Virgo Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility

Famous Virgo-Virgo Couples:

David Copperfield and Claudia Schiffer, Colin Firth and Livia Giuggioli

Virgo is the sign of the bachelor and the virgin.  By “virgin” we don’t mean anything technical, but rather a woman who does not revolve around a man.  Virgo men are natural bachelors.  They don’t seem to be lonely.  They enjoy the peace, quiet, and order that come with living alone and foregoing the messy and cacophonous joys of “married with children.”  It does happen sometimes, but basically these two individuals are solo players and it’s not likely they will team up together.

How to Attract a Virgo Woman as a Virgo Man:

You should impress the Virgo woman with your reliability and integrity, which she will find very refreshing and is something you have in common.  It will help if you can be a bit extravagant with your choice of an evening out because most people never think of her that way.  If you’re not on time, she will be annoyed and upset.  Please have your car detailed and running well.  Keep the conversation crudity-free and hold the onions.  This is one of the most refined ladies in the zodiac.  She will not appreciate offensive language, inappropriate sexual innuendos, or other forms of bad manners.  We know you’re up to it, Virgo.  This lady deserves the full package of niceties of which you are capable.  And above all, don’t waste her time.  I realize this is a little cryptic so you’ll have to figure out what she means by that.

How to Attract a Virgo Man as a Virgo Woman:

By all means bring all your Virgo freakiness to the table.  Be the clean, organized, detailed, and dutiful perfectionist you really are.  Go ahead and comment on how poor the service is or the speck on the silverware in the restaurant he takes you to.  It will only make the Virgo man love you more.  Oh, and strongly imply that the way you keep house those things would never happen. If you can take a sly shot at his sister or mother, he will secretly applaud your discriminating faculties.  And by all means, his father and brother are fair game as well.  Virgos are born critics, and it’s not just nit-picking when the two of them get together.  You can appreciate the truth in each other’s viewpoint.

Degree of Romance:

This relationship will certainly follow the recommended guidelines after the Virgo woman loses complete control on the first date.

Degree of Passion:

None to zero.

Degree of Friendship:

These two have so much in common, their viewpoint on the world is so similar, and their tolerance for others so low, that they may be each other’s only friend.  Virgos do not normally seek or need the approval of others, but it’s nice to have the concurrence that comes with like-mindedness.  When two Virgos get together they have an affinity for each other that is incomprehensible to other people.  It has something to do with life in the Ivory Tower.  There is something very pure there.

Degree of Marriage:

Virgo male and Virgo female is one of those relationships where they tend to live together rather than marry.  It will likely involve two discrete individuals who have their lives in good working order and simply want to share compatible areas of interest without any drama.  The years may go by without making it formal, but the bond is real.

Progression of Relationship:

The relationship between a Virgo man and a Virgo woman will progress in an orderly fashion — of course.  Everything will be done properly, in due time, and according to Hoyle.  Each person knows the rules and loves to follow them, so the process of courtship is a thing of joy in and of itself.  Here are two people who are willing to accept “enough is enough.”  They have no need to gild the lily.  Things will settle down to a routine fairly quickly if they decide to become partners, and they will relish the predictability of it all.  It’s so efficient to eliminate variables.  Be still my beating heart.


Some of our sexiest and favorite movie stars are Virgos —  Marlene Dietrich, Sophia Loren, Fred Astaire, Sean Connery, Tommy Lee Jones, Charlie Sheen, Keanu Reeves, and Beyonce Knowles — which should give you an idea of what goes on behind closed doors when two sexy Virgos let their hair down.  It’s an exclusive club, but if you gain entry, you’ll know what all the excitement is about.  Part of the charge is being chosen.  These people are highly selective about their sexual partners — and everything else.    Disease is a bit of an issue, but let’s not raise your blood pressure at the moment.

When It’s Over:

When it’s over, they’ll wonder what the fuss was all about, and why “other people” (mere mortals) have trouble breaking up decently.  What’s up with that?

