Virgo Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility

Famous Virgo-Virgo Couples:  Claudia Schiffer and David Copperfield

Virgo is the sign of the bachelor and the virgin.  By “virgin” we don’t mean anything technical, but rather a woman who does not revolve around a man.  Virgo men are natural bachelors.  They don’t seem to be lonely.  They enjoy the peace, quiet, and order that come with living alone and foregoing the messy and cacophonous joys of “married with children.”  It does happen sometimes, but basically these two individuals are solo players and it’s not likely they will team up together.

How to Attract a Virgo Woman as a Virgo Man:   You should impress the Virgo woman with your reliability and integrity, which she will find very refreshing and is something you have in common.  It will help if you can be a bit extravagant with your choice of an evening out because most people never think of her that way.  If you’re not on time, she will be annoyed and upset.  Please have your car detailed and running well.  Keep the conversation crudity-free and hold the onions.  This is one of the most refined ladies in the zodiac.  She will not appreciate offensive language, inappropriate sexual innuendos, or other forms of bad manners.  We know you’re up to it, Virgo.  This lady deserves the full package of niceties of which you are capable.  And above all, don’t waste her time.  I realize this is a little cryptic so you’ll have to figure out what she means by that.

How to Attract a Virgo Man as a Virgo Woman:  By all means bring all your Virgo freakiness to the table.  Be the clean, organized, detailed, and dutiful perfectionist you really are.  Go ahead and comment on how poor the service is or the speck on the silverware in the restaurant he takes you to.  It will only make the Virgo man love you more.  Oh, and strongly imply that the way you keep house those things would never happen. If you can take a sly shot at his sister or mother, he will secretly applaud your discriminating faculties.  And by all means, his father and brother are fair game as well.  Virgos are born critics, and it’s not just nit-picking when the two of them get together.  You can appreciate the truth in each other’s viewpoint.

Degree of Romance:   This relationship will certainly follow the recommended guidelines after the Virgo woman loses complete control on the first date.

Degree of Passion: None to zero.

Degree of Friendship:  These two have so much in common, their viewpoint on the world is so similar, and their tolerance for others so low, that they may be each other’s only friend.  Virgos do not normally seek or need the approval of others, but it’s nice to have the concurrence that comes with like-mindedness.  When two Virgos get together they have an affinity for each other that is incomprehensible to other people.  It has something to do with life in the Ivory Tower.  There is something very pure there.

Degree of Marriage:  Virgo male and Virgo female is one of those relationships where they tend to live together rather than marry.  It will likely involve two discrete individuals who have their lives in good working order and simply want to share compatible areas of interest without any drama.  The years may go by without making it formal, but the bond is real.

Progression of Relationship:   The relationship between a Virgo man and a Virgo woman will progress in an orderly fashion — of course.  Everything will be done properly, in due time, and according to Hoyle.  Each person knows the rules and loves to follow them, so the process of courtship is a thing of joy in and of itself.  Here are two people who are willing to accept “enough is enough.”  They have no need to gild the lily.  Things will settle down to a routine fairly quickly if they decide to become partners, and they will relish the predictability of it all.  It’s so efficient to eliminate variables.  Be still my beating heart.

Sex:   Some of our sexiest and favorite movie stars are Virgos —  Marlene Dietrich, Sophia Loren, Fred Astaire, Sean Connery, Tommy Lee Jones, Charlie Sheen, Keanu Reeves, and Beyonce Knowles — which should give you an idea of what goes on behind closed doors when two sexy Virgos let their hair down.  It’s an exclusive club, but if you gain entry, you’ll know what all the excitement is about.  Part of the charge is being chosen.  These people are highly selective about their sexual partners — and everything else.    Disease is a bit of an issue, but let’s not raise your blood pressure at the moment.

When It’s Over:  When it’s over, they’ll wonder what the fuss was all about, and why “other people” (mere mortals) have trouble breaking up decently.  What’s up with that?

Our Rating:  10/10

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80 Responses to Virgo Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility

  • nika says:

    I’ve been slowly dating a virgo man for 5 months. the spark was so real and i feel deeply rejected at a soul level because he occasionally breaks up our nightly phone conversation routine. he usually comes back and things pick up right where they’ve left off, but while he disappears i am an mess. i don’t eat sleep etc. we both had very traumatic childhoods. my friends keep telling me to le him go but the love is so deep. he has had a difficult time making first moves so i had to help him. and quite frankly, he looks at me lovingly but also looks terrified out of his mind. we we waited 4 monts to have sex and it was unbelievable. i miss him terribly but don’t want to be a stalker or scare him off more if he is seeing someone behind my back. i just wish he would tell me why he seems reluctant to see me lately and disappears for weeks at a time. it breaks my heart so deeply. so so deeply. any suggestions or ideas as to what may be going? could this be a fear of commitment? he is 37 years old bachelor and artist and I’m a 27 year old pin up model with a 6 year old from another relationship, which was an abusive one. any suggestions as to what might be happening? and please don’t tell me to give up i knew from day one it was the love of our lives. i need him back and even though he won’t admit it, in my heart i know he needs me back too.

