for someone they hardly bother listening to what others has to say.

    If just the way he looks at you doesn’t burn you, it ain’t love.

  27. just me

    Im interested in a virgo male and im a virgo female..We are the best of friends.. Not ever in my LIFE (so far) have I been able to find a male friend to be so compatible on too many levels…I truly ADORE this man…BUT yes there is a but, he can be very open and then very distant..always tells me to stop searching for love and that it will come..yet he has given me gifts that he knew I needed or wanted…we have dinner every now and again..he has cooked for me..and I for him..he finishes my meals and if he orders foods he’ll save one his sides for me..he often text out of the blue if he’s having an issue…i could go on and on…i just dont know what to think….is he interested or just being a GREAT friend…he does say that when the right person comes he’ll know and he will let them know..but i say the same..but yet hoping he would go ahea and say …lets just be together…i either need help on reading his hidden gestures or help with reeling him in..he’s a tough cookie..and i dont want to lose his friendship or an improper assumption..SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!

  28. renee

    i date i a virgo man as a a virgo woman i like that he acts just like me n were very romantic and honest

  29. Ciddy And Dave

    WOW!! This information made me laugh out loud..Infact I laughed so hard that I honestly could not catch my breath..Now I can assure you that Virgo~Virgo relations are definitely not lacking in any area. You see virgos are very methodical, and they don’t miss a thing. Yes we may be a little practical from time to time but you need to know that their is definitely fire in our private lifes and the love that we have for one another is so unlike anything I have ever been a part of or even witnessed. It has rocked me to the depths of my soul. It is kinda ironic in a way as we don’t think about whats in store for us as a couple as Dave and I live in the moment and only for today. As none of us are assured a tomorrow.. So live a little…..Ciddy

  30. virginia

    I have been seeing my virgo man for over3 years I love hom so much but he is a terrible player and very cold hearted not once have I gotyen a gift and it’s always I’m hungry please stop and get me something to eat another thing he used yo like hearing me say I love you up until last week he said let’s just be friends can’t we.

  31. Enigma

    Am confused a bit. :S

    The last time I read this article for a friend I am PRETTY sure the rating was 4/10!!! And no I don’t drink. God, so so so confused now.

  32. Rielanna

    Virgo-Virgo friendship is AWESOME. we have so much in common so we really get along so well. romance? i hope it’ll blossom next month. i doubt it though, but i’m still hoping.

  33. Christy

    Wow, I love reading these comments. As a Virgo woman, I’ve never wanted to date anyone that was a Virgo, but maybe I should take a closer look at this Virgo guy I’m just getting to know. Maybe my past undesirable relationships were meant not to work out…someone more like myself was coming along. OR, maybe no one else can stand us…lol. Thanks for sharing your stories!

  34. nicole

    virgo and virgo what was written is true…u do fight alot because you guys are the same in every way, virgos stand their ground sometimes and they like to let others know that the have their own views too, so when u got both like that you guys argue and dont get anything resolved right away, but as soon as one smiles at you then the other one smiles back and the fight can be over right away,,.im virgo my mans virgo its beenn 2 years, i love him so much, we are both clean and organized.so i have no problem there.

  35. Chris

    First of all I love all these comments. Puts the compatibility content into real world perspective. Secondly, I’m a Virgo man, and just have to say that most of this is true, except for a few things…without going into what is and isn’t true (since you don’t even know me), a lot really depends on one’s experiences in relationships, as well experiences with parents and how you were raised. My Mom died when I was 12 and that really has affected my relationships with women….I think to the point of not making me a typical Virgo in a relationship.

  36. jakelin

    i, been a virgo woman, have a relaionship of 2 years with a virgo man n it has been the best, we struggle to have a relationship in the beginning but after resolving the problems we were prepare to settle down.. he makes me feel so love, even tho. we argue since we always want to be right n critique eachother but for the best.. at the end in my opinion i believe tht if u r really in love with someone no matter the sign, one will put up everything to make it work. on the other hand im vey happy with the man i have chosen to b part of me.

  37. Melissa

    My husband and I are Virgos. We have been inseparable from the start of our relationship. In my opinion, that article was correct, minus the most obvious common misconception about Virgos and their “Passion” levels. My husband is an alternative energy scientist and I own a business as a web developer. On the surface, we may seem professional or aloof to others; and many times this is misinterpreted among the general public to mean that we are too responsible or restrictive to venture into what-may-seem-like depravity. However, with a compatible partner, that sexual pair make break the Bell curve for off-the-charts love sparks.

  38. Ivette

    I’m a Virgo woman dating a Virgo man and have never felt like this with anyone on an adult level!! We have the same cars, value the same things in life, love excitement and stability. Although its only been 6 weeks I knew I loved him since date 2! Glad to be alive to experience this gift- hope it works and lasts! I asked to experience being in love and I am-he’s a great guy and a real catch!

  39. Sarah

    I am a virgo woman and I have been with my virgo man 3 years and man its the most intense love i have ever felt. And its so true we are eachother’s only real friend..we see the world the same way and fight here and there but soon as we make up in the bedroom its all fireworks.. I love em and he gets on my nerves but I’d have it no other way….

  40. michelle

    iam a virgo woman and have been with my virgo man for nine years we have two children and r getting married in seven weeks we the best of friends and understand one an other perfect we fight like cat and dog coz we both like to be right but the sex is fantastic we r always on the same page and feel safe enough to try new things he is my soul mate love at first sight the perfect 10/10

  41. VirgoSunTaurusRising

    No problem with passion here!

    I am a Virgo woman dating a Virgo man, and the passion is amazing. It may be due to his having Cancer ascendant and me having Taurs ascendant, but whichever, it is fantastic. I have never felt so completely understood in all my life. We have such common goals and intellectual compatibility, refined tastes – those things in themselves feed into sexual and romantic passion!! I never thought I would be compatible with someone of my own sign but whew! It’s a winner with this one.

  42. karin

    Degree of Passion: None to zero.

    hahaha check!

    but everything is totally true, and in bed we were animals. hard to believe, after seeing us in dainty married interaction, which of course degraded into a kind and polite divorce after several years. we can still hold a conversation and worry about each other’s well-being, but without passion, my Scorpio Jupiter was having none of it.

  43. Unique

    I dated a Virgo man, we are alike but have differences but outlook on life compares to be awesome, he just wasnt ready to settle down or make up his mine!

  44. gousam

    Im not sure about the Zero passion bit..

    when we are around the vibes are intense..is that different from passion?..although we argue like hell, and leave each other too exahusted from the heated debate that we hate to see each other again..once our eyes meet and all the chemistry just works and my heart beats so fast..I do see it on his face too..

  45. Randy


  46. Dan

    spot on. Went out with a virgo girl. 9 times out of ten we would call each other just to see how the other was doing even though we both knew we liked each other. Romance? none! but neither one of us cared about that anyway . so if you do like one, play the game and go for it as even though it didnt work we didnt hurt each other

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