Our Rating:  10/10

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  1. porupo99009March 3, 2017 at 10:16 am

    I’m an Aquarius woman who dated a Gemini man for about 10 months, and in many ways it was just as great as the stars predicted it would be. However, my having a Scorpio rising dominate many areas of my personality was not exactly favorable. At first everything seemed ideal. We both seemed to have so much in common we both thought it seemed meant to be. We spent every moment we could together laughing, cooking, and having the most amazing sex. After several months had passed things were not quite so pleasurable. I felt he had a wandering eye, it tore me apart inside. There seemed to always be a fight between us about something, if it wasn’t my suspicions about his ‘flirting’ it was what to watch on netflix. He was unable to grasp the fact that to me, flirting is nearly as bad as cheating. Gemini flirting aside, I know he was faithful to me. He was the sweetest partner I’ve had, he pampered me, listened to me, and also pushed me to go out and try new things and helped me enjoy every bit of life.

    This being said, my jealousy still ate at me all the time. The thought of his fliracious ways made me sick to my stomach. Images of him chatting it up with the girls at work as I’m sure he did are making my chest ache as I type this. I began to feel unable to look at him the same way as I once had. The worst thing was on some level it seemed he was entertained by this! He upset and tease me, but it would usually quickly escalate to a full on fight with tears and then he would chastise me for getting so worked up. I knew for months it was not going to work out long term, I think and I think he knew also. So one day as we were laying on my bed together I proposed the idea of taking a break to get some time away from each other to which he gladly agreed. I felt that there were no hard feelings, we agreed to a week of not hanging out together. So when we were almost done with the week long break I decided to go on a short camping trip with a former Sagitarius flame who was also just an old friend of mine, that I had always had strong feelings for. My Gemini man even sensed my feelings for the Sag when he met him and was quite jealous of him. Well needless to say my Sagitarius man was not my Geminis biggest fan either.

    So during this short camping trip my Sag woo-ed me like he always had and then some. Telling me how my Gemini wasn’t cool enough for me, how if he loved me he would be with me at that moment not allowing me to be off with someone else. Along seranading me and telling me all kinds of sweet things. All of this made me feel like I didn’t need my Gemini anymore and that he was just using and abusing me, so with my Sagitarius right there I called my Gemini and left him a voicemail telling him how it was over and I wish he hadn’t wasted my time. It crushed my Gemini, he tried not to show it too much but I could see it and in a few days after seeing my Sagitarius travel off as they often do, I tried to recconect with my Gemini several times. But I had hurt him too much and he wouldn’t take me back.

    Months and months past and I heard nothing from my Gemini assuming he was done forever I took a trip with my Sagitarius. When me and Sag got back to town he ran into my Gemini and talked about the trip. What do you know my Gemini texted me out of the blue the next morning telling me how it had gone on too long and he missed me.

    That was back in august that we started talking again and we still do now and then when he texts me or I text him, and I have never felt love for anyone like I did for him. However I don’t know if I can ever make him feel the way about me that he used to and it breaks my heart šŸ™

    • Take it with a grain of salt. Hey honey life is too short .What comes around goes around. Like Steve Harvey’s Book “Think like a Man, Act like A Women”. Men are capable of 3 things and 3 things only they profess, provide and protect. They are not emotional creatures and neither should you be. Things don’t go well with either of these guys just be open to meeting someone new. Next time try to save the emotional part for last enjoy!

  2. The biggest problem women face nowadays, no matter the zodiac sign, is jumping into bed before marriage. Girlfriends, don’t sell yourself short, who wants to buy a cow if he can milk for free? I am a Virgo married to a Virgo man, 13 years now. Oh, but was he slow in disclosing his feelings for me, although it was clear as day he cared. So I didn’t let him turn into my tyrant. I set the rules, and if he didn’t like it, he was welcome to walk away. No such thing for me as boyfriend who enjoys the privileges of a husband, keep your distance, dude, till I see a ring on my finger. It was a long battles of wills, but I truly enjoyed it, in the end, he cracked up and asked for my hand in marriage, and sure enough, after the wedding got everything he has been craving for. It is the way ALL men are, not just Virgoes. Do not jump into their beds and drag them into yours before he makes a commitment. Simple enough, and you will see how amazingly simple relationship will turn out to be.