  • anne says:

    I am a virgo women and I would like to attract a man. I don’t know what this man is wedder hes a virgo etc. So I was wondering if you could just recommend a website that should just show me how to attract a man. Well you could tell em how… If you need me to ask the man what sign he is how would I ask him, ‘Hey! So I was wondering what star sign are you?’ or ‘Hey! I’m a virgo what are you?’. I have no clue on anything, please help!

  • E1i2a6eth says:

    I know that u luv him nika – im a virgo girl & i’ve felt the very same way about my virgo man. He acted the very same way towards me also. Always distant – so close yet so far away. He never gave me any indication that he felt anything for me, he just accepted all the luv i gav him & just kept taking. I was in luv with him & stayed that way for 3 years while he was ‘secretly’ making up his mind about me. When he finally made up his mind, he brought another woman to our office holiday party and expected me to just accept it…this was my soulmate, ha. :) Nika if u were my baby girl i’d tell u that u deserve more than half of a man. All that luv u hav…i dare u to turn it on yourself!!

  • ciaracie says:

    FYI… Ladies, I’m a female virgo and I, too, disappear for weeks on end. It’s really NOT about YOU… it’s about needing our alone time. If a guy calls too much I will run! I know it will be hard, but give him space and he will be back. Throw out a text every few days making a statement, NOT a question… like …. “Going out with the girls tonight..hope you have having a great weekend.”… something like that. Because after a few weeks, if the guy hasn’t contacted me..I probably won’t contact him. ONLY if the few texts are coming in…. hope this helps.

  • Tracey Davis says:

    I am a female Virgo also, and I agree. It’s not about you, I love my space even if I’m in a serious relationship, and if I feel he is too much or trying to be around too much I will run for the hills.

  • movibe says:

    This is hilarious. Im a Virgo woman with a twin brother so I know its true that we like our space.. and my brother is the epitome of a liner or bachelor as they stated above. I never quite met any Virgo men that I thought that I could be in a relationship with until a few months ago. This guy does the same thing, very distant..although I don’t call him or text him for days either..when we do spend time together we have a common ground that feels amazingly comfortable. Funny thing is that everything could be great but because fav so similar is like two magnets repelling each other, with our walls..need for space..and also thirst for excitement because let’s face it..virgos people but we can get really serious if left to our own device.

  • Josie says:

    Wow.. I been with my Virgo guy for a year and 6 months and he acts the same way.. All of this info has been very helpful in a way :) shocking too I just thought he acted this way because of me.. In the beginning of the first few months was like discovering love for the first time and then 6 months later everything set out of the “honey moon” stage :( he became more and more distance and I feel like he isn’t into me any more by his action but is words would be the opposite … It sucks :(

  • kimakins says:

    I’m a Virgo Female and I have dated a few Virgo Males. Both of us enjoyed our space, and sometimes a little too much. My suggestion would be to avoid this catastrophe before you get yourself in too deep. I’ve been an avid astrology follower and not only after reading, but also from personal experience, I’ve never seen a Virgo/Virgo match turn into anything besides strangers in the end. As a Virgo Female, I know that I need someone that will give me the space that I need, but to also remind me that I do have someone that cares about me and enjoys my presence. If I do not have that or the mental stimulation… I get bored and frustrated, causing me to move on. I enjoy the company and the conversation that I get with a Virgo Male, however I do not enjoy the fact that it is so much work to keep both of us interested and fight for each others attention. My best relationships have always been with a Pisces, Capricorn or Cancer, and a few Leo’s… worst relationships – Gemini, Aquarius, Sagittarius… although the mental stimulation of Gemini and Sagittarius signs has always been intriguing to me. They are much better as friends!

    Virgo Males and Females keep in mind… are perfectionists in every aspect. They look for “red flags” and will quickly pick you apart if you do not give them the time and space that they need. We need our alone time because that is when we do our best thinking. We’re not people that can be influenced or pressured… in fact, if we see that you are trying to, be sure that you change your ways quickly before you are put on the back-burner. We can tell if you’re lying… and we do not take kindly to it. I don’t know about you other Virgo’s, but I can sense bullshit easily and although I am not QUICK to judge someone’s character, it comes very natural to do so and be extremely accurate. Just keep this in mind. =)

  • Vivi says:

    I’m a Virgo woman and my husband is also Virgo… It’s incredible how I’m the only one here having a fabulous relationship!
    From the first date we both noticed how similar we were and how high was the mutual physical attraction … I have to admit that in the beginning he made suffer a little bit (being hot & and cold) it took almost 3 months to really get into it.. Once I won his trust, admiration, respect etc.. He became the most loyal, tender, sweet, generous, honest partner I’ve ever met.. We got married and it just keeps getting better.. We both enjoy doing everything together, we literally have the exact identical values, hobbies, passions, personality etc.. We’re so in love that it’s like living a dream.. The thing is we sort of isolate from the rest of the world.. But it’s ok we are comfortable and happy just the two of us…Being perfectionist and having high expectations from ourselves and from our partner we motivate each other to improve and become better in each aspect of life.. We virgos know exactly what we want in a partner and won’t accept anything less.. we stay single instead.. So if a virgo don’t fall and break the ice that protects a warm sensible heart is because hasn’t found what he is looking for in a woman/man.. I really wish you all find your perfect match too! Blessings

  • shanmugam says:

    Hi sir/mam, good mrg

    am shanmugam virgo and my lover she is name is Purna chandrika also virgo .i need detals ….what ‘s the next future life……………both are same zodic same…………..good thing are bad…………good and bad detals within soooonly pls repley me my mail

  • Tia says:

    interestingly enough i have never had a relationship with a virgo male. I don’t feel comfortable saying much about them so i won’t say much. oh it snot that i havent talked to some or met any. but our paths don’t cross as much for whatever reason. The few i have talked to have all been, well..

    maybe these few men were not good examples, not sure. but there was underlying anger w/ both of them, they generally seemed unhappy in that point in their livesand sense of not being fulfilled. that probably had nothing to do with being a virgo though!

  • SHAY says:

    i recently met a boi which is a virgo name teej……..

  • Shana says:

    Hi Ladies I am too a Virgo Woman who has fallin for a virgo man and its funny cause we have so much in common and when i need my alone time he gives it to me without a fuss and the same from me. We both have children from previous reletionships and we’re both single parents we’re both work-a-holics. This will be our 2nd time around this love game…a year ago we loss touch i moved i drop my cell in water and got a new number and job. :( He saw me at a gas station while he was driving by and almost had a wreck to get me attention and of corse we exchanged numbers and we went on our 1st date last night and he’s telling me about how he’s been looking for me and how i was supposed to be his gf and i told him as a woman i learned a long time ago not to assume and he didnt tell me so i didnt know for sure. all we could do is smile at each other.

    The things as a virgo i have to have some kinda of distance just so i wont grow bored. somtime everything in my head is all crazy and i wanna scream. i dont want to take it out on anybody. but its hard to find somone who would understand that i just need some me time. its not that i dont want to be around him its just that omg i can be VERY loving and affectionate in private of course but i can smoother the life out of you with all my love and that somtimes push people away, but at the same time i want to be like ONLY when i want to be. I guess i want the security of a relationship but the independence of a single person but not as much. lol i know this sounds crazy as hell. Only another virgo could understand the maddness.

    Ima keep my prayers high and my fingers crossed cause im really tired of kissing frogs and then they stay frogs lol.

  • Tasha says:

    I have met a virgo man and its has been fire from the start however, i did have to make the first conversation about leaving the state and then he wanted to take me out before leaving I ended up remaining for a couple of weeks later. He says to me that I am must not be into him as he is into me after telling him that I really crazy about him and that he made me feel like Mrs. Michelle Obama, first lady of the white house on our date he went on to say the “I hope you’re for real with me”, I said him that everything I am feeling and saying to is in fact for real.
    He wanted to know if I had change my mind about relocating out of the state, “I said no my plans have change and not because of you but for other reasons.
    I agree with the other writers about virgo woman and virgo man, I do believe he will one day become my husband hopefully soon.

  • VirgoVixon619 says:

    Im a virgo and I met a virgo man 5years ago we had the same birthday and everything chemistry was amazing yet we were both young at the time and didnt know what we wanted at the time….eventually after a year or so we stopped seeing one another and went our seperate ways… Now here it is 4yrs later I find him on a social network and weve been dating again. Everything is great he shows that hes interested and want to get married & live together and everything not to mention the sex is amazing!! I have to say that I am madly in love with my virgo man and am really considering marrying him next year if not sooner. So for all you virgo ladies who feel like your virgo man isnt into you its not you hun its him. Virgos can be great partners in life.