  3. Amiyah JonesFebruary 3, 2017 at 7:10 pm

    Carolyn the best advice I can give you is to just walk away and move on. I too was in that very same situation with a Virgo man, and I am a Virgo woman. He didn’t want the title and he told me this in the beginning but I ignored it. He is a great, respectful and very humble man, he treated me like his girl, even moved in with me and I was there for him helping him very supportive, then we got into one argument he left me and never came back. Then everything went downhill from there, he wants to be single and he’s said that from day 1 I met him. I did everything i could to get him to move back in but no he denied me every time. But of course still wanted to see me and have sex. So finally i’ve decided to BLOCK him without any explanation and walk away and leave him completely alone because a man that wants you. You wont have to chase him or beg him to love you back or want to be with you! because he is going to be there! Let him go leave him alone. In the beginning its hard to let go but its gets better. Don’t ever settle or sell yourself short!

  4. Carolyn BaileyJanuary 18, 2017 at 4:02 am

    Hello, I’m a Virgo woman and I met a Virgo man at work about a year ago. We started dating back in august and everything seemed perfect. He said he didn’t want to have a title with me (boyfriend/girlfriend) But he acted as if he was my boyfriend (wine and dine, staying over, taking me out) so everything was great for about 2 months I was really into him and i’m pretty sure he was into me, also. But than he got some really bad news and he completly shut himself out. the texting/hanging out stopped for over a month. I know virgos well so I gave him all the space he wanted and tried to be supportive from the side lines. at work, he’d tell me it wasn’t me, he was just going through sometime bad. He seemed apologetic, he even went as far as kissing me in private at work. But I started getting edgy with him ignoring my texts…i was worried about him, and missing him terribly. I sent him a text one day and it was ignored…no suprise…so I sent him a not so nice text aft er that and…suprisingly…he text back, calling me self centered and dramatic. He said since we didn’t have a title than I didn’t have the right to get upset with him not texting/hanging out with me. I guess you can say we ‘broke’ up at that point. for the next two weeks after that I didn’t try to communicate with him, even though I missed him and was upset about our argument. at work we just acted like nothing was wrong, being polite and conversing about work related subjects. I started missing him to the point I actually got the guts to ask him out for coffee to talk about ‘us’. at first he didn’t give me a straight answer, he just tiptoed around the question. but by the end of the conversation he agreed to meet and talk to me. that was a week ago and he never answered the text I sent to him. ugh! I’m so frustrated! I want this guy back but i’m unsure how to go about doing it…I’m trying not to seem desperate or needy but this situation is making me unhappy

  5. I am a Virgo woman, I am a bit…picky, fussy, choosy, all that stuff that some of you are aware of. and when I am in love, I m passionate, faithfull, loyal, but never try to fool with me. Ok, I met a Virgo man on a dating website, and we had many similarities. To start with, we were born on the same day, different year, but same weekday. when we met, was like…well I could barely breath, we could feel each other very well. As the days passed by, he started analysing…well virgos do analyse, think a lot, critique. And then, he just stepped back, since then, it s been difficult to get him back, unless I make him mad, which I did, not very good experience, for a Virgo woman’s point of view. It hurts too much, coz I still love him. He thinks I do not. how can I prove I do? yes, he seems pretty insecure, coz he kept saying that I did not like him, when he felt I did. It is not that I am desperate for a man, I can have any man I want, but it seems that the ones I reall y want/love just goes away. Do I scare them off?

  6. LibraEyezMay 11, 2016 at 4:12 am

    For any Libra woman whose in love with a Virgo man, I don’t blame yah. I’ve been attracted to mostly Virgo men in my life. I didn’t even know their sign until “after”. Their strength is what attracts us Libra women. They seem to be well put together almost to “perfect” to believe. As a Libra women that is usually the picture guy for our dream life. People fail to recognize that Libra women want “perfection” too. Virgo men can give a woman that. The problem is, they move like a darn turtle. They act like they have trust issues and want “you” to prove yourselves to them. Libra women already know we are a catch. We are loyal and worthy once you hook us. The problem is, Virgo men don’t see that. They should be trying to catch us instead of waiting for us to catch them. They have the game backwards. Sadly that’s why it’s hard to figure them out.

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