  • Justin says:

    It’s crazy how you could be experiencing all kinds of unexplained things going on in a relationship and then come to a site like this, read a few paragraphs, and TOTALLY realize why people act the way they do. Just incredible if you ask me. I’ve been a huge supporter of Zodiac Sign Compatibility for a very long time. It’s gota be the best way to find a great match for your lovelife, hands down!

  • joy says:

    i’m a virgo female and i’ve been dating my love of my life (virgo male). Everything is almost perfect. The only downfall i find often that we argue about is that because we are perfectionists, it is hard to agree to each other when our opinions and facts are different. It is difficult to tell who is right or wrong and our pride is always evident.

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  • Virgo15 says:

    i recently met this Israeli guy(Aquarius,feb 15) and we spent 6 hours together with our friends together. we had so much fun. i really liked him but he had to fly the next morning back to Israel since he has to join their mandatory military service for 3 years. he said he will call but hasn’t still. i know it’s a long shot but we the time i spent with him,it was so magical. the way he looked at me, the way he smiled, held my hand, leaned on my shoulder made it clear that there was definitely a connection. He told me that he really want to meet me again,but i am in India and this statement will never materialize since its not rational or practical.*pulls her hair out in frustration*no, we didnt kiss.
    i just want to know if he is really into me or just passing through.

  • VirginSimone says:

    I just met my future husband!!! We’re both virgoes, and I swear it feels like he and are two halves of the same whole… he’s everything I am and everything I aspire to be as well! What I really wanted to say was PASSION: NONE-ZERO!!??? That is such a load!!!! Lol! And where do people get this notion that virgos don’t like dirty talk, I ask you? One thing I KNOW about virgos is that we excel in this particular department. Because we are so cerebral, even our flirting and “lines” are delivered with surgical wit and brevity! It’s that “dirty-while-seemingly-unbothered” thing that virgoes have got down to a t!!! So correction there my friends….

  • I’m not sure exactly why but this website is loading incredibly slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a issue on my end? I’ll check back later and see if
    the problem still exists.

  • chloe says:

    nice very nice and believable. i agree with this.

  • Tammy says:

    I’m a virgo female in love w/ a virgo male. It’s heaven and hell at the same time. If we’re not 100% on the same page, we BOTH notice and BOTH walk around wondering what’s wrong with the other. If there is no trust or comfort in this relationship, it will absolutely fail. He and I both need to feel comfortable about a situation before we will speak on it. But when we’re both on-point, feeling happy and well, it’s out of this world! I dream of more though. As two sometimes reserved perfectionists, we spend a lot of our time kind of walking on eggshells, not speaking up when we should, being too prideful when we’re upset.. As a reserved conservative private person like me, I sometimes wish my partner would inject a shot of spontaneity and randomness into my life… That very rarely happens in this virgo-virgo matchup.

    To any virgo WOMAN dating a virgo MAN:
    Be kind, he’s fragile!!! Virgo men must be beaten and dragged to get their true feelings out sometimes. Show him you can be trusted and you may gain the MOST trustworthy person possible. He lacks support, and often times f he didn’t care, he wouldn’t be there. Simple as that.

    To any virgo MAN dating a virgo WOMAN:
    If you care for her, fight your own tendencies to leave her alone, be quiet, and dismissive of the things she cares about. If she is speaking to you at all about something, anything, it means something to her! In her eyes, if it means something to her, it’s SUPPOSED to mean something to you. Keep TRYING, don’t give up thinking you’ve impressed her, when really, as a virgo woman, we never stay impressed long. Little gifts mean the world to us. They do not need to be expensive lavish gifts, we virgo women enjoy the thought behind the gift more than the item itself.

    ALL virgos may seem reserved, or quiet, or held-back…. We are, to an extent. But if it’s something that means ANYTHING to us, we care w/ our whole heart, and body. We are all secretly dying for a little more perfection. Only some of us actually attain it…
    And virgo virgo relationship can be extremely tough, but ohhhhh so worth it once you learn each others kinks.

  • sha says:

    Im a virgo women who has been with a virgo man for 6 yrs 2 kids and ladies its tough we both need our space at times but i know he do love me where not married yet but he has asked me a few times like u said sometimes he’s so caring othersyea right but if u wanna make it work do it and might i add once there mind is made its made and our sex life is amazing!!!

  • Ashlee' says:

    I have been dating a Virgo Man for the last 4 months and I am also a Virgo Woman and I seriously can’t be happier with him. He honestly possesses every quality in a man that I look for and find attractive and he loves the fact that I am such a strong woman as weak woman turn him off. I never put anything past a man at all but we have such a closeness in the time that we’ve been together that I feel like I can talk to him about any and everything no matter what it is. We just get each other and it’s easy. We never argue… but at this point we really don’t have anything to argue about lol. He is extremely dedicated to work but I get it because he has things that he has to take care of and so do I. If he had the whole day to spend with me then he wouldn’t be working and we can’t have that :p He is very sexual and I love it. He’s not afraid to try new things and he’s very very attentive. In my opinion because I know how I am perceived sometimes to people who may not be receptive to bluntness or honesty… To be with a Virgo period…you have to thick skin because we tell you exactly how we feel. I don’t have to be up under him 24/7 and the same for him but we 100% enjoy each others company and we make each other laugh… he has easily become my best friend.

  • dia says:

    I m a virgo n the love of my life is also virgo. We really share a great bonding and if i say so i really mean it. Nothing can be as pleasing as it is watching both of us enjoy together, wether it is watching a movie, smoking alone (just the two of us), sharing the whole whereabouts of the day or just starring at each other in a huge crowd ( given that we can’t meet or talk due to some restrictions). The spark in our eyes when we look at each other tells everyone out there that there is something between us. But no relationship is perfect and in our case the turn-offs are he is sometimes really ignorant about my emotional needs and finds me clingy but in actual i just seeks upon a shoulder to cry or to share my innermost emotions. Whereas i really finds him irritating when he constantly keeps on nagging against my lifestyle n choice of friends or sometimes he cheap n vulgur talks are beyond my tolerance.
    But at the end of everything we love each other and cant think of anyone else in that way and come back to each other even after crores of “i will never talk to u again” statements.

  • Shanica says:

    Me and my boy friend are Virgos we have been dating for 3 months I often feel like I have to have my space for at lease 3 days text him but

  • klarisa says:

    Well I am a Virgo women, I’ve dated a Virgo man for about 2 years and a couple months although I loved having my own space I also needed affection a man to love me down and I did what I had to do to break a Virgo man out of his shell which I did. The problem was that he just talked he had contact with several women but nothing serious… I was jealous and im very outspoken but he was quite to secretive. I am not any typical Virgo but I am shy. Though our birthday are a day apart mine on the 14th and his on the 13th. It was wonderful at first although I enjoyed the sex. After all he was harsh with his words and so was I, but I was careful overall he was overly possessive. I couldn’t deal with that kind of emotional sentiment…
    I love him I am heartbroken but he didn’t want to work things out earlier in march he had broken me due to a girl he was talking with while with me. At time he treated me like crap but he cared and you could say loved. Now it feels like a whole turn over a stranger I don’t know how I should feel…im trying to get to date but I still think about him sometimes , but I desire him sexually and I want his affection and his attention.. Although he is gone he is just a womanizer to me and I would of never thought that he seems to be to tidy than I do we are both very different but we both are sensitive at time and get over dramatic but while he broke up with me he had message me on Facebook and I took him back ! now were don’t again and on the 21 of this month were supposed to be 3 years… I think I just see him as a stranger and a missing love and we ended a month ago.. I don’t text him nor call him but at the time he was seeking excessive attention but I could maintain due to deaths in my family I needed that support but he just overwhelmed was scared and he just ignored me and never answered. Now he is just a total jerk! and he just seeks something easy… in my mind I thought he had ambition and power but he has to much egotism and pride … im very attached to my emotions he just seemed to insensitive but so can I and it just wasn’t well. The Virgo man just took my energy and dragged me down

  • Tameka says:

    I’m confused about “disease” being an issue? Is the author saying Virgo’s carry STD’s?!!!

  • Virgo madness says:

    I am a Virgo woman whom was in a relationship with a Virgo man for more than 19 years. We brought out the best in each other but sometimes the worst, but the sex was always amazing. We ended up breaking up and I have since dated a Pisces who I felt was very compatible, but after three years things fell apart. I have never felt a connection as strong as when I was with a Virgo. I have since met another Virgo and we have been dating for just over two months. I don’t have issue with communication and he doesn’t shut me out quite the opposite it I say so. I love that we almost complete each sentences and it’s never a dull moment. I swear he’s the last of a dying breed. He opens doors for me holds my coat while I slip into it. He’s just the most romantic Virgo partner I’ve ever had and appreciate everything about him. Good luck everyone with finding your zodiac partner!